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Game Reviews
'The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker'
By: Nintendo
(GameCube / ASIN: B000084318 / SKN: 695942 / $49.99)

Features:Action Adventure game where you explore islands to find Link's abducted sister. Use the wind to move your sailboat and solve puzzles. Unlock items and features by connecting to a Game Boy Advance. For 1 player.

Description:The chivalrous Link this time is saving his sister, who has been abducted by a large bird. The game is set around an archipelago of islands, and Link moves between them via his tiny sailboat. We can only guess from the game's subtitle that the wind plays an important role in the game. Nintendo says that Link will be able to control the wind (by way of the controller's control stick and C-stick) to propel his craft.

Verdict:As a continuation of Nintendo's most polished series, you know without even the slightest bit of doubt that they've done the visuals and audio right; the graphics really have to be seen in action to be appreciated. It's like controlling your own little cartoon world. The facial expressions and the way the characters can interact with the environment is superb. The soundtrack is phenomenal as well, with plenty of new music and a return of some classic tunes (including the one we all know from the original Zelda). Graphics and sound are important, but they alone don't make a game fun; what really sets this game apart from anything else I've ever played is the gameplay. From the intro to the last battle, every moment of 'Wind Waker' shines of quality. The overworld is bigger than you can imagine, and each creatively designed dungeon gets progressively better and more challenging than the last. The camera is very similar to that found in 'Super Mario Sunshine' - you have full control, and it goes where you tell it to go. (Note: I imported and currently own the Japanese version of this game, but would assume that the US version will be exactly the same!
'Speed' Geist