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All That Remains All That Remains

'The Ideal Woman'

All That Remains released their debut album, 'Behind Silence and Solitude' on March 30, 2002 through Prosthetic Records. The style of the album differs from their later releases, as it is void of clean vocals, and more prominently contains elements of melodic death metal. It was also the band's only release featuring guitarist Isaac Valladares and bassist Josh Stolowitz.

Their second album, 'This Darkened Heart' was released on March 23, 2004 through Prosthetic Records. Produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam Dutkiewicz, the album featured better production compared to its predecessor, as well as the use of clean vocals.

Their third album 'The Fall of Ideals' was released on July 11, 2006 through Prosthetic Records. Once again, the album was produced by Adam Dutkiewicz. The album is also considered to be the band's breakthrough release, as it entered the Billboard 200 charts at number 75.

Exclusive Magazine recently caught up with Jeanne Sagan backstage at this years Mayhem Fest 2009 here in MI, and asked her all sorts of wonderful questions - including one about her degree in Animal Research!

Steve: So as you guys are on Guitar Hero, what did that do for the band? [Sagan] "The exposure from Guitar hero is awesome. We had people come up to us and say, oh your song on Guitar Hero was so hard so I went out and bought your cd."

Ray: That being said, what are some of your influences? "Well one of my personal influences is Iron Maiden. They are really good. Iíve been in the hardcore scene since I was 16. Itís crazy, before that I was really into Ď80ís glam metal."

Ray: Alright, that leads me into my next question. Where do you see yourself in five years, still in the band? "You know, itís really hard to say. I think I would still be in the band. Itís hard to look into the future, who knows."

Steve: Looking at the music of All That Remains, the heaviness of This Darkened Heart compared to a more melodic song like Six, what made you guys decide to create such a musica difference? "I think itís just the natural progression of the band to have singing rather then all screaming. As we all get better with our own part, Phil took some vocal lessons; it just goes in that direction."

Ray: Where have you guys been recently on this tour - anywhere exciting? "Weíve been to Europe, Japan, and Australia. Well Iím from Massachusetts, so it would be cool if we went and played there, but Japan was unreal. Australia was cool too."

Steve: In places like Japan, they donít speak English, but they know the words to your songs! "Yeah, itís unreal."

Ray: If you were going to give some advice to someone, like in an up and coming band, what would you tell them? "Me personally? Well I would probably tell them to be open to try new things!"

Ray: Gotcha. So tell me about yourself and your college degree "Yeah, I actually have a degree in Animal Research. From U Mass."

Ray: You know when I walked over I wasnít expecting to see this young looking girl to be here as part of the band. Do you get that a lot? "Yeah, being a girl, I had to convince people. Itís tough."

Steve: If you were to be a random fan, and were here to check out any band (other then Manson, Slayer, or even ATR), who would you want to go see? "I donít know, I would probably see like Cannibal Corpse or Killswitch, those guys are pretty good."

Interview: Ramon Trevino, Jr. & Steve Alvarado

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