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6 Degrees Entertainment

Khoiba Khoiba

'The Finer Trappings of Musical Success!'

Nice Traps – the title of Khoiba’s debut album hits the nail on the head, and the cover, displaying a young attractive lady who has obviously trapped an insect, shows: Hear it once and you will be trapped by the captivating melodies of the successful Czech band, trapped in a world of music from which you do not really want to escape anymore.

Ema Brabcová, who is not only outstanding at singing and playing the synthesizer but also writing lyrics, and Filip Míšek (guitar, synthesizer) are the core of Khoiba. The band, founded in May 2002 in their home city in the Czech capital of Prague, is completed by Petr Šámal (bass) and Jan Malich (drums).

The musical history of the members of the band reaches far back. Filip Míšek and Petr Šámal met many years ago and played together in a band called "hummingbird". At about the same time, Filip Míšek started with the band "roe-deer". This is where he met the gifted singer Ema Brabcová. Pretty soon they both knew that they wanted to make a different sort of music - and Khoiba was born.

Chatting recently with all three members of the band, I first wondered where the bands' name had originated? Filip: "One day, Petr was browsing his cell phone, where he´s usually storing weird words, he had these words 'SALVE KOIBA' as an invitaion greeting. I stopped him and tell him that word KOIBA sounds interesting to me and could be the right name for our band. We just add H letter later and we all agreed that´s IT!"

Petr: "The band´s name is a result of an intuitive search. We were looking for a word which could represent us and we found it; because we like it esthetically, it can easily stand for us as a band."

Was the album always to be called 'Nice Traps' ... and what is that title in reference to exactly? Petr: "Nice Traps was the first suggestion we decided for when working on the album. Its origin is in principle the same as in the case of the band´s name. There is no particular story behind it, but we strongly felt it was the right decision."

Is that Ema on the front cover, and if so, what was she imagining under the glass at the time ... and if it is not her, who is it?! Filip: "It´s not Ema on the cover, it´s 16-year model Jana. She´s keeping a hi-fi wasp in a glass. The whole idea for the cover was created by our friend, photographer TomᚠKaidl who is collaborating with the band from the very beginning."

What does the created visual creature trapped under the glass for the cover represent to the title of this album? Filip: "Well, we just wanted to make an image of a hidden meaning, something abstract. Not to say directly ... it´s like that, here is it. We are doing the same in our music I think."

How does Khoiba's sound differ from the likes of your previous bands, such as Hummingbird and Roe-Deer? Filip: "Regarding to Hummingbird, Khoiba sounds less funky; regarding to Roe-Deer, Khoiba sounds less Franz Ferdinand-like bands."

When you play live, what feelings flow through you when you see the crowd 'getting' your music? Petr: "We ask ourselves what feelings flow through them when they see and hear us offering them our music."

Ema: "I feel many different emotions on the stage, from the feelings like depression to almost extasy. Every each concert is different for us and you never know till the last time how it would be like. That´s like an adrenalin sport."

Have you a funny (or inspirational!) story to tell of just one of your musical encounters among the many journey's that you have taken thus far? Ema: "I think there are many of them, but to retell ... actually, they are funny right at the time of happening."

What is the difference in playing live here in the States and playing live back home in the Czech Republic? Ema: "Cha cha, it´ll take a little time to give you an answer! First of all, we should have played in USA!!!

What cheesy '80s song (known to the Americans!) would you love to cover today if asked ... and why?! Ema: "To tell you the truth we don´t tend to make covers, but it doesn´t mean that we don´t like 80´s. What I personally like is a song from Dirty Dancing - 'She´s Like The Wind'."

If there were just 3 words that described Khobia's music, what would they be? Ema: "Reflections, Associations, Expressions."

Petr: "Motion, Shapes and Hues."

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

If you would like to win either an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Khoiba's brand new CD, just answer this easy question: This coming November 20th, Khoiba will fill a support slot for which band at Maxïmo Park in Wien Arena (Austria)?!

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