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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Harmony In Diversity: The Complete Recordings'
Artist - Peter Banks

For those not in the know, Peter Banks was one of the original members of Yes and an accomplished guitarist, but sadly passed away in 2013.

This incredible 6CD set, Peter Banks's Harmony In Diversity: The Complete Recordings is being released in his memory, by his Estate, during the fifth anniversary of his passing and the 50th Anniversary of Yes.

This is the first ever mainstream release of the Harmony in Diversity recordings:

CD 1: Struggles Discontinued
1. 'The Number of the Beat'
2. 'Swing It'
3. 'On the Sixth Attempt They Trod on It'
4. 'Inversible Flaw'
5. Last Run for the Empire'
6. 'Harmogeny A'
7. 'Dregs Addiction'
8. 'Harmogeny B'
9. 'Everything Ends in Nothing'

CD 2: What Is This?
1. 'Lots and Lots of Disjoint Dots'
2. 'Plenty to Hear in Orbit'
3. 'Each to Their Own Devices'
4. 'Procyon B'

CD 3: Trying
1. 'No Harm'
2. 'After You'
3. 'Mind the Doors'
4. 'Swayed By Nothing'
5. 'The Klincher'
6. 'Sods at Odds' (Bonus)

CD 4: Try Again
1. 'Prelusion'
2. 'Some Things Are Best Left Upside Down'
3. 'Everything Is Green'
4. 'Cracking'
5. 'Almighty Dog'
6. 'Try Again'
7. 'Over'

CD 5: Hitting The Fans (Live)
1. 'Tropical Moon'
2. 'Out of the Garage'
3. 'Forecasting An Indian Summer'
4. 'Procyon a'
5. 'Industrial Powder Washing'
6. 'The Consequence of Going Nuts'
7. 'Dystopian Workshop'
8. 'Gallopsiding'
9. 'Not Over Yet'

CD 6: Spontaneous Creation
1. 'Budanopest'
2. 'One Night in Budapest'
3. 'Wizz Bang Crash'
4. 'Sitting on the Buffalo'
5. 'Bruno'
6. 'Floating World'
7. 'Now Now'
8. 'Do It Now'
9. 'Where's Jamie?'
10. 'Boing'
11. 'Looking Forward'

The set features all the recordings of the band and has been overseen and mixed by Andrew Booker and Nick Cottam with the additional approval of Dave "Jick" Speight who appeared on the final disc of the set.

And the reason for that is that most of the tracks are by the trio of Banks (guitar), Nick Cottam (bass), and Andrew Booker (acoustic/electric drums/programming), although Disc 6 substitutes Dave Speight for Booker on drums.

The first disc is entitled Struggles Discontinued and features nine tracks from 2005-06. Chock full of wonderful Banks guitar work, not forgetting some rather distinctive bass and drum work, these were the first recordings by the trio.

Next up is What Is This?, which is, to be sure, is a recording from a session held in 2005 and was scheduled to be the group's first album. Featuring only Banks and Booker all the tracks are admittedly long, which enables each one of them to ramble into musical areas previously not explored; one imagines.

Next up is Trying, also from 2005, which features the trio. It also allows for each of the six tracks to bleeds seamlessly into one another, inclusive of a live track in the form of 'The Klincher' and a guitar-led bonus track, 'Sods At Odds.'

The fourth disc is a continuation of the previous one, the equally brilliant Try Again, also from 2005. It's been said that this was only the second time they had actually played together, but listening to it today, well, you would never have guessed.

Hitting The Fans (Live) is next and, as suggested in the title, is a live appearance of the trio in 2006 with all nine tracks in chronological order. A completely perfect performance of free-form jamming at its finest by the trio, tracks such as both 'Tropical Moon' and 'Procyon A' showcase Banks' proficiency on guitar splendidly.

Lastly we are treated to Spontaneous Creation from 2006-07. Featuring what can only be described as works of spontaneous jamming art (with new drummer Speight included), Banks is, yet again in fine form.

Highlighted, amongst other, within the confines of such beauties as the opener 'Budanopest' and 'Wizz Bang Crash,' his more intense guitar playing truly expresses itself on a track such as the wondrous 'Floating World.'

The set also features new artwork, an extensive booklet and the audio has received a 2018 remaster.

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