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Movie Reviews
'Citizen Gangster'
(Scott Speedman, Kelly Reilly and Kevin Durand, et al / NR / 105 mins / IFC Films)

Overview: WWII vet Eddie Boyd is torn between providing for his young family and an unfulfilled dream of becoming a Hollywood star. He discovers a way to do both, but his dream leads him down a path of danger and tragedy.

Verdict: Originally entitled 'Edwin Boyd,' this brand new film from IFC was also inspired by true events - which makes watching it more of an amazing ride than you'll ever know! I mean, sure it has a slow start, and sure it's set in a bleak section of Canada, but once it kickstarts (and knowing it's based on those true events) the fact it never takes its foot off the pedal is truly unbelieveably amazing!

Scott Speedman as the (once) titular character, Eddie Boyd is amazing in the role - incredible, in fact. He brings to life this character, nay, this man in a way that no other could be seen to even try to come close to undertaking. Living in dire poverty, working a dead end bus driver job fresh out of the army, he throws that job away and becomes a bank robber! Thinking he's acting his way through the first heist, with the help of his wife's (Kelly Reilly - aka DI Anna Travis from the UK's crime show, 'Above Suspicion') makeup, he gets away with $2,200 - which he then spends immediately on food, drink and a big, shiny new car!

Caught now with the bug of greed, and the promise of just one more to his wife, 8 more heists later and he is caught red-handed. But this is only the true starting point to where this tale takes us. For once inside he meets a trio of interesting bed fellows - and soon they break out, all now part of the Boyd Gang ie: bank robbers!

With a small cameo by the always masterful Brian Cox as Boyd's cop father, the film doesn't ever lose it's grip on you as the gang not only befall a few more obstacles, including another bout of prison, but keep pushing ever onwards - each knowing that their futures are already written as the incidents pile up. Indeed, their escapades were the first broadcast featured on the new CBC TV news show! So, was any of it worth it, in reflection? Well, as Boyd himself pays comment to during the film, "Life's way too short, so it's time to start living." Which, amazingly, one way or another, is exactly what he did all the way through to 2002!