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Ghost Canyon

Sony Legacy Record Store Day [April 2023] Sony Legacy Record Store Day [April 2023]

Record Store Day 2023 (April 22nd, 2023) is fast upcoming and EXCLUSIVE MAGAZINE wants to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who are intending to burst into your local independent record store retailers to spread the support, love and money, whilst celebrating everything great about RSD!

We hope you find something you love enough to take home with you, whether that item is something released exclusively for Record Store Day 2023 (April), or something fantastic from what they regularly stock.

Yes, we wholeheartedly agree, every day should be Record Store Day, so we encourage you to make stopping by your favorite record store AND stopping by this website a regular thing - because we’ll be telling you about awesome things going on at record stores all year long!

As our dear friends at Sony Legacy Recordings have, once more, kindly sent us all of their RSD 2023 (April) releases for review, as always, we shall happily review them all now.

These 15 new RSD titles run the gamut from rock to blues to pop to alternative and, as always, are all a terrific tribute to the unbelievable artistry and musicianship upon which the Sony Music catalog has been built for decades.

As to what to expect, Legacy Recordings, the catalog division of Sony Music Entertainment, is gearing up for one of their biggest line-ups in years. This year’s selections include live sets from Billy Joel, Nas, Pearl Jam, Soul Asylum and Peter Tosh; rare outtakes from Miles Davis and Elvis Presley making their vinyl debuts; a collection of Carole King’s unforgettable songs in demo form; an in-depth look at some of the earliest material by international superstar singer Dolly Parton.

Up first is Miles Davis, Turnaround: Rare Miles from The Complete On the Corner Sessions (12” Sky Blue Vinyl).

Miles Davis’ On The Corner recently turned 50 and with each decade, its space age funk has only become more influential to generations of jazz, electronic, post-punk and especially hip hop fans and artists. The new vinyl release Turnaround cherry picks four stellar cuts from the celebrated expanded project The Complete On The Corner Sessions released in 2007 that collected key recordings captured before and after that release.

The tracks featured his new band including Michael Henderson on bass, Al Foster on drums and Mtume on percussion plus rotating appearances by the likes of Herbie Hancock, Dave Liebman and Bennie Maupin. Featuring an adaptation of the celebrated Corky McCoy cover of cartoon characters in pink, complemented by the limited-edition sky blue vinyl, this marks the first time this material will be widely available on vinyl.

But trying to list everyone who is playing here would be an exercise in futility, as the sidemen are too numerous to list. Suffice to say, the full set features some unreleased McGlaughlin work from the actual On the Corner Sessions, and here on this wonderful cherry picked cuts we get an enhanced musical experience in funk, jazz and enigmatic grooves.

There has been a reappraisal of Davis’s jazz and rock fusion albums of the late 60’s and early 70’s in the last decade with tastemakers like The Wire and Pitchfork praising albums like On The Corner. It clearly took a while for audiences to catch up with the genius of Miles Davis.

As a fan who only recently came around to Electric Miles, I’m happy to have these really unique and cool RSD releases in my collection.

Side A:
1. Jabali (11:06 – recorded June 12, 1972)
2. U-Turnaround (8:27 – recorded November 1972)

Side B:
1. The Hen (12:36 – recorded January 4-5, 1973
2. Big Fun/Holly-Wuud (7:07 – recorded July 26, 1973)

Up next is Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, Up Your Alley (12” Lemonade Yellow Vinyl).

Up Your Alley, the sixth studio album from Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, will be released on Lemonade Yellow colored vinyl exclusively for Record Store Day. The Grammy nominated album, originally released in 1988, features “I Hate Myself For Loving You,” “Little Liar,” and “I Wanna Be Your Dog.”

I’m sure that in any serious discussion of rock-chick luminaries there would be the inevitable nods to the incendiary booze-blues of Janis Joplin, the subtle explosiveness of Grace Slick or the swirling sorcery of Stevie Nicks. Unfortunately, within the very narrow corridors of the rock caste system you’ll never talk (or drink) long enough to get around to a performer who is every bit their equal - Joan Jett.

