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Danielle Harris  ('Hatchet III' / 'Halloween 4+5') Danielle Harris ('Hatchet III' / 'Halloween 4+5')

'Blood Simple - The Danielle Harris Story'

As I'm sure you are all more than aware by now, Danielle Harris is an American actress and director, best known as a "scream queen" for her multiple horror film roles - four of them in the Halloween series alone: in 'Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers' (1988) and 'Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers' (1989) as Jamie Lloyd, and in the new versions of 'Halloween' (2007) and 'Halloween II' (2009) as Annie Brackett.

But she's more than just a "scream queen" as Danielle has tackled other genre roles such as parts in 'The Last Boy Scout' (1991), 'Free Willy' (1993), 'Daylight' (1996) and even both 'The Wild Thornberrys' (2001) and 'Rugrats Go Wild' (2003).

But sure, ok, her long resume does flirt back-and-forth with other horrors such as 'Urban Legend' (1998), 'Stake Land' (2010) and taking over the lead role of Marybeth Dunston in the 'Hatchet' series, for 'Hatchet II' (2010) and 'Hatchet III' (2013).

Chatting recently with the lovely lady herself, Danielle Harris, I first wondered, having run down her acting resume and noting the small handful of horror credits to her name, if the fact she was a bona fide "scream queen" due solely to ‘Halloween’ had made her at times wish her career had begun with a different genre of movie, perhaps? "Maybe I wouldn't have actually had a career if I didn't have the horror genre community of super-amazing and loyal fans supporting it? It's so difficult making the transition from child actor to adult actor anyway. Unless you hit it really big on some huge movie like Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson have done. And I could rattle off a few more, actually."

"I think I've been able to have the career that I have because of the 'Halloween' franchise. So I definitely don't bite the hand that feeds me. Do I wish that I had been on some amazing television show like Friends and I could be a TV star and make a gazillion dollars a year, sure, that's a nice dream," she laughs. "But I'm happy with the way things have turned out. I've definitely had a really nice long career of steady work because of the horror franchise."

Marybeth Dunstan

Having taken over from Tamara Feldman as Marybeth Dunstan for ‘Hatchet II,’ it was like witnessing a new Doctor Who rebirth! What did Adam [Green] say to you about the undertaking of a role previously owned by another? "Well, I had actually auditioned for the original 'Hatchet' before I knew who Adam Green was and before we became friends. So I had read the script and really liked it. And so I auditioned amongst probably 100 other girls. Because I went in just like anyone else. And that was before I'd really come back in the 'Halloween' franchise. So I hadn't been in the horror world for quite some time, but in his mind I was still an iconic actor."

"But back then I think his concern was that there were already too many horror icons in 'Hatchet' to begin with. I mean, if you look now at Rob Zombie films that hasn't obviously affected it in any negative way. As he continues to hire people that are well known in the genre to continue to do his movies. But I think Adam was a little concerned about that so he just ended up hiring someone that just didn't have that kind of following. Just to make it a little more realistic."

"So I did not get cast which left me pretty bummed out, but whatever. I'm an actor, it happens. I get around one of every forty auditions that I go on so it was par for the course. But we became friends after that and he does these little short films like 'On The Road To Frightfest' that he asked me to do with him. And so we just became friends, but I just kept bugging him here and there asking when we were going to work together on a real movie."

So what was the next opportunity he presented? "Well, he was doing 'Frozen' so I called him up and he said I didn't want to do it! That he wasn't going to put me through it. He said to trust him as he would find something. And then when I was shooting 'Stake Land' he called me up and he said he didn't know if it was going to work out with Tamara Feldman's schedule with regard bringing her back for the second movie. But they were still going to ask her first, but if it didn't work out he just wanted to have me in his back pocket."

