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Ghost Canyon

Joey McIntyre Joey McIntyre
‘The Mac Goes Public’

Born in Needham, Massachusetts on New Year’s Eve, 1972, Joey McIntyre was raised in nearby Boston along with his seven older sisters and one older brother. McIntyre followed in his mother’s footsteps (she is a community-theater actress) and began acting in community theater at age 6. In 1985, at age 12, he was spotted by New Edition producer Maurice Starr and asked to join the boy band New Kinds on the Block.
The subsequent ten years are musical history.
When the band’s fame fizzled in 1994, Joey decided to try his hand at acting, and landed a role in the big-screen version of ‘The Fantasticks.’ But in 1999, McIntyre returned to singing and released his first solo album, Stay The Same.
In 2001 McIntyre added the title ‘host’ to his resume as the new ringmaster of MTV’s sing-along game show, Say What ? Karaoke. His second solo album, Meet Joe Mac came out late that same year on Q-Records and even featured a guest appearance by Fred Schneider of the B-52’s, whereas his latest album, the live One Too Many has now been released and can be only be bought online at his web site or at his many shows. Recently things have gone away from music once again as come October 21st, Joe can be found on Fox’s ‘Boston Public’ TV show ! As my phone rings and find it to be the Mac himself, his upbeat demeanor and exuberance is already evident.

How you doing today, Joe ?”I’m good man. I can’t complain. I’m in New York City on a nice summers day.”

Wonderful. OK then, let’s start with just who is Joey McIntyre ?”He’s an asshole,” he laughs.

It’s also at this point that Joey asks me to hold on as he tries to get some of his friends out of his face. Coming back to the phone moments later, it now seems that he’s eating something too.”I’m sorry. God, I’m rude ! That’s who I am !”

What are you eating ?”A carrot.”

Wonderful, now that we’ve got your eating habits out in the open, who is Joey McIntyre ?”Joey McIntyre is … waiting for his friends to leave the studio so that he can talk about himself. That’s who I am. So, I’m modest in a way, right, ‘cause I don’t wanna blow my own horn … at least in front of people. I think I’m a pretty good songwriter, I’m funny, I’m moody, I’m selfish, and I’m giving.”

Describe an average day in the life of Joey McIntyre”Right now I’ll wake up and probably do a phoner or a radio interview somewhere, wake up a bit more by grabbing a juice and a banana, go to the gym in New York. Take the R-Train up to Union Square and go to the gym and try and hit it ‘em hard and get a little well-being vibe going. Then have my protein shake, then I’ll either go to my manager’s office or down to my buddy’s studio, and, er … I love to eat and New York is the place to do it. And, if I know what’s best for me I’ll go to bed a decent hour and then do it all again.”

Current state of mind”The last couple of weeks I sorta had kinda life-changing vibe. It hit me like, ‘don’t worry,’ and I’m a bit of a worrier, I guess. Also, I met this girl last weekend and it’s flippin’ me out ! It really is. She’s great and I don’t know what to do !”

You need me to draw diagrams ?”No, no, no. It’s still on a metaphysical level. I’ve only seen her a couple of times. I’m very cynical when it comes to love sometimes. I just got out of a long relationship and this past year I’ve just been working away at letting go all the guilt and all that stuff and this just hits me like a ton of bricks. The minute you think you’ve got anything figured out, and you’re like talking to yourself instead of God, he kinda goes, ‘Oh, really,’ well, here, check this out,” he laughs.”It’s interesting because I’ve got an album coming out this week and it can be really tense, but I’m confident in the music so that’s where my happiness lies.”

OK, well let’s talk about your last album then. Why name it ‘Joe Mac’ ?”Joe Mac is who I am, my buddy’s know me as Joe Mac, and this album is much more conversational about where my life is right now. I wrote my last one as well, but that was more of a healing, more of a very more non-judgmental vibe and this is has a lot more action involved in this album. It’s kinda like ‘meet the real me,’ because this is who I am. There’s a little reference to ‘Meet Joe Black,’ and hopefully my album will do better than the movie.”

What was your fav track on the album and why”That’s hard when they’re all your babies, but there’s this one song called, ‘Mrs. Callahan.’ It’s just cool because I was just able to open up and speak about something that doesn’t have to do with your butterflies and love stories.”