In many respects she never escaped the extremely long and suffocating shadow of her one monster hit, I Love Rock and Roll, a heavy rotation radio staple of the early 1980’s. Unfortunately, while her mega-watt star turn was fleeting her early body of work has more than guaranteed her legacy - specifically Bad Reputation - a balls-to-the-wall rock record that is still incinerating iPods even today.

All of which brings me around to her late 1980’s comeback recording, Up Your Alley. While many performers facing a make-or-break career crossroads would slip into another guise to broaden their appeal (Rod Stewart, anyone?) Jett stayed true to herself and unleashed what I believe is her best and most satisfying work - forty minutes of decibel shredding power-chord rock that is relentless and life affirming.

From the opening of the one prominent single, I Hate Myself For Loving You through Riding With James Dean, Little Liar and a blistering cover of Chuck Berry’s Tulane, Jett delivers the booming pyrotechnics in leather and bass-line spades!

1. I Hate Myself For Loving You
2. Ridin’ With James Dean
3. Little Liar
4. Tulane
5. I Wanna Be Your Dog

6. I Still Dream About You
7. You Want In I Want Out
8. Just Like In The Movies
9. Desire
10. Back It Up
11. Play That Song Again

Next we look at Billy Joel, Live at The Great American Music Hall 1975 (2 x 12” Gray Opaque Vinyl).

Billy Joel Live at The Great American Music Hall 1975, available on Gray opaque vinyl & digitally, was recorded at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, June 1975. The live gig from the Streetlife Serenade tour introduces the earliest available recordings of future Turnstiles classics ‘James’ and ‘New York State Of Mind’ into Billy’s catalog, and includes examples of Billy’s loving imitations of Joe Cocker, Elton John and Leon Russell — a staple of his early concerts.

On this entire full set, Billy sounds very comfortable on this stage, the last night of a four show run. His band is well oiled and having fun. He previews two songs that would later appear on his first masterpiece, Turnstiles album (released the following Spring). Thus we get to experience early versions of “James” and “New York State Of Mind.” The latter is especially tasty with a sweet sax solo at the end by Johnny Almond (yes, of Marc Almond fame).

The band brings to life songs from Billy’s then current second album Streetlife Serenade including “The Mexican Connection” as well as “Roberta,” “Weekend Song” and “The Entertainer.” He also rocks “Everybody Loves You Now” from Cold Spring Harbor.

Billy’s comfort with the audience and stage humor is evident as he banters with the crowd. And as he sometimes would do live, he pepper’s the show with comic covers. This round he pulls off a particularly great spoof of Joe Cocker’s take on “You Are So Beautiful” which was topping the charts around that time.

Beyond the performance, what gets me is the quality of this RSD double color vinyl recording. Billy Joel Live At The Great American Music Hall 1975 sounds terrific! The vinyl pressing is excellent and very quiet which is so important in this show which has many hushed points including bits of near silence between Billy’s aforementioned stage banter.

In fact, to my mind, and my ears, is really pretty neat hearing tunes from Piano Man live which didn’t really get performed as much later in his career once the big mega hits started happening. So look forward to hearing sweet renditions of “Travelin’ Prayer, “You’re My Home,” “Ain’t No Crime” and of course “The Ballad Of Billy The Kid.”

Side A:
1. Opening
2. Somewhere Along the Line
3. Roberta
4. The Mexican Connection
5. Root Beer Rag

Side B:
1. James
2. Intro of Band Members
3. You’re My Home
4. Cocker Imitation/You Are So Beautiful (Interlude)
5. Everybody Loves You Now

Side C:
1. New York State of Mind
2. Benny & The Jets (Interlude)
3. Travelin’ Prayer
4. Delta Lady (Interlude)

Side D:
1. The Entertainer
2. The Ballad of Billy the Kid
3. Ain’t No Crime
4. Weekend Song

And then comes Carole King, The Legendary Demos Vol. 1 (12” Milky Clear Vinyl).