"So in case that happened would I be interested? And so I said, 'Absolutely, but you know I'm never gonna let you live it down that you didn't cast me in the first movie if I do the second one'," she laughs. "And so he agreed that was the deal, but that as things stood I couldn't tell anybody. And so about two weeks later or so he called me and said it's not working out with Tamara and so they were gonna come to me with the offer. And this is what it is, there's no negotiating and it's a take it or leave it kinda thing. But he'd love for me to do it. And I was like 'Adam, you're my friend. I'd love to do it. I wanted to do the first one, but you didn't cast me. So I'll definitely do the second one'!"

And it meant that you got a lead role, of course! "Yes, it was the first opportunity that I'd had to play a lead in a movie, period, in a really long time. So it was really nice to be listed first above the title and to carry a movie. Because it was a great opportunity for me to show how I'd grown as an actor and as a woman, in general. It was a big undertaking, but something I knew fans had been kinda waiting for it for a while. And I'd been waiting for it too! So it was just the timing was perfect."


I watched all the ‘Hatchet’s back-to-back-to-back and love how they all pick up immediately after the end of each other. But being that there were three (3) years between the last two, as we open with you covered in blood standing over Crowley’s body, if we look closely enough would we notice any differences about you from the way you ended the last film in 2010?! "Maybe the consistency of the blood on me was a little bit lighter," she laughs, "because it had advanced and the potion was different. But other than that ... well, if anything my hair would have been curlier in 'Hatchet III' vs. 'Hatchet II' because I shot on a soundstage on 'Hatchet II.' But 'Hatchet III' we're in the swamps in Louisiana which was humid as Hell! And that was actually the first scene I shot on the set of 'Hatchet III,' that ending of 'Hatchet II.' Which was great because it just felt like yesterday and so I just got right back into it."

"And then just after the first take, or even before he had called 'Action,' my first thought was, 'Oh my God, I can't believe that I have to do another 'Hatchet' movie where I have to go through all this with Crowley all over again!' Because it was always just so much effort. But that said I was also ready. I'd been waiting for so long, because on most sequels they happen pretty quickly after the original shoot. They see that it did well, they made money, the producers can't wait to get back in the saddle and do it all again and cash on it. But Adam was just not ready to cash in on it again."

"But I was excited to do it again, because I'd come off the adrenaline rush of doing the second one. And so a few weeks pass and you're like ok, I'm cool for like a little bit. It's actually nice to take a bit of a break and kinda recharge and reboot and do other things and come back. I mean, right now it's only been a year since we did 'Hatchet III' and I don't know if I'd be so quick to sign up to go back into the swamp again for 'Hatchet 4' ... if there would be one!"

Really, no 'Hatchet 4'?! "No, not in my mind. I don't think that there is. Anyway, I wouldn't be ready yet. It's been too much. It's been a lot. But yeah, I don't think too much is different. I think they did a really good job in recreating exactly how the end of 'Hatchet II' was."

The thing that I picked up on was your curly hair! "Yeah, it was totally curly," she laughs. "Who knew that I had such curly hair?! I had it cut and colored exactly the same. Well, maybe it was a tad longer by about an inch, but that damn humidity man. I just couldn't keep, flat iron on set or not, it down. I would flatten that thing dead straight but I just couldn't tame it," she laughs. "I just couldn't tame the beast," she laughs even louder.

And There Will Be Blood!

I was talking to Zach [Galligan] earlier this week and he said for those scenes where you are all covered in blood they literally fired the stuff out of hoses are you! Is that about right? "Oh yeah. The opening where I kick off with Crowley and he lands on the chainsaw there were two or three different effects guys and they had a pressure pump. So you just pump it and press it and it can literally knock you down!"

"And so they put the camera on a dolly truck and they slow pushed into me and they just went to town! And I was choking on it very quickly. Just before the credits open I'm just covered. There wasn't a part of my body that wasn't drenched with blood."

"And it's all fun, they are all laughing and it's all good, and then they yell 'Cut, that's awesome. Oh my God!' And then they all go off to do the next set up or something else and I'm just standing there by myself going, 'Ok, I have to figure out how to now get this all off!' And you're not only covered in blood but you're also covered in bugs. Because we shoot at night and so it's lit, you're lit and so the bugs automatically attach themselves to you!"

