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Jason Trost/Lucas Till  (All Superheroes Must Die) Jason Trost/Lucas Till (All Superheroes Must Die)

'Dying To Be Famous'

On January 29th, learn what happens when superheroes are no longer super with the Blu-ray™ and DVD release of 'All Superheroes Must Die' from Image Entertainment.

Starring, written and directed by Jason Trost (star, writer/director of The FP) and co-starring James Remar (“Dexter”) and Lucas Till (X-Men: First Class), 'All Superheroes Must Die' will also be available via digital download.

'All Superheroes Must Die' follows four masked avengers – Charge (Trost), Cutthroat (Till), The Wall (Lee Valmassy) and Shadow (Sophie Merkley) - who find themselves stripped of their powers by their arch-nemesis (Remar), whom they defeated years earlier ... or so they thought.

When the sinister mastermind puts the heroes through a series of brutal challenges that are virtually impossible to overcome, they must battle the clock – and even each other – in a race to stop a deadly countdown that could mean total destruction.

Will the superheroes prevail, or will they be forced to meet their demise as mere human beings?

Chatting recently with both director, star and Producer Jason Trost and his trusty co-star and co-producer Lucas Till, I first wondered when had the idea for 'Vs,' as it was originally known, first come to mind? Jason Trost - "It first came to mind two months before we shot the movie. And then I had a very short window of time to make the movie, because Lucas was probably going to go off and do 'X-Men.' We ended up calling the movie 'Vs.' but the distribution company wanted a more marketable title. And there's these things that they think about, like for Video On Demand (VOD) and things like that. Where the first thing that comes up is everything is alphabetical."

"So they chose 'All Superheroes Must Die.' And I was like 'I don't know. That's a kinda cheesy!' But at the end of the day what are you gonna watch or impulse buy when you're drunk or stoned on the couch? And so 'All Superheroes Must Die' is definitely a better title for that."

Lucas Till - "Yeah, and it did end up working. I remember going back to my family for the holidays and they just don't realize I'm in a big movie. They just don't understand what I do. So, I was trying to explain to them that I made my own movie and produced it. They then went on VOD and sure enough 'All Superheroes Must Die' was at the top of the list! It made it! And so yeah, that title change made everything turn out a lot better than we could have ever hoped for."

Jason - "Yeah, we shouldn't be allowed to title our own movies any more," he laughs.

Unfolding over the course of one night, and shot in the Greater Frazier Mountain area, you seem to had taken over a small town! Jason - "Yeah, it does look that way doesn't it. There was a selection of guerilla tactics involved. Going around at four in the morning when nobody's on the streets. And using a couple of businesses up there that are owned by parents of friends I know. And that's pretty much the long and the short of it."

Did you break anything you had to pay for?! "I don't think we had to pay for anything, but I'm sure I broke something," he laughs. "Maybe one of my limbs in the process!"

And how long was the shoot? "Fifteen days. And we only had 10 hours a day to shoot because the whole movie takes place at night. And we're shooting straight from sundown."

Being that you had to shoot at night did anything go wrong on set? "No. The fact that nobody got severely hurt I was very excited about. Yeah, everybody's alive so I'm pretty happy," he laughs.

Lucas, in your last scene, almost, your Robinesque character picks up some knives and starts twirling them very impressively - was that all you?! Lucas - "Oh yeah, we didn't have enough money to afford anybody else," he laughs. "It was absolutely me. I'm actually glad that scene's in there because it's not an origins story. It pops us into the middle of this story, contains some of these flashbacks that kind of imply where these characters come from. But really that was one of those moments where I was like, 'Why was this guy called Cut Throat'? It's not because he's fast, it's got to be because he's fast and he uses these sharp knives,' that kind of thing."

"And there really was a lot of thought going into their history, but there was still freedom for me at least to ask Jay, 'What did he do? What was his thing?' So, I figured that was it. And I do actually do that with knives at home in my spare time. Which kind of freaks people out a little bit when they walk in my room. But, that one moment told everyone what his skill was. I think a lot of people actually get mad about that as it's not as much in your face as they'd want it to be, perhaps?"

How was it wearing that superhero suit the entire movie? Did you sleep in it?! Lucas - "No, but I certainly felt like I was," he laughs. "We gained something like 15lbs before we started shooting, but the amount of weight you lose in incredible. Because you're basically in wet suits which makes pure water! Sweating out of you constantly. So yeah, wearing a wet suit in the dead of summer all day was insane. You're working all day long and a lot of times we'd have a night cap ... and I don't mean 'night cap,' I mean we'd really drink heavily to deal with how hard it was that day. And so you're not even gonna get out of it then either!"

