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Three Days Grace Three Days Grace

'Gracing Our Lives Once More'

Jive Recording Artist Three Days Grace are breaking all previous personal records with sales of more than 100,000 in just 2 weeks with their new release, One-X. The band entered the Billboard Top 200 charts their first week at #5! Amazing news, as their previous debut-album, which went platinum, never sold more that 34,000 in a single week and only reached #69 on the chart.

One-X follows the bandís 2003 self-titled platinum album, which saw Adam, Neil, Brad, and Barry on the road for over 2 years. Currently touring to promote their new release One-X, Three Days Grace will hit the US again with fellow Canadian rockers, Nickelback in Cincinnati, OH. The band just finished a highly successful tour with Staind.

Hailing from Canada, Three Days Grace find a way to rock hard, without losing the emotional, real connection they have to their audience. With songs from One-X that unleash sharp, relentless harmonies, matched with razor edged lyrics, the band is poised to take over the music scene once again.

One-X was produced by Howard Benson, mixed by Chris Lord-Alge and mastered by Ted Jensen. Three Days Grace is Adam Gontier (vocals/guitar), Brad Walst (bass), Barry Stock (guitar) and Neil Sanderson (drums).

Chatting recently with lead vocalist/guitarist Adam Gontier, taking it from the top - and knowing that following the release of their debut album they were on the road for over two years, I first wondered if touring was all they knew right now?! "Well, I wouldnít say itís all we know, but we definitely know a lot about it, thatís for sure. Weíve toured now, for about 2 and a half to 3 years in total. Itís been fun, its been hard, itís been tiring, itís been exhilarating and most of all, itís been very rewarding. Itís given us a chance to meet fans all over the world, and play our music to different people every night. Sometimes itís tough, but the payoff is well worth it."

Your new album title 'One-X' is a hopeful statement, but I'm wondering if it originates from a more personal standpoint? "Ya, this record came from a very personal place. As I was saying, weíve spent most of the last 3 years on the road, and that can really take its toll on you. One X is a look into my life, and the rest of the guysí lives over the last few years. Weíve been through an awful lot. While we were touring, I really started to feel alone. I felt like no one understood me. I was performing every night, and meeting so many people that love our music, and it was great. But at the same time, I really started to feel isolated. I had my own ďinner demonsĒ that I had to deal with, and so this new record takes a look into that part of my life as well. Thereís definitely a glimpse of hope there too. Youíve always gotta have hope."

If there was one track on this new album that truly encapsulated Three Days Grace at their musical and lyrical finest, which one would it be? "I donít want to say that one track in particular is musically or lyrically better than another. I really look at this record as a whole, and I think all the songs on One X represent what we are all about at this point in our lives. I think the whole album is Three Days Grace at our best so far. And I would assume that when itís time for our third record, we will have grown and evolved as songwriters enough to say the same."

And whilst we're revealing things, just where did that band name originate ... and what else could you so easily have been called? "We were originally called ďGroundswellĒ. We called ourselves that when we first formed in high school. We were a five piece band at that time, and our music was a bit different. In 1997 we moved to Toronto , and became a three piece. Just Brad, Neil, and I. Thatís when we changed our name to Three Days Grace. Brad had actually heard the term while we was sitting in a business class at college. He brought the idea to us, and the rest is history."

It's been said within the band that change had to happen and that help had to be asked for. But, in what way was this meant re: the music and the stability of the band in general? "I think for us, communication within the band was hard to come by. After we had been stuck on a bus for long in such close quarters with each other, we started to lose the communication that we once had. Just like any close family, you have your rough times. We took some time off after touring the last record, and did our own things for a while. Thatís all we needed. Weíre such a tight knit family that within no time, we were back to normal. The communication factor isnít a problem anymore. Things are great."

Do you have a funny, possibly embarrassingly story you can tell us that may have happened to you on this road to stardom?! "Probably one of the most embarrassing things that can happen to a musician, when theyíre performing is to fall on stage. That happened to me at a big show in New York City. It was at Irving Plaza, and the president of our record label was there, along with a lot of press, and just industry bigwigs in general. The show was going great until Brad, our bass player, accidentally tripped me. I ended up falling pretty much head first into the monitor in front of me. I was really close to falling completely off the stage. Unfortunately for all you NON FANS of the band, I didnít. I got myself back up pretty quick. It was a good recovery."

How many of your lyrics are actual journal entries torn from someone's year long diary ... or are they all just fabrications riding the waves of hysterical dreams?! "Iíd say about half of the lyrics on the record actually came from my journal. Almost ALL of the lyrical ideas came from it as well. I write lyrics, and then we, as a band, make changes when needed, and complete the song."

What '80s (and possibly cheesy!) song would you love to cover today if asked ... and why?! "Iíd like to cover the song ďI Donít Care AnymoreĒ by Phil Collins. Itís a great song, and itís got a very eerie feel to it. Itís one of my favorites."

Lastly, I like Penguins ... do you?! "Because Iím from Canada, when someone says penguins, I think ďPittsburghĒ. In that case, no. Iím a Maple Leafs fan, and always will be. Penguins suck!"

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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