"And it's sugar and corn syrup and so when I would strip out of my clothes that were glued to my body at the end of the night in my hotel room I would also have 100 bugs or so dead and stuck to me! All different types and sizes, you name it. It was awesome!"

Yeah, some of those scenes you can't even swat them away due to carrying stuff! "Yeah, later on I'm standing handcuffed and with an urn which means I can't actually swat them away from trying to attack my face. I had 50, 60, 70 mosquito bites on me at any given time. It was just awful. Just awful. You just can't get away from them, because it rains and you're by the water and they just want to eat you, no ifs or buts," she laughs.

Nudity & That Tattoo!

Talking of but(t)s, your shower scene was made all the more interesting as it revealed (nearly) the full extent of your back/hip/leg tattoo! "Oh yeah, nudity stuff. It's actually funny because it's grown since then. I just did a really amazing spread for this really awesome magazine called Ink that I'm a huge fan of. I love body art, I always have, but I've never been really able to have it be that big."

Why not? "Because I was never really a girl that would have that. At least the girls that I would play in movies, because they would be younger. And so it makes it a little more difficult to have happen to your body. But at least this way it was a chance for me to kind of show it, you know."

"Whereas in the other 'Hatchet II' movie I actually turned around and shot it from the other side. It may well be that Marybeth wasn't quite that tough yet, not that she would have gotten it that night, but it was a decision that I made myself. The vulnerability and the shame that you feel when they are doing that to you helps me as an actor. And I felt like that was a really cool scene and a great way for us to see Marybeth."

"I mean, after all she's gone though, the way they have humiliated her and then you do that to her on top of things; when she didn't even do anything. That's why she's so angry throughout the movie. So it definitely helps."

"But that scene was interesting, yeah. The water, well, they did try and make it warm but it was still pressure hosed. So it's still trying to knock me off my feet and over," she laughs. "But again, you don't really see anything, you just kinda see a silhouette and none of my good parts are actually shown. But yeah, you definitely get to see my tattoo."

And the tattoo actually looks like it's one large one coming together, is that correct? "Yes, it's one piece, exactly. I got the bottom part done first and then over the years I've managed to work my way up so it's just one. I'm not someone that likes little shit tattoo's all over. I definitely like one giant piece of art, like a painting and that's why it's actually only on the one side of my body. But I do love getting tattoo's so I keep making changes and adding. There's always room for improvement. Adding more detail here, making a change there. Adding dark there, light there. And it's grown as I've grown, that's for sure. And again it's only on one side so if I do happen to take a part where that's not appropriate they just shoot me from the right side not the left."

I have tattoo's also and I found that when I only had them on the left I suddenly had to balance out my body and have them on the right! "Well, I'm a Gemini so for me it's always been I'm half good girl and half not good girl," she giggles. "So it's kinda been a little bit symbolic of my personality. Like, ok, I'll be the girl that you want me to be, but by the way just know that I'm also like this! So don't get too comfortable. So yeah, that's just my way of letting people know who I really am."

'Halloween 4'

Having beaten out Melissa Joan Hart for the role of Jamie Lloyd in ‘Halloween 4,’ being just 10 years-old when you won the part, what was it like on a horror set that definitely was not a kids play set?! "You know, I think they made it a play set. I think in order for me to not be traumatized or have nightmares when I got older they made it as much fun as they possibly could. I was treated like an adult, everybody kinda goofed around with me. I mean, for our lunch break, which would be about three o'clock in the morning I'd always have ravioli or spaghetti and meatballs or macaroni and cheese or french fries and hamburgers. Everybody else was having chicken and steak and whatever. So they kind of did everything they could do to keep me as a kid, I think."

So you never saw the killings? "No, I didn't see any of the killing. I wasn't part of any of that on set. I would run and scream 'He's coming for me,' but I never actually got too involved with that side of things. Maybe in 'Halloween 4' he climbs up on the roof and I see him and there's other bits and pieces. And in the laundry chute I'm obviously just being told what to do as an actor. I'm not seeing him stabbing a knife through there. So it was all done pretty easily for me to understand as a child, I think. And I was just having so much fun being in a movie and getting to stay up late and seeing Utah. For me getting scratches was cool! Not real scratches, but putting on bruised make-up. I thought that was so much fun. It was like dressing up for Halloween. So, I just thought of it more like play."