Originally released in 2012, The Legendary Demos Vol. 1 compiles 13 demo recordings from 1962 through 1971 on milky clear vinyl.

In truth, it is an incredible treat to be able to listen to these Carole King demos. Both her non-Goffin work, and the songs written with Gerry Goffin that are included in this collection, are remarkably true to the finished product heard on the radio.

It’s easy to understand why other songwriters sought out her demos, after having listened to these. Carole King had it all perfectly presented, including vocal arrangements. It’s especially fun to listen to her singing all the vocals on Pleasant Valley Sunday, as well as hearing her present some of her very early work, like Take Good Care of My Baby and Crying In The Rain.

Overall, the sound quality on this RSD Milky Clear vinyl is very good, even on the early demos. In my humble opinion, this collection doesn’t include some of her best work, although it was great to hear some earlier work that didn’t top the charts, but as it is labelled as Volume One, I think it is safe to assume that come another RSD day in the future, the second volume will come lovingly to the fore.

Hopefully it will contain the demo for Up On The Roof, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, and I’m Into Something Good, to name just a few. Regardless, I don’t think one album of this ilk could ever possibly do justice to Carole King, who clearly ranks among the best of the best pop songwriters, thus my fingers are tightly crossed for the second volume appearing soon!

Side A:
1. Pleasant Valley Sunday
2. So Goes Love
3. Take Good Care of My Baby
4. (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman
5. Like Little Children
6. Beautiful
7. Crying in the Rain

Side B:
8. Way Over Yonder
9. Yours Until Tomorrow
10. It’s Too Late
11. Tapestry
12. Just Once in My Life
13. You’ve Got a Friend

And then comes London Grammar, If You Wait (2 x 12” Gold/Black Splatter – 180 gram Vinyl).

London Grammar has also released a 10th Anniversary Edition of their acclaimed debut album If You Wait exclusively for Record Store Day. The album, which originally entered the UK Albums Chart at No. 2 and has since gone 2x Platinum, will be re-pressed as a limited-edition 2LP on 180-gram gold vinyl with a black splatter effect.

You won’t need to wait long to understand the sound of London Grammar. It’s all there on “Hey Now,” the UK trio’s opening track of this, their debut album. Hushed piano chords and lazy, languid, circular guitar lines create a bed that lead singer Hannah Reid floats above with a luxurious, chocolate syrupy voice somewhere between Kate Bush, Bat for Lashes’ Natasha Khan and Alison Moyet. The drum loops arrive on cue for a cool yet artsy chill out groove that defines the band’s unique, almost hypnotic vibe.

A few upbeat flashes shift the threesome into a higher gear, but never for long as this year and a half in the making recording sets its cruise control and barely wavers from it for 45 minutes. Reid is the main attraction and she takes full advantage of the spotlight. Her clear, sumptuous vocals are sexy without being coy as she sings predominantly melancholy songs ratcheting up the drama as the disc unwinds. These performances swim in a pool of reverb and echo that soak them in a cool, detached atmosphere impossible not to appreciate.

It takes a few spins to distinguish the melodies, which on first listen start to feel repetitious about halfway through. But the effort pays off even if more spirited tempos would help keep your attention from wandering during the sleepier moments of “Stay Awake,” a track whose moody, trance-like rhythms are ultimately captivating. When Reid breaks free as she does on “Shyer,” it’s clear that her talent could transcend the musical boundaries she surrounds herself with on this atmospheric, head swaying, now luxuriously-created Gold/Black Splatter vinyl LP set.

Side A:
1. Hey Now
2. Stay Awake
3. Shyer

Side B:
4. Wasting My Young Years
5. Sights
6. Strong

Side C:
7. Nightcall
8. Metal & Dust
1. Interlude (live)

Side D:
2. Flickers
3. If You Wait

And then comes M.E.B., That You Not Dare to Forget (12” Hot Pink Vinyl).

