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6 Degrees Entertainment


Hello ..., and welcome to

Their goal since creation is to push the boundies of the current state of comic books. Opening the minds eye and developing a new genre of comic books that refelect on and educate urban youth.

Meet The Main Men:

Andre L. Batts (RA-HTP) - Editor / Creator / Artist
"My purpose as Editor of Urban Style Comics and creator/artist for Dreadlocks was to bring forth an urban comic book hero that would stand as a leader. My primary task was to educate from a different perspective. Thus, entertaining the naked eye with imagery that reflects the urban cities across America's ghettoes in a positive manner minus all the negativity that swarms us daily."

"I've created Dreadlocks as a blind superhuman in order to establish that true righteousness is established from within. Dreadlocks follows an ancient order of Egypt known as Ma'at which means truth, order and righteousness. He bears a cross on his chest that is called an ankh which symbolizes true divine life and eternal life. He was created as a symbol of a culture that has been lost through slavery, time, and increasing fallacies."

Khaylil B'naiah - Managing Editor / Writer
"Being talented in the field of fine arts, in 1991 I changed my direction from an accounting major at the Detroit College of Business towards my life long dream of filmmaking and writting. Shortly after I formed a production company named 7thheaven films."

"I remember when I met Andre, we were both working for the Post office. A friend of mine who knew of my artwork and writtings, told me there was a guy who was creating his own comic book. I immediately went to see who it was and to my surprise we had already known one another from the past."

"From that point on, I knew we had something special to show our community and the world. A year after our first meeting we formed Urban Style Comics and our first title published was Dreadlocks."

Abdul Rashid - Artist
"A native of the city of Flint, Michigan I now live in Columbus, Ohio where I work as a Freelance artist. I met Andre Batts and Christopher Irvin at the Motor City Comic Book Convention a couple of years back. I was then asked by Christopher to do the Psychopath and Bucktooth Earl graphic novel so they could see if my art was the style they wanted for the new Dreadlocks storyline."

"I was fortunate enough to catch their attention and given the opportunity to contribute to what I am confident will be a powerhouse character in the very near future. As far as myself, I'm not very complicated. If I'm not with my family, lifting weights, writing, or studying projects...then I'm drawing."

"I'm a workaholic and have my sights set on one goal...SUCCESS!!! Everything more...nothing less."

Donell Mcclure - Artist
"I graduated from Central Michigan University with a business degree in 2001. Since then I have been working in the family business. I just recently began pursuing a multimedia and design degree from Lansing Community College to learn to become more adept with computers as a tool for developing art. I have loved art all my life and started drawing and collecting comics in the early 90's."

"I try to convey a real sence of power and energy in my artwork and I love developing and creating characters. One day my talents will allow me to take over the planet and mold it in my image, but that's another story. I played football in college and love sports and working out. I spend most of my free time drawing and in the gym and hope to compete in some bodybuilding shows in the near future and become the world's strongest comic book artist. I also like movies, writing poetry, and spending time with the love of my life, my 4 year old daughter Samaria."

Mark "Poetic Menace" - Artist
"Since the 1990's my work has been devoted to promoting positive change creating alternatives in a culture devoid of spirituality. Targeting the urban hip-hop generation, my works dare to attack stereotypes that stagnates the developement of Africans in American culture. It also Expresses deep concern for the desolation of the hip-hopp culture, now steering away from its primary purpose, which inspires and raises the conscious mind of God's children. These themes are combined with a tonality and language commonly used by the most influential of the artform."

Please feel free to CLICK HERE to contact them with any questions!

Check Out Their Characters!

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