So you didn't actually prepare yourself for the role then? "No, I never thought about preparing myself at 10 years-old. To think about what if this man's really coming to kill me. That was never part of the acting for me. I was just told you're scared and you're gong to be running from here to here and you're screaming. So they kept it very basic for me to be able to grow up without any major issues," she laughs.

Hanging With Michael Myers!

So you were kept safe at all times then? "Yeah, pretty much. They kept a watchful eye over me. George [P. Wilbur], who was Michael in '4' and Don [Shanks]who was Michael in '5' they would hang out with me all the time. They'd pick me up, they'd spin me around and they became my buddies. So when they put their masks on it was the same thing as me putting on the blood. I knew it wasn't real. So I was never afraid of anything. I thought it was all just fun. It was play for me."

So, nothing comes to mind, in reflection as a kid being put in harms way? "I mean, there are some things that when I watch the movie that I look back on now I can't believe that I did! Or that they got me to do. There's definitely a limit to what I think people would get away with nowadays. The laundry chute was an air conditioning vent and I was not harnessed. They held my hand and put me down in it and I wedged myself down into it. It didn't go very far because it was latched at the bottom, but still I'm stuck in this thing. And as an adult I don't think I could do that now," she gently laughs.

"And the stuff in the woods when he's chasing me with the car before he hits the tree, that's me! Part of it was my double, part of it was me. I had a path, I knew what tree to go around, and I was running as fast as I could. But there's no trip wire kill switch because the car is actually chasing me!"

"On the roof I'm not harnessed up there! The roof was like 18 or 20 feet up off of the ground. And sure, it was a fake roof and it wasn't four stories but it was definitely 18 feet with cardboard boxes around the side with some mattresses! But again, I'm not harnessed where if I fell off I would definitely hit a box."

And yet you willingly did all these scenes! "Yeah, well, there were things they knew I would do because I was inclined to do anything. I was a bit fearless as a child. But I would definitely not allow my child to do any of that these days. I was very mature, but I still wouldn't now let my child do what I was asked to do in those movies, that's for sure!"

Childen On Set

So with the child labor laws as they are today, how did they get away with all that back then? Has it changed that much?! "The problem is it was shot in Utah which is a Right To Work State. And there were NO child labor laws! And so there were no rules you had to follow! And I find this is a common trait nowadays when working with children. And it's unfortunate but I have been a voice for lots of child actors on how to protect yourself and trying to talk to their parents on what to do if they find themselves being cornered by producers. Because a lot of times producers will make the parents feel that their kid has to do it or they will be fired. So the parents don't want the kids to be fired so they say 'Ok, fine' and they make them do it. But the kid doesn't want to do it. So it's a tricky thing, because it's still a business."

Did they at least home school you on set, perhaps? "Well, back when I was doing it they called it 'Banking School Hours.' It was where I knew I was working for a month and so I was supposed to do three hours a day for school. So they'd bring me out two weeks early and make me work six days one week, six days the next or whatever it was. I would then bank nine hours a day or whatever. So in two weeks I would actually have the whole month!"

"So when I was working on the movie I never had to go to school. I would have most of my day to myself and they would just wake me at night. I would go to set at six o'clock at night and I would work till seven o'clock in the morning. And then I would come home, eat french fries, watch 'Mr. Ed' and go to bed at eight o'clock in the morning! And then get back up at five o'clock at night and go back to work."

Was anyone paid to shepherd you, so to speak? "Yeah, they would have 'sitters' that were really social workers who kinda do and don't know what they can or cannot say. And they'd just stand there off to the side, thinking it was so cool to be on a movie set. Remember this was Utah in the late 80's so they're not gonna say she's not allowed to do this or that."