"So, you're sweating, you're hot, it's the middle of summer and I'm wearing these kangaroo skin boots that we spray painted. So, I'd get a pint of water collectively in my boots each night and have to constantly hydrate myself. And that's before you peel this skin tight suit off of you. I had to get the cape off, the utility belt and then you had to wipe the make-up of of your face," he laughs. "Yeah, it was a hell of a process with those suits. You definitely had to want it."

With regard your costume's mask, Jason, I guess the fact that you wear an eye patch regularly as a medical necessity, and the fact it has turned into more of a trademark, was helpful to your own character's mask. But is it truly such - or all a gimmick?! Jason - "I mean, I wish I could create the gimmick of making myself half-blind all the time, but it's not as simple as that. I definitely enjoy some of the mystic behind it, but it is real. It is a necessity. I'm not just doing it just for fun. I mean, I wish that's just what it was, but no. I've read a lot of stories about people getting mad because they argue over whether I'm faking it or if it's real. They go back and forth. So yeah, I love everything that I've created just over that."

Your Twitter account, Jason has seen some nasty comments about this movie - do they get to you, make you angry or do they make you look at your next movie through different directing eyes, perhaps? "I think definitely a little bit of both happens. I've always known, and I knew this after making 'The FP' which was also a polarizing movie, you can never make everyone happy. And you're never going to make everyone happy. So you just kind of have to make things for yourself. As long as you like it who really cares what any one else thinks. Because it you try to make everyone else happy, you're gonna end up making movies like 'Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull'," he gently laughs.

Lucas - "And that is printed," he loudly laughs.

Your character, Lucas is very angry throughout the entire movie - was that hard to keep up, the lack of smiling and such? Jason - "Wasn't any acting there," Jason chimes in first. Lucas - "Dude, how f**kin' hilarious is that. Because the point you make is valid. Jay makes fun of me all the time. We'll go out for a drink and I'm really known for having a short fuse for really ridiculous things. But you're right I do like to laugh a lot. But the problem with that movie is that any time in-between when you're not watching me on camera, I'm moving something. Or making sure we're not gonna run out of time or daylight was coming up."

"I mean, it was my money we were shooting the movie with, so I was probably really stressed out the whole time. It's funny that you mention that though. It's a pretty good observation. I'll have to notice that next time I'm in a movie," he laughs.

What was behind the idea of the "animals" guarding Rickshaw?! Jason - "Well, it's kinda the fact that they are all animals because Rickshaw is kind of one of those circus Ringmasters. That's the vibe of his bad guy. With his back story, but we didn't have time to get into it. He kinda runs this circus thing, which is why we have the strong man and the Uncle Sam characters. So, his whole surrounding vibe was the circus."

You both act and produce this movie - so, which hat do you think you both worse the best come the finished product? Jason - "That's another good question. I mean, the internet would tell you I wore every hat very poorly, so it's probably best if Lucas answers that one."

Lucas - "I've heard stories about Mel Gibson on 'Braveheart,' and not to compare, but they could literally just not tell when he was sleeping because he was so involved. And 'Braveheart' is one of my favorite films of all time. And so to see him so omnipresent, so everywhere doing all these things. Well, Jay ... look, everyone wasn't just an actor or a make-up artist. We were all grips, we were all electrics, we were all craft services. And we had multiple jobs. And Jay already, right out the gate was the lead in the movie, wrote and then directed it. On top of that he's also operating mics, he's moving cameras and all of this stuff goes on behind the scenes."

"And there's certain scenes where his performances are incredible. I love when he's telling Shadow that he never had any powers and that he just wanted to be around her. And there's certain scenes like that that really stick out. But man, to be able to wrangle a bunch of ego-maniacal, sometimes drunken messes together for the next day, I think that really is where Jay comes in to be the best hat that he wore. Directing isn't just about sitting in a chair and watching the monitor. It's about making sure all the pieces of the puzzle fit together for that day. And Jay certainly did that every day."

With a bigger Hollywood budget, would you have done anything different, perhaps? Jason - "Oh yeah. I would have made all the action scenes twenty times more crazy. Because we could have then had stunt men and more effects. Even in the script the action scenes were crazier. But then you get on set and you're like 'There's no way we're gonna be able to do that.' And I would have definitely upped the gore, if we'd had the money to do that. But, oh well."

The (first) ending, just before the credits roll has people talking the most - in hindsight, and with a bigger budget, would you have done something different? Jason - "I don't think so. I like that ambiguous ending. The way it leaves it up to you what happened. It's kind of like that sort of western ending where you zoom out and wonder if they live or not."

And then, and not to give anything away, but after the credits have rolled we get Lucas back on screen again! Does this mean a sequel is in the works?! Jason - "I've written a sequel script, yes. But we'll have to wait and see what the response is to this movie first. And once everything is all said and done hopefully we'll get to make it."

