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Amy Dalley Amy Dalley

'Breakin' It Down - The Amy Dalley Story’

Amy Dalley is an American country music artist. Signed to Curb Records in 2003 she left the label in 2008. Dalley has released seven singles, of which five have entered the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs charts, despite never releasing an album (at that time).

Indeed, her highest-peaking single is 'Men Don't Change,' which reached a peak of #23 in 2004. In addition to her own music, Dalley co-wrote Reba McEntire's single 'My Sister'.'

Her debut album, It's Time, was issued independently via digital retailers in 2009, and she has just release her brand new follow-up album, COMING OUT OF THE PAIN on Rock Ridge Music in 2012.

Exclusive Magazine recently sat down with Amy Dalley and we chatted about her very first concert exeprience, her time touring with Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts, meeting Dolly Parton, and yes ... even Penguins!

Born in Kingsport, Tennessee, what is your first recollection of live music that you went to see, and at what age? "Well, there are a couple that pop into my mind right away. The first concert I ever went to was Heart and Cheap Trick. It moved me so much I cried the whole time Heart was on stage. Sounds weird, I know, but it seemed so much larger than life. The lights, the sound. I LOVED it."

"Also, where I am from we have a yearly, summertime, week-long event called Fun-Fest. I saw Charley McCLain sing there. I was mesmerized by her outfit. It was entirely white. Down to her over-the-knee white boots. I could not take my eyes off of her."

Was wanting to be a singer/musician already in your mind before these live shows, or did it spark something that night? "I know I loved to sing, but both of those events really did something to me. I remember thinking I could totally do that."

Amazingly, you actually released seven singles, of which five entered the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Songs Charts, despite never releasing an album at that time! I think that goes to prove something about not only yourself (as a strength of writer), but also the record industry today! "Well, it really depends on who is counting... :) But yes, singles, but no album. That was a time period where I had NO control over what was happening in my musical career. I got to do some pretty amazing things during the rlease of those singles though."

"I toured with Toby Keith and Rascal Flatts. I worked with amazing video directors during the shooting of my three country music videos (Roman White and Michael Soloman). And I saw the country through several radio tours and met some amazing people. I was able to introduce my music to some very supportive music fans. I guess it could have worked out a little better for me in the end, but I don't get to change the ending! I just gotta move on and keep making music."

Your highest-peaking single was 'Men Don't Change', which reached its eventual peak of #23 in 2004. Hmmm, so just what is it about men and why you think they won't change, young lady?! "Well, 'Men Don't Change' was really not meant to be a man bashing song! No, REALLY! It was meant to be a cautionary tale for the girls. I mean, choose WELL and you won't NEED to change them! I still have a lot of fun with that song at live shows. I love it when there is a couple there and a girl starts elbowing her guy and he is just rolling his eyes! It is fun."

You also co-wrote Reba McEntire's single 'My Sister,' which is massive. How did that all come about in the first place? "I was lucky enough to be in the room with two of the best songwriters in Nashville that day. They are also really good friends of mine. (Roxie Dean and Bonnie Baker) we were just talking about our sisters and our families and how we grew up and how that dynamic changes as you move away and start your own life."

"We actually wrote nothing before lunch, we just talked. Then we went to the Chinese buffet down the road and came back and wrote the song. It was a really good day!"

You also got to perform at the Dollywood amusement park! Did you ever get to meet Dolly herself at any time? "Yes. It was a great time period in my life. I learned so much about performing and about being on stage and about the work that it takes to put on big production shows like that. I met Dolly several times. She came to our shows about once a year and we did photo shoots with her for the park. She is very normal and funny. she is just as she appears to be in interviews. She is a song writing hero of mine for sure."

Your new CD, entitled Coming Out of the Pain is out now, and from the sound of that title alone, it might be autobiographical. Is that true, perhaps? "In a way it is. I had to shed the feeling of "not making it" when I had my Curb Record deal. I had to let go of some things. The good thing is I came through it with a smile on my face and that still glowing fire in my belly to make more music. So I did."

Taking a few of your songs apart, please reveal what was going through your head when writing these:

Peace Sign - "I like to laugh. I wrote this with a couple friends. One of whom was dealing with a guy who KEPT breaking up with her. She needed the big ending. She needed the perfect, Southern, sarcastic I'm pissed but Im gonna confuse you so you dont even know what's happening kind of goodbye . So we wrote 'Peace Sign'!"

Saturday Night Situation - "Who doesn't like a good crank it up kind of story song about about girls gettin' crazy?!"

Civil War - "I had been thinking a lot about the wars going on around the world. It made me think about how sometimes people are living in their own personal hell right in their very own homes. It isn't on the news, but it is just as big a deal to those people."

In 2006 you released a single called 'Everybody's Got a Vice' - so, the obvious question is, what is your biggest vice? "Was that a single? OK ... um ... I think I am kind of boring .... coffee, chocolate, watermelon, facebook ... I know ... boring!!"

As we here at Exclusive Magazine like (nay, LOVE) Penguins, do you also, perhaps? "Seriously? I mean, I've never really thought about a penguin. They are cute I guess ... :) That is funny though."

Finally, what is next for Amy Dalley? "I am in the middle of touring/selling - touring/selling [for] COMING OUT OF THE PAIN right now. But I would love to make a cool acoustic album. Not totally acoustic, but striped down and groovy. A different path for me, because I love loud guitars and bombastic drums. I just wanna make some more music :)"

Interview: Russell A. Trunk

'Coming Out Of The Pain' CD Purchase Link

So, if you would like to win a SIGNED copy of Amy Dalley's new CD, just answer this easy question about the young lady herself: When she heard about an open audition at Dollywood, she packed up her car and drove straight there ... but what make of car did she have at th time?! (FYI - Check out her website Biography for the answer!)

Send us your answers and if you're correct you'll be in the running to win one of these wonderful signed CDs! Just send us an e:mail here before October 1st with your answer and the subject title CONTEST: AMY DALLEY SIGNED CDs to:

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