"Nowadays teachers in Los Angeles and/or New York might be more apt to say 'I'm not actually allowing her to do this even if her mother says it's ok. I'm pulling the plug on this scene.' So I'm encouraging parents to step up a bit more for kids, because kids are gonna do whatever you tell them to because they want to make you happy. It's interesting growing up and now seeing it all through an adults eyes and knowing how I would change things if I could."

'Halloween' (2007)

Being brought back in Rob Zombie’s updated versions of the tale must have been a blast! So what did you quickly discover as being the biggest changes on a ‘Halloween’ set come 2007? "Well, you're talking about an $800,000 budget vs. a $20 million budget movie. So I hadn't been on a movie that big since I did 'Daylight' in 1995. And that was like a $100 million budget movie. So it had been a long minute since I'd done a big studio film like that. But I wasn't really there for that long. I think I worked for maybe seven or eight days and then I was done. And I didn't really have to do too much. I mean, the scene between Michael and I was shot over maybe two or three days, because there was a lot of different elements."

"But other than that I kind of passed the torch to Scout [Taylor-Compton]and she went through Hell and back again. I, as Jamie, as well as Jamie Lee Curtis never had to go through as much Hell as the final girl does nowadays. It's much more brutal. In order to allow you to survive you have to prove it. Whereas back then you just so happened to survive. You kind of outsmarted them back then, but this time around you have to actually physically fight them and outsmart them to win."

"So it's a lot more grueling in 2013 then it was back in 1989. And even in 2007 I think things were getting more and more brutal, unfortunately. Hopefully it will go back, but I don't know if I see that happening any time soon."

'The Last Boy Scout'

I have to say that my own personal favorite movie of yours, perhaps due to my devotion to the acting of Bruce Willis though was 'THE LAST BOY SCOUT'! Your attitude and spunk is just brilliant! Was that a fun set to be on hanging with Bruce? "You know, it's such a shame that Tony Scott's not around any more, because most of my memories are with him and Damon Wayans, actually. Most of them with Tony though. I didn't really have that many scenes with Bruce. I think I only had three or four scenes and I had only one scene when I was alone with him. And that's when he kisses me goodbye when I'm sleeping."

"So other than that it was really Damon and I that would play and goof around. Bruce kinda busted my balls a lot on set," she laughs, "like throw candy at me and kinda give me shit. And I think we only had the one real talk the whole time and that was at the very end during the ambulance journey and he was talking about dating. Because it's before I'd had my first boyfriend."

"But Tony took me to get fitted for those awful braces that I had to wear because those were fake. So he picked me up in his car with his Labrador in the back of his Porsche and he and I went down to the dentist together. I would do things with him and his wife Donna and bring my dog and we would all play and hang out. He was just really, really lovely. So I had a pretty good time back in the day when movies were being made for that much that I was in. I think it was shot over a four month time period so it was a pretty awesome experience."

Danielle's Favorite Movie (That She's Been In)

What’s your own favorite movie of yours thus far, in or outside of the horror genre? "It's probably 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead.' And I think it's because we were really allowed to be kids. We had a school trailer on the property of the house we were filming at and I just admired Christina Applegate. She was just like my big sister and I just wanted to be her. They let us swim during our lunch breaks, and go play and even ride dirt bikes. There were puzzle sticks, Nintendo, so they tried to make it a fun child-friendly environment. And after a while we were just called back into work. And usually you would have to just sit in your trailer or you were at school. So it has been the only set that I felt they were kinda catering towards us younger kids. Which is kinda what the movie is about. They just wanted to keep us from feeling like working children and actors. And just keep us as kids."

Among Friends

So, you are transitioning into being a director and have your directorial debut coming out this month with ‘Among Friends.’ Tell us more "Well, it came to me through my friend Jennifer Blanc and she knew I was looking to direct something and she wanted to keep producing. So she brought it to me with a mutual friend of ours and we sat down and I read it. And it had a lot of the elements that I was looking for: which was a simple story with a great protagonist and a great antagonist. And it was well-written, but a bit on the typical side. It was a great psychological thriller, but it really needed something different."