M.E.B. (formerly Miles Electric Band) led by Vince Wilburn, Jr collects a progressive All-Star ensemble featuring Miles Davis alumni and the players Miles inspired. This brand new, never-released studio recording captures a multi-generational who’s who of acclaimed artists performing new Miles-inspired compositions.

Two tracks of the five on the album include unreleased trumpet performances by Miles and the album, produced by Miles’ alumni Lenny White and Wilburn, features music legends including Ron Carter, Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Donald Harrison, Darryl Jones, Vernon Reid and John Scofield.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Wallace Roney and Bernard Wright and contains some of their final recordings. The cover is an original painting from artist and Miles’ associate Mikel Elam. Pressed on hot pink vinyl, this is the exclusive vinyl release for this title.

Produced by Grammy Award-winners Lenny White (whose early gigs included playing drums, at age 19, on Miles’ revolutionary electric breakout album Bitches Brew) and Vince Wilburn, Jr. (who grew up listening to music with his uncle Miles and cut his chops playing drums on many Davis albums including 1981’s The Man with the Horn, 1985’s Human Nature and You’re Under Arrest, 1989’s Aura and others; Wilburn toured with Miles and served as co-producer on a variety of Miles Davis projects including the Grammy Award-winning album Aura), when unreleased takes of Miles Davis studio performances from the 1980s came to their attention, Wilburn Jr. and White joined forces to see what new music they might develop from these newly discovered pristine and unmistakable sounds from Miles’ horn.

Produced by Lenny and Vince, my favorite is “Hail to the Real Chief,” seamlessly blended Miles’ unreleased horn parts with new music written by Lenny performed by an all-star assembly of Miles band alumni and acolytes including Lenny (synthesizer), Vince (drums), Marcus Miller (bass), Emilio Modeste (tenor saxophone), Jeremy Pelt (trumpet), Antoine Roney (tenor saxophone), John Scofield (guitar), Bernard Wright (keyboards), and Quintin Zoto (guitar).

Two of the album’s five tracks–“Hail to the Real Chief (Long Version)” and “Bitches Are Back”–include unreleased Miles performances and you can hear the transcendent electricity flowing between the musicians as they achieve collective lift-off throughout the album. That You Not Dare To Forget showcases an all-star lineup of music legends including Ron Carter (bass), Stanley Clarke (tenor bass) and others.

The album, which includes some of their final recordings, is dedicated to the memory of Wallace Roney (trumpet) and Bernard Wright (keyboards). The album’s cover is an original work by Afrofuturist painter Mikel Elam, who worked as Miles’ personal assistant from October 1987 until Miles’ passing in September 1991.

Side A:
1. “Hail to the Real Chief” (Long Version)
2. “Bitches Are Back”
3. “Over My Shoulder”

Side B:
4. “Mellow Kisses”
5. “That You Not Dare To Forget”

And then comes Our Lady Peace, Collected: 1994-2022 (2 x 12” Clear 180 gram Vinyl – U.S. and Canada only).

A brand new compilation for 2023, Collected 1994-2022 features 18 of the biggest tracks from Our Lady Peace along with 2 never before released rarities, all presented in a special limited; 2 x 180 gram clear, die cut sleeve edition, remastered from the original recording with stampers cut from Lacquers approved by the band. Includes the big hits from Gravity, Clumsy, Naveed, Happiness…Is Not a Fish That You Can Catch, Spiritual Machines, Healthy In Paranoid Times, Curve, Somethingness and Spiritual Machines 2.

Toronto’s Our Lady Peace last released a greatest hits album back in 2006, and as much as that release carries the weight of their chart-entering output, what we have here, spread over two lush RSD clear vinyl, truly encapsulates the band from A-Z.

The collected tracks on this mighty fine new collection open on both the brilliant Starseed and the 1995 debut, Naveed, and go all the way through 2005’s Healthy in Paranoid Times onward now, drawing multiple tracks from nearly each release; to paint a rather representative picture of the Canadian post-grunge rockers.