Perhaps it will be called 'All Superheroes Must Die, ... Perhaps' or 'All Superheroes Must Die, ... Maybe' or sadly, 'All Superheroes Must Die 2'?! Jason - "All super, bro," he laughs. "I like both those, besides the '2,' actually. But, I think no matter what idea I would have the distributor would just call it 'All Superheroes Must Die 2,' just for marketability reasons. But, we'll see."

Now, talking about your futures and Lucas, you have 'Stoker' coming out in March with Nicole Kidman Lucas - "Yeah, 'Stoker' just premiered at Sundance, which we were all there for - for better or for worse. But yeah, Chan-wook Park is one of my favorite directors. So, I can't believe that I just got to work with him. We were at parties and people were coming up and saying 'Great job'! and I'm like I wish I knew what you were talking about because I still haven't seen it yet," he laughs.

And you just wrapped 'Paranoia' with Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman - things just keep getting better and better for you "Yes, a little over a month ago. That was awesome. Me and the cast of 'Air Force One.' Harrison Ford and Gary Oldman! What more could you ever ask for. A notch on the belt. And I know it will be a great movie."

Are you also on board for 'X-Men: Days of Future Past,' which is currently in pre-production "No, and to be frank, I don't even know if I'm gonna be in it yet. 'Days Of Future Past' doesn't actually start filming for a couple of months, actually."

It's a million miles apart from the work you did on the Hannah Montana movie set, I bet?! "Yeah, yeah. It's one of the coolest things in the world when you actually get to work with legends. I have a lot of friends, and I see a lot of people who move out to L.A. and they try to become and actor and they do a lot of things. Whether the passion's there or whether it's not there, there's still all different walks of life that still never make it to a certain point. And so for me to be at a certain point where I've talked about wanting to work with certain people and then two years later work with those very same people is pretty, pretty awesome. Jason Trost included."

Your latest movie, Jason is 'Hatchet 3' - tell us more about what to expect Jason - "It's three times the hatcheting," he laughs. "There's automatic weapons this time so I think it's finally gonna be a movie that people will want to watch."

"Yeah, for better or for worse, I play the same character I did in the 'The FP' film. But I can't tell you how little or how much that I'll be in it, because I've no idea what they edited. So, I have no idea. I mean, who even knows if I'll even make it into 'Hatchet 3' either. You just never know!"

Lucas, you have a Matt Damon vibe to your acting and even voice - has this been pointed out before? "Yeah, I've heard that several times before, actually. Not bad. I'm honored."

His vibe is in your mannerisms, your vocal tone ... "Really, well, I'll have to go watch some more Matt Damon movies," he laughs.

... and it's even in your chin! "Well, the chin is what we can all agree on, yeah," he laughs again.

A running theme here today between you two is that you are so relaxed, so calm, so level-headed about this film and even your roles in it! Jason - "Good, thanx for saying that. We're just a bunch of kids throwing on some costumes and playing cops and robbers. That's pretty much all it was. It's not like we're gonna become movie stars from it."

Lucas - "It's because Jason cannot be stopped. All he does is create. Almost to the point where it's annoying and you just want to go out and have a good time with your friend. And he's still thinking about ideas. Ahh sh*t, that's the first time I've said that in front of him and now he's gonna get mad," he laughs.

"In my case I'd just got done doing 'Battle: L.A.' and I had some spare money, right. And so Jay was talking on about superheroes and he really started thinking about it more and more. And so I told him I had some money laying around so let's make this. I can't have my hands not full at any time. My hands are the devil's playground and I wanted to do something. It came from a passion to want to make something. Being creative, more for my sake then Jay's. And his ideas and ability to execute, of course.

"And I think people are more looking for, 'If we make this movie chicks will have sex with us!' But we were more like, 'Well, we'll see if chicks have sex with us, but let's just go have fun real quick and make something we both really wanted to make."

Lastly, we here at Exclusive Magazine love penguins - do you?! Jason - "I think penguins are adorable, but I've never seen them. And the Penguin was always one of my favorite villains in Batman!"

Lucas - "Well, whatever people may say, I've always thought that Jessica Alba was one of the prettiest girls on the face of the earth. And so when I think of penguins I think of that movie, 'Good Luck Chuck' where Dane Cook literally has sex with 100 different women on the one screen! That's not why I remember the movie, but she's a penguin trainer in the movie. And so when you ask penguin, I think of Jessica Alba," he laughs, one last time.

Interviewed by Russell A. Trunk

If you would like to win an AUTOGRAPHED 'All Superheroes Must Die' Blu ray - one that was signed by both Jason and Lucas - just answer this question (kinda) about the film: The costumes for the movie were all built from the ground up and were constructed in under two weeks because the Costume Designer, Sarah Trost, had to leave to be a contestant on which TV show?!

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win an AUTOGRAPHED Blu ray of 'All Superheroes Must Die'! Just send us an e:mail here before May 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: ALL SUPERHEROES MUST DIE BLU RAYs to:

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