"So once I'd agreed to do it we sat down together and just kind of revamped it and made it fun. Because the last thing I want to do, my first movie out the gate, is have it not be something that's not fun to show up to every day, you know. So when I'd finally had the chance to pick the environment and the story I hired most of my friends as cast. They were all fantastic actors and everyone I've wanted to work with anyway."

"But it was fast and furious. From the moment we began to the rewrite to the moment we went into pre-production. We had maybe about five or six days of kinda getting things together and assembling our crew and then about 40 hours later we began to work ... because the money finally went into the bank. So that was a little bit scary, but it went in and I was like 'I can't believe that we're actually doing this!' And I had no idea how exhausting but how rewarding shooting a film is!"

"I mean, maybe it's because I shot in ten days and shit, there's short films that shoot in that amount of time. So here we go with a full-length feature and seven main cast members in every scene and I'm shooting with three cameras and a very small crew. A quarter of the crew were friends and three quarters of the crew was brand new and learning. I mean, when you don't have the money to pay people you're just grateful for the time they're willing to give. So it was definitely the first time that I'd had worked until I just couldn't see straight any more. I had this mush brain towards the end. Like I need a drink kinda head," she laughs.

"And straight after that I did three films back-to-back as an actor, so I was gone for about two months. And then I came back and we began editing, but because of the time that I was gone it kinda messed up their schedule a little bit for having the film finished. So I was given about a week and a half to two weeks to finish cutting the film, which was insane! So it was a week of pre-production, ten days of production and two weeks of editing the film. It was unbelievable!"

"But that's really my favorite part sitting down with the composer and picking all the music, working with the color corrector and editing every single part of it. There wasn't a moment I wasn't involved, but it's so rewarding. I mean, the budget's cheap and wrapped with a rubber band, basically," she laughs, "and as I said it's fast and furious. But it's a lot of fun, it's well-written and I think it's just a really good ride. I traveled and did some festivals last year and the fans just seem to love it. It's kind of along the 'Hatchet' lines where it's all in good fun, but then it takes a dark twist!"

It must be nice for you to finally not have to get hosed down with blood and guts every morning! “Oh God, it was so nice to get everybody else hosed down for a change,” she laughs. “And I’ll tell you something, I was not easy to work with. I was the kind of director that I had been wanting to work with as an actress for so many years. A lot of directors have never really wanted to push me so I’d always end up pushing myself out of my own comfort zone. So it was fun for me to get on the other side and really, really push these actors out of their own safety zones. And I did and they hated me for it, but loved me at the end of the day.”

'Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D?!

You had filmed ‘Night Of The Living Dead: Origins 3D’ back in 2007 and on IMDB as finally being released this year! Had you already given up hope on ever seeing this, perhaps? “I kinda had, yeah. It was something that I went to Paramount studio for and met the producer involved. He had done ‘Tomb Raider,’ but this movie was not like real action. It was all CGI and 3D animated. So it was different for me and the director revealed that it was incredible technology to be able to do a film like this. He was kinda like the mastermind behind it. So after he had finished explaining just what it was to be, he showed me maybe a ten second little piece of something that kinda resembled a video game feel.”

“But this was back in 2007 when so much has evolved since then. So much has changed as far as technology that who knows if it’s actually still coming out or not? I mean, we were all very excited about this sort of new thing. The script was really cool, it was modern day set in New York City so it was really fun. But then it just sort of disappeared.”

But animated movies can take some time to put together “Oh sure, yeah. At the beginning I knew it took a long time to animate this kind of stuff. I know from doing other animation it can take up to two or even three years to actually finish it. So when it was 2009 I wasn’t surprised that it hadn’t come out yet. But now here in 2013 I’m kinda thinking that it won’t actually see the light of day. But you never know. Things pop up randomly. I mean, shit ‘The Black Waters of Echo's Pond’ is being released this year and we did that in 2007 … so you never know!”

OK, Let's Get Personal!