I my mind, OLP have been around long enough that this isn’t just a superfluous release, instead actually doing fans (especially casual ones) a mighty fine favor rounding up basically every big hit the band has ever had, along with two live cuts, into one tidy package.

This is all the OLP that anyone could ever really need, since they’ve thoughtfully trimmed away all of the excess fat to leave only the meaty, most memorable offerings on the table for maximum satisfaction.

The record aptly covers the two relatively different sides of the band, with their distinct vocal styling working to a tee on such tracks as Life, Ballad of a Poet, and then the guys can rock out, like on Starseed, Superman’s Dead, and One Man Army, just as easily as they can bring it down a notch for smooth and soaring reflection, such as on 4 A.M., Thief, and even Angels / Losing / Sleep.

Side A:
1. Starseed
2. Naveed
3. Superman’s Dead
4. Clumsy
5. 4 A.M.

Side B:
6. Thief
7. One Man Army
8. Us Anybody Home?
9. In Repair
10. Life

Side C:
1. Somewhere Out There
2. Innocent
3. Angels / Losing / Sleep
4. Heavyweight
5. Julia (Live) [Feat. Sarah Slean]

Side D:
6. Drop Me In The Water
7. Ballad Of A Poet
8. Stop Making Stupid People Famous [Feat. Pussy Riot]
9. Run
10. Tomorrow Never Knows (Live)

And then comes Dolly Parton, The Monument Singles Collection 1964-1968 (12” Vinyl).

Dolly Parton as you’ve never heard her before. A first-time collection of the A & B sides from Dolly’s 1960’s singles from her early days at Monument Records. This collection has been fully remastered from the original Monument Records mono master tapes. It also features liner notes from two-time Grammy nominee and the award-winning author, Holly George-Warren. While Uncle Bill Owens had been touring with Carl and Pearl Butler playing guitar, Dolly had been appearing on early morning shows such as “The Ralph Emery Show” and “The Eddie Hill Show.” The two received a break when Fred Foster owner of Combine Music and Monument Records agreed to sign them to a publishing and recording deal.

Dolly recorded “I Wasted My Tears” (her first Monument single) and “What do You Think About Lovin,” both written by Dolly and Bill Owens. She followed up with “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” and “Old Enough to Know Better,” which are all, of course, contained here on this quite wondrous new 18 track vinyl LP.

During this same time period, Foster brought Ray Stevens in to produce Dolly’s single, “Busy Signal,” written by Stevens. The B-side, “I Took Him for Granted,” was written by Dolly and Bill Owens. In truth, Foster invested a lot in Dolly’s career and even booked her on “American Bandstand.”

In fact, “Happy, Happy Birthday Baby” also brought success to Monument Records, charting at No. 108 on the pop charts and becoming Dolly’s first charting single.

Side A:
1. What Do You Think About Lovin’
2. I Wasted My Tears
3. Happy, Happy Birthday Baby
4. Old Enough To Know Better (Too Young To Resist)
5. Busy Signal
6. I Took Him For Granted
7. Don’t Drop Out
8. Control Yourself
9. The Little Things
10. I’ll Put It Off Until Tomorrow

Side B:
1. Dumb Blonde
2. The Giving And The Taking
3. Something Fishy
4. I’ve Lived My Life
5. I Couldn’t Wait Forever
6. Why, Why, Why
7. I’m Not Worth The tears
8. Ping Pong

And then comes Pearl Jam, Give Way (2×12” Vinyl).

Recorded during Pearl Jam’s Melbourne Park show on March 5,1998 during the Australian tour in support of their 5th studio album Yield, the highly sought after Give Way will be released on vinyl for the first time as well as officially released on CD.

The 17-track album will be a 2LP gatefold on black vinyl including live versions of “Given To Fly,” “Faithfull,” and “Do The Evolution.” The CD, originally scheduled to be released in 1998 as a promotion item with the purchase of Single Video Theory never saw the light of day outside of an extremely limited amount surfacing over the years…until now.

