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Ghost Canyon

Kristin Davis   ('Deck The Halls') Kristin Davis ('Deck The Halls')

'Lighting The Way!'

Since the demise of Sex and the City, it's a more demure Kristin Davis that we have seen on screen. While fans of the show are still hoping that the long awaited movie will come to life, Ms Davis is happy playing a series of comically charged wives, the latest in the new Xmas neighbor feud comedy, 'Deck the Halls.'

You seem to be doing a lot of wife movies recently. Is there a reason for that, perhaps? "Not a plan, no ... not a plan at all. You kind of roll with what they send you and I just laughed out loud at this script. Then when I knew Matthew [Broderick] was involved; as I love Matthew and I've been a fan of Matthew's since 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off,' it was an obvious and easy choice to make. And I also knew John Whitesell the director and have was a big fan of his. To be quite honest, I don't know why I keep playing these wives!"

What sets this apart from other Christmas movies, do you think? "I they're different elements because, certainly, 'It's A Wonderful Life' is at the top of my list of Christmas movies. Our movie is very, very different, and I don't think anyone could probably live up to 'A Wonderful Life' in terms of kind of a drama. But our movie is really funny, I thought. I like that. And I also like that people, you know, think laughter is great and especially laughter during the holidays after you've like gone through getting it all together! You know, your getting it all ready and buying and all the hectic craziness. It's nice that, well, I feel like everyone can go to this movie. You know the kids can, the parents can go, everyone can go and kind of relate to different elements of it. I think it's nice to have things that you can do together."

With regard your SITC character Charlotte, rumor has it that the Sex and the City movie is back on? "We should have timed how long it took you to get to that," she nervously laughs. "Well, ... Ummm, I have heard those rumors, yes, and if the movie were to happen, it would be wonderful and I would be there and I would be so, so, so excited. Took three minutes, that's pretty impressive!"

What's Christmas like for you? "I like Christmas a lot. It was always my favorite holiday. My parents live in South Carolina so I usually go home and it gets very artsy-craftsy; like we make our own stuff. We go to the nursery and get all like fresh greens. The South is a little more traditional in terms of the style of decoration. You don't see so many houses lit up, as you do like here in LA, and certainly, well I've never seen a house lit up like Danny does in the movie! And it actually, I have to say, kind of made me appreciate it more because it was so amazing, so bright, so pretty, they did such a good job. But we're more traditionally, like, you know, my mom and I love to bake! And there's a lot of stuff to bake, trust me!"

Was the house they built in 'Deck The Halls' real or CGI? "No, that was for real! They built both of our houses on a cul-de-sac - we were outside Vancouver in kind of a little suburb of Vancouver. We had three different versions. We had the soundstage version for like the interior shots, save for the kitchen, and then we had a bubble built over the two houses so that we could shoot day for night. And then we took the bubble off so we could shoot those really big scenes like at the end where all the people come, because we had huge cranes. If you were like three miles away driving you could see all the glowing lights. It was unbelievable, they worked so hard, they did a great job!"

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