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Master Penfil's Martial Arts Academy Master Penfil's Martial Arts Academy

More Info On When The Next Lessons Will Be Coming Soon!

Welcome to Master Penfil's Martial Arts Academy!

Training in “Traditional Martial Arts” will prepare you for life’s challenges, and help to keep you safe in a world that is often time unpredictable. Master Penfil teaches seminars all over the United States on the use of Traditional Technique, and how it should be used for “Street Defense”.

At the time our various systems were being developed and honed there were no colored belts to test for. There were no tournaments to compete in. There were teachers and students working together to establish ones ability to defend themselves, their families, and their property from those who would attempt to harm them.

Over the last one hundred years martial arts training has changed significantly for most. Training has changed significantly for most. Training in most schools today is focused on how quickly a student can be pushed through their schools curriculum, and into a "Black Belt".

In schools that place the focus on belt acquisition much is lost in the learning process. We believe that every person comes to us with different strengths and weaknesses. Some are more physically fit then others. Some learn quicker, some slower. Some can train three time per week, while others only once per week. Some will train with family members and friends, while others may train alone. Some will be young children, others will be teenagers, or adults. It is impossible to take everyone, put them all together on one class and expect them all to advance at the same time.

Master Penfil's Martial Arts Academy offers classes in the following: Tang Soo Do, Wing Chun Gung Fu, Cardio-Kickboxing, and Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu.

Tang Soo Do is a Korean Martial Art which incorporates kicking, punching, and joint locks. Literally translated, it means "The Way of the Chinese hand".

Wing Chun Gung Fu is the Martial Art which incorporates Kicking and Punching in close quarters combat range and descends from China.

Cardio-Kickboxing is a class that offers people to get into shape by working out to music. The class incorporates kicking and punching.

Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu is the Martial Art which descends from Japan. It is known for its joint locking and submission techniques.

More Info On When The Next Lessons Will Be Coming Soon!

About Master Jay S. Penfil:
7th degree Black Belt in Tang Soo Do
1st degree Black Belt in Isshinryu
1st degree Black Belt in Hakko-Ryu Ju-Jutsu
Trained extensively in the following systems: Shotokan Karate, Motobu-Ha Shito-Ryu Karate, and Wing Chun Gung Fu
Over 36 years experience

I began my training in 1972 in an Okinawan system called Isshinryu Karate. I have trained with many highly respected Sensei’s here in Michigan. Some of them include: Grand Master Willie Adams, Bill Pouge, Norbert Donnelly, Sam Santilli, Bob White, Eugene Woods, George Reynolds, (the late) Burt Ross, and Dan Bartley.

In 1974 I was introduced to Sensei James V. Morrone, Jr., and his brother Sensei Jerry Morrone. These two gentlemen were at that time, Nidan’s-2nd Dan’s in Shotokan under the JKA. Sensei James V. Morrone, Jr. made an impression on me at that time that has carried me to levels of understanding that I see in very few practitioners today. His knowledge and understanding of technique, kinesiology, and the bunkai was at that time, greater then anyone that I have met to date. The foundation that he gave to, as well as all of the students that he touched over the years was second to none. I am sorry to have to report that we lost this great mentor and instructor last month. We owe him an un-repayable dept for all that he shared with us. Although I trained with Sensei Morrone for only a short time in those early days, we came together again in 1997 and spent much time cross training and studying the many similarities and differences in our systems and others. I never received and ranking in Shotokan.

I met with a group of Tang Soo Do practitioners that were in my area and as a result of the friendships that developed at that time I chose to become a student in their class and made Tang Soo Do my primary system of study. Here in Detroit at that time, the primary Tang Soo Do organization was KI, or Karate Institute, and was run by David J. Praim and his partner David Prue. These two gentleman were greatly responsible for establishing Tang Soo Do here in the Metro-Detroit area and bringing many of the senior Moo Duk Kwan members such as Jae Jun Kim and Sang Kyu Shim here to teach.

I trained directly under Mr. Harvey Schwartz till 1st guep, and then under Master Rob Hogan for 1st Dan. During this time I received training under Master Hogan that made a huge difference in the way that I viewed martial training, and learned things from him regarding mind-set and attitude that I have not seen elsewhere. His teaching had a profound impact on my development. I earned my Chodan-1st Dan under Master Hogan.

Continuing my training with Mr. Harvey Schwartz, as well as Bruce and Keith Fishman, senior members of our organization, I earned my Eedan-2nd Dan under their instruction.

In 1983 I was introduced to H.C. Hwang, the son of Tang Soo Do’s founder, Hwang Kee by a student of mine whose brother was a student of his. I made a decision to join the U.S. Tang Soo Do Moo Duk Kwan Federation at that time, as the individuals that I had been training with were far removed from the Grand Master, and I wanted to see for myself what the founder (Hwang Kee) intended for us to learn as his students.

H.C. Hwang, upon my acceptance into his Federation, introduced me to Grand Master Chung Il Kim. He explained to me that Grand Master C.I. Kim was the best of the best in the world, and since he was in my region, I had to give him an opportunity to accept me as his student before I could train with any other instructor. In May of 1983 Grand Master C.I. Kim accepted me as his student and I have been with him ever since. In all of my travels over the years I have had the privilege of meeting many of the most senior members of the Moo Duk Kwan. Upon learning that Grand Master C.I. Kim is my instructor, they have all stopped in their tracks to tell me and who ever was in earshot of his history and his contributions to the art of Tang Soo Do. It is a serious privilege to be his student. I consider him to be my “Father” in Tang Soo Do.

In 1997 my training partner of 30 years, Bruce Silver, met with a gentleman from Clio, Michigan named Garner Train. Mr. Train is a unique practitioner, as he, like me, feels that there isn’t any one system that holds all of the answers, and trains in 3 systems that he has determined that in combination, cover all of the bases very well.

This combination of systems includes; Hakko-Ryu Ju Jutsu, Motobu-Ha Shito Ryu, and Wing Chun Gung Fu. Since the time when we began training together he has also located and established an extensive training schedule in Daito-Ryu.

More Info On When The Next Lessons Will Be Coming Soon!

If you are a martial arts instructor seeking such benefits, please contact Master Penfil for more information.

Master Penfil's Martial Arts Academy
28221 Beck Road
Building (A), Suite # 8
Wixom, MI 48393

Temporary Phone:
(313) 377-4720

Main Line [August 2007]:
(248) 561 5700

Map of the School Location

Master Jay S. Penfil
7th Degree Black Belt

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