The title Give Way is a nod to the Australian counterpart to the United States Yield sign.

Longtime fans will note that the concert the LP is taken from was part of former Pearl Jam drummer Jack Irons’ final tour with the band, with Matt Cameron taking over the skins after.

The 1998 show was originally broadcast live on radio and the internet and has been bootlegged by many fans. It was later set to be a promo album for fans who bought the Pearl Jam documentary Single Video Theory at — ’90s flashback — Best Buy. But at the 11th hour, Epic Records killed those plans. Strangely, the company then destroyed some 50,000 CD copies.

As noted, Give Way is named after the Australian version of the American “yield” sign which Pearl Jam then went on to name their studio LP, which dropped in 1998, Yield. This storming live show includes songs such as “State of Love and Trust,” “Immortality,” “Faithful,” “I Got Shit,” and both “Even Flow” and “Alive,” of course, but is moreover a quite amazing live flashback to a band that has never once given more than 11/10 energy within their shows.

Side A:
1. Release
2. Brain Of J.
3. Animal
4. Faithful

Side B:
5. In My Tree
6. I Got Shit
7. Corduroy
8. Even Flow

Side C:
9. Spin The Black Circle
10. Given To Fly
11. Hail, Hail
12. M.F.C.
13. State Of Love And Trust

Side D:
14. Do The Evolution
15. Alive
16. Black
17. Immortality

And then comes Prefab Sprout, Steve McQueen Acoustic (12” Vinyl).

Originally released in 1985, Prefab Sprout announce the RSD exclusive vinyl release of Steve McQueen Acoustic. In the summer of 2006, Paddy McAloon recorded new versions of tracks from Prefab Sprout’s critically acclaimed album, Steve McQueen – rebuilding them from scratch with acoustic guitars, sequencers and samples, with producer Calum Malcolm. Always looking to move forward and reimagine work, Paddy said of the release “like many people – I’m always curious to hear another take on a song.”

In another time, in another place, Paddy McAloon might have been happily productive somewhere between the Algonquin and Broadway in 1930s New York (I want to be, he once crooned, hopefully, the Fred Astaire of words.) Or beavering away in an office in the Brill Building in the 50s. Or maybe some place on that off-kilter middle of the road between Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb in the 60s. Almost anywhere, you might have thought, other than Britain in the mid-80s.

The Sprout - it’s ironic that a writer so fleet-footed lumbered himself with such a clunking band name - had debuted in 1984 with Swoon, a record that suggested they were post-graduates of the Glasgow School, taking the Postcard label template to new levels of cryptic wit and elliptical jangle.

But as McAloon made plain, his ambitions were far grander. He aspired to the standards of Stephen Foster, Gershwin, Sondheim, Quincy Jones, McCartney; saw himself as a contemporary of Prince rather than Lloyd Cole. He had a grand sense of pop music, and in 1985, that kind of grandeur seemed to be available via producers like Thomas Dolby.

McAloon has since said that Steve McQueen is Dolby’s record - he presented the producer with a vast archive of songs and asked him to choose his favorites. Yet whether or not this is wholly true or not, perhaps moreover his influence can be heard in the profoundly 80s sonic palette, rather wonderfully and typically, it seems that Dolby even chose to play the banjo on the country pastiche Faron Young (and via a Fairlight sampler too).

And the presence on this new acoustic vinyl RSD reissue of Dolby and McAloon’s incredibly sumptuous singer/songwriting is still remarkable evident, albeit in a new lush kind of way.

One thing the new acoustic versions highlight is the astonishing maturity of the songs. Coincidentally, almost all of Dolby choices dated from 1979, when Paddy was 22 and yet they sound all the more appropriate sung by a man of 50.

In fact, you can imagine these songs performed by Marianne Faithful, Bryan Ferry, Will Young, Kylie Minogue, Rufus Wainwright, or Antony Hegarty. A handful of these songs have the quality of standards so there’s absolutely no reason why their real after-life shouldn’t begin now!