So, what is ‘Mrs. Callahan about ?”’Mrs. Callahan’ is about the relationship between kids and their parents, and basically how you can feel you’ve done everything right for that child and he can go out and smoke crack ! It’s just about how delicate it is and that inner battle. Paul Michael Callahan, who was my best friend who’s in jail now, it was just the whole vibe of writing the song and believing in the song. I actually just played it for his sister and I was tormented. I mean, she’s listening to the song, and I’m in the other room, and I’m like ‘how could I have not have played this before it was on the album ?’ And you feel like an asshole, but I went over it again and again and it’s one of the most important songs I’ve written and it really meant a lot to me and so, I’m willing to take the rap for it.”

For a while there you seemed to be a MTV darling !”Whore,” Joey decides to chip in with.”

OK, you seemed to be an MTV ‘whore’!”Man, you know, it’s funny,” he laughs. ”OK, it’s like if music is the most important thing, and I’m writing music and I believe in it, and I wanted to stand up and be strong and play coffee houses and such … it is a business and when they first came to me and told me they wanted me to host ‘Say What ? Karaoke,’ I’m like ‘oh, fuck !’ You know what I mean ?! I’m like, ‘I don’t wanna be the karaoke kid !’ I want people to go, ‘he made a great album,’ not like there’s the host of ‘Say What ? Karaoke.’ But, I came full circle with it and frankly, I’m good at it. I’m funny and everybody on the show everybody that’s seen the show really likes it and has said that they didn’t like it before and that ‘you’re great’ and shit. So, I think I have a talent for it and in a way that would be wrong to shut that of, some times. I think it was important, because in this day and age there’s really no think as over-exposure. I’m never gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

Describe your music in three words”Rock ‘n’ Soul

Will there ever be a New Kids On The Block reunion ?”No, but if there was the tour would be called, ‘Worse Things Have Happened !’”

Which NKOTB song would you happily never want to hear ever again ?”That would be, ’I Still Believe In Santa Claus,’ off of our Christmas album.”

What kind of a school boy were you ?”I was a good student, but I couldn’t sit still. I was an A/B student, but I used to talk a lot. So my self-control, as they would check it at St. Mary’s, would be either ‘Satisfactory’ or ‘Unsatisfactory.’ I got a check in ‘Unsatisfactory once and my mother was mortified !

Describe yourself, away from the business, in 3 words”Corny …”

Was that ‘Corny’ or ‘Horny’ ?”Corny, … HORNY, …,” he giggles relentlessly.”Corny, horny and boring ! There you go.”

Any funny jokes to tell ?”A new one I just heard is a guy walks into a Doctor’s office and he’s naked and wrapped in saran wrap. And the Doctor comes in and he goes, ‘I can clearly see your nuts !’ Hey, it wasn’t mine, I just heard it !

What is the most idiotic thing you’ve ever done in your life ?”We’ll be here all day,” he sighs in a deep, sarcastic moan.”Ahh, shit. Erm, I dunno, dude. Erm, well, it’s not good to have unsafe sex, I can tell you that much,” he laughs. ”That is not a good feeling in the morning,” he continues to laugh, now a bit quieter and more reserved.

Whe was the last time you threw up ?”Erm, thankfully it’s been a while. I went through a period coming off of New Kids and like finding myself, quote-unquote and trying to figure what I wanted to do with my life. And basically, my life was going out every night and just partying and making up for all those times I was on the road and … the last time I threw up was, shit, probably, on a baseball field four years ago !

When was the last time you needed medical attention ?”Ahh, … fuck man,” he laughs. ”I think it was when I was sick over last Thanksgiving weekend and I went to go get an IV.”

When was the last time you had a nightmare ?”Oh, my God. Well, I think I had one last night where there was a gun to my head, but I’m not sure ! But I will say that two weeks ago I’m in bed and I woke up in the middle of the night, jumped up on my bed and saw rats running across my pillow !

When was the last time a fan came up to you and handed you their phone number ?”I think … the one that’s poppin’ into my head is this one from a few weeks ago. This flight attendant did it. Then, I saw her two weeks later and she told me that I sorta said hi to her room-mate and now they’re fightin’.

Well, did you ever call this girl ?”No, I didn’t.”

Any ending thoughts or comments /”Two roads diverse in a wood !”

What ?”Two roads diverse in a wood and I took the one less traveled by and it has made all the difference.”

Inteviewed By Russell A. Trunk

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