You have been quoted on a website announcing that you will getting married in January 2014 - is that true? “It’s true,” she coyly answers. “It’s going to be January 4th, actually. We were debating on how to go about announcing it for a long time, because when your life has been everybody’s business for so long you kinda just want to wait on something like this. And kind of just have it as yours for a while. So we waited a little bit and then our photographer[Damion Hamilton] called and asked if we minded if he posted some of our engagement photos on his website.”

“I’d worn my ring to screenings and such, but at first in pictures I made sure that my left hand was not in photos. And nobody really said anything, but when I finally posted a link to his photos on his website there was no hiding it,” she laughs.

You love Tweeting, but you’ve now only just finally created a FACEBOOK page! “Yeah, finally I’m getting into this century,” she laughs. “I mean, I have my own personal one, but I’m not even active on that. It’s just there for me to stay in touch with friends now, you know. But this new one is me saying, ‘Hey, I’m here now.’ Because I don’t really expect anyone to be following me on Twitter. I looked the other day at my personal Facebook page and I had about 183 different posts with people wanting to tag me and stuff. My friends wanting to tag me on my timeline, but that I had still to approve. I had 183 from way, way back and I just hadn’t ever looked at them!”

“So, I needed to get better as I get tons of them every day on my personal one. And like 20 other people that are not me that I’m sure are getting my friends requests too. And they have something like five or six thousand friends and they’re posting like they’re talking like they’re me; but they’re not me. Talk about someone who has no life!”

“So, finally I was like I’m going to do an official page so that I can actually be active. And I hooked my Twitter up to it and now I’m working on it. But Logan at has been helping me stay on top of this thing with the fans. Because on Twitter it’s easy, its just so easy to do. Facebook is a bit more complicated to me for some reason, I don’t know why,” she shyly giggles.

“I’ve just to get on there and chat with people. I didn’t go to many conventions last year so it’s kinda the only way to stay connected to my fans. Which I want to do. I don’t want to be gone for too long so it’s a chance for me to stay connected to them.”

So, and without making you even more self-conscious today, what is the definitive story behind your one raised-higher-than-the-other eyebrow that the message boards seem to keep harping on about?! “Its funny to me, because people think that it’s something I’ve just done as an actor. They come up to me and ask me, ‘Do that thing … do your eyebrow thing!’ And I’m always like ‘What?’ My mother has the exact same thing where her eyebrows are very expressive. And so are mine, but it just happens that mine is more expressive on the one side more than the other.”

“And so some mornings I must seem really seem serious and have this intense expression on my face, but it’s more emotive. For years people would comment and then I just got annoyed with it and cut my hair to hide my right eyebrow! Because you just can’t help that fact.”

But it must have been shown in a movie as the message boards lit up! “Yeah, I guess I had this really tight close-up in ‘Hatchet II’ which actually showed off my full face for the first time. And so suddenly everyone started commenting on it. And I was like ‘What the Hell?’ And I will literally have people see me at conventions now and come up and say ‘Do it, do it … do your eyebrow thing!’ And I’m like ‘I don’t know what you’re a talking about, but I’m not gonna do my eyebrow thing, dude!’ It seems everybody’s got something about them that people will pick on and so for me it just happens to be my eyebrow and my height. Other than that they don’t have anything else. So they’re always gonna find something.“

Lastly, we here at Exclusive Magazine love Penguins - so we were wondering if you did also or if you had a funny stories about one, perhaps? “Actually, I was just looking at penguins at the zoo recently, believe it or not. I don’t really have any stories about them, but I do have a fear of fish! And they’re quite stinky! We went over to look at them and I said, ‘Oh my God, they stink!’ and my fiancé said, ‘Yeah, because they eat fish!” And I was like, ‘Oh yeah, well that makes sense!’ I just don’t like the smell of fish. I don’t like it in the house, I don’t cook it, I think it’s nasty. So I have a fear of them and I don’t like them. So that’s kinda the best I can do: they smell like what they eat. They’re a bit stinky!”

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

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