Side A:
1. Appetite
2. Bonny
3. Desire As
4. When Love Breaks Down

Side B:
5. Goodnight Lucille #1
6. Moving The River
7. Faron Young
8. When The Angels

And then comes Elvis Presley, Burning Love: The RCA Rehearsals (2 x 12” Vinyl).

Burning Love: The RCA Rehearsals compiles the best of the rehearsal recordings around Elvis’ April 1972 US tour, all taken from the new Elvis On Tour collection. The 2LP set features rare and unreleased versions of “Burning Love”, “Heartbreak Hotel” and “Jailhouse Rock,” along with some of Elvis’ favorite cover songs, gospel songs and more.

These Burning Love: The RCA Rehearsals, much like the whole RCA/Legacy’s Elvis On Tour box set, is produced by Ernst Mikael Jørgensen and mixed by Grammy Award®-winning Memphis-based producer Matt Ross-Spang and the original recordings were made by Felton Jarvis and Al Pachucki.

This massively important, and wholly engrossing new RSD 2LP vinyl set, is taken from that box set, and thus completes Elvis’ rehearsals with his band at RCA Recordings Studios with performances recorded March 31, 1972. These recordings also include previously unreleased takes on Kris Kristofferson’s “For The Good Times” as well as performances previously available only on 6363 Sunset Boulevard, Elvis On Tour – The Rehearsals and Amazing Grace.

As Elvis Presley’s national tour played to sold-out secondary markets across the country in 1972, Elvis was enjoying himself on-stage and finding electrifying new ways of connecting to audiences at every show. Working with a band and set lists of his choosing, Elvis was channeling the music he loved most–from pop and gospel and traditional country to blues and rock and contemporary hits – while transforming his own greatest hits with fresh arrangements, turning nostalgia into an unforgettable concert experience packed with immediacy.

For me, as an Elvis fan, this is a massively fascinating look at a man behind-the-scenes, so to speak, and one which having been lovingly documented all the way, is is now made available not only via that 6CD box set, but by this wondrous 2LP vinyl release.

Side A:
1. Burning Love (Take 3)
2. For The Good Times (Take 5)
3. Always On My Mind (Take 3)
4. Separate Ways (Take 2)
5. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

Side B:
1. See See Rider (Take 2)
2. Proud Mary (Take 2)
3. Never Been To Spain (Take 2)
4. Until It’s Time For You To Go
5. Polk Salad Annie
6. All Shook Up
7. Heartbreak Hotel

Side C:
1. Help Me Make It Though The Night
2. Young And Beautiful
3. Lady Miss Clawdy
4. Release Me
5. A Big Hunk Of Love (Take 2)
6. Can’t Help Falling In Love

Side D:
1. I, John
2. Bosom Of Abraham
3. You Better Run
4. Lead Me, Guide Me
5. Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus/Nearer My God To Thee
6. How Great Thou Art

And then comes Soul Asylum, MTV Unplugged (2 x 12” vinyl).

The complete legendary 1993 MTV Unplugged performance is now to be made available for the very first time on vinyl, newly mixed from the original tapes. 16 tracks across 2 LP’s featuring 4 previously unreleased and unbroadcast performances.

In fact, to celebrate 30 years since their iconic MTV special the band will play a rare, intimate Unplugged set in their hometown of Minneapolis on April 20th, 2023.

That’s right, boys and girls, Minneapolis’ bestselling rock band of the 1990s is about to shine new light on one of its most high-profile gigs of that era, with the release of this 2LP vinyl edition of their brilliant 1993 MTV Unplugged gig.

With two of the band from back then having either passed away or moved on - bassist Karl Mueller died of cancer in 2005, and guitarist Danny Murphy firmly quit the band in 2012 - as is still evidenced by Nirvana’s landmark album from the New York TV studio, MTV Unplugged was a premiere gig reserved for the biggest rock acts in the early 1990s.

Soul Asylum was just that in 1993 following the release of its multi-platinum album Grave Dancers Union and its hit single/video Runaway Train, with theirs widely regarded as one of the better installments of the show, too.

Besides other Grave Dancers tracks such as Black Gold and Somebody to Shove, some of the 13 songs featured in the original Unplugged performance included earlier Soul Asylum favorites such as Never Really Been, Closer to the Stars, Grounded and We 3, as well as three cover songs: Victoria Williams’ Summer of Drugs (which the band recorded for the classic Sweet Relief charity album), the Faces’ Ooh La La and Lulu’s To Sir With Love.

Side A:
1. Runaway Train
2. Homesick
3. Never Really Been
4. We 3

Side B:
5. Get On Out
6. Black Gold
7. Grounded
8. Someone to Shove

Side C:
1. To Sir With Love (featuring Lulu)
2. New World
3. Without A Track
4. Closer To The Stars

Side D:
5. Summer Of Drugs
6. The Sun Maid
7. Stranger
8. Ooh La La

And then comes Peter Tosh, Live & Dangerous Boston 1976 (2 x 12” Translucent Yellow vinyl).

This classic live concert from 1976 was the last show of Peter’s first solo US Tour, supporting the Legalize It album which was released 4 months earlier. The rhythm section consists of Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. First time on vinyl.

Peter Tosh’s Word, Sound and Power band must have been a helluva group to listen to live, and that comes across very well in this recording. I would even hasten to add that you really can almost see the herb smoke wafting through the air and being pushed around by the fat thump of Robbie Shakespeare’s bass!

The band feels very loose-but-tight on this record, as they skank through an instrumental intro and settle into the hypnotic groove of Igziabeher. Using two lead guitars and two keyboards (unheard of at the time) allowed the band to enter a number of different moods when it suited them: full-on rock, with the guitars swirling around one another, heavy, heavy dub, with Robbie and the percussion taking over, as well as just plain old roots reggae, sending home Tosh’s messages of African consciousness and equal rights as only one of the most powerful collections of musicians could.

I have also long enjoyed this show because it’s got some different songs than the usual Tosh set - such as Legalize It - which is great, but man, it is on every live album! Instead, what we get here is the addition of Mark of the Beast and the brilliant Babylon Queendom, along with slower, more-psychedelic versions of my favorite Tosh anthems, Steppin’ Razor and even Burial (made all the more enjoyable to listen to now that they are on lush translucent yellow vinyl, of course!)

Side A:
1. Instrumental Intro
2. Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)
3. 400 Years

Side B:
4. No Sympathy
5. Burial
6. Mark Of The Beast

Side C:
1. Babylon Queendom
2. Why Must I Cry
3. Whatcha Gonna Do

Side D:
4. Steppin’ Razor
5. Ketchy Shuby

And finally, as promised, here are the other RSD Legacy Recording releases for you to delve into on your own time:

Nas, Made You Look: God’s Son Live 2002 (12” Vinyl).

Nas’ iconic performance at Webster Hall from 2002 released on vinyl + digitally for the first time. The project titled Made You Look: God’s Son Live 2002 was previously released on DVD, with the same artwork from the DVD package being utilized for the 1 LP piece.

Raphael Saadiq, The Way I See It (12” Opaque Red Vinyl).

The Way I See It puts Raphael Saadiq’s love of ‘60s soul on full display, with Saadiq stating it was “the culmination of a lifetime of experiences informed by the music I grew up on.” Recorded on vintage equipment, the set features Motown session musicians, guest appearances from Joss Stone, Jay-Z, New Orleans collective The Rebirth Brass Band and Stevie Wonder.

The end result is an upbeat collection of songs ranging from the romantic to the mournful, but frequently beaming with hope and positivity. Nominated for three Grammy Awards including Best R&B Album, The Way I See It is considered one of the essential records of the classic soul revival, and one of Saadiq’s finest career achievements – now presented for Record Store Day on limited edition red vinyl by Get On Down in conjunction with Certified.