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Kira Morgan   (Author - 'Seduced By Destiny') Kira Morgan (Author - 'Seduced By Destiny')

A woman seeking vengeance for her mother's death.

Josselin Ancrum - a beautiful war orphan raised in a man's world - leaps at the chance to retaliate against the English by becoming a spy for the newly crowned Scots Queen Mary. But an irresistibly handsome suspect charms his way into her heart, and she's soon up to her pretty neck in royal intrigue.

A man trying to forget his father's sin.

Andrew Armstrong - a master swordsman with no appetite for battle - flees his native England to live quietly among the enemy as Highlander Drew MacAdam. But when the lovely and spirited Josselin threatens Drew's peace--stirring his blood and inviting danger, the brawny warrior can't resist coming to her rescue.

Drawn together by fate, Drew and Josselin are swept up in their growing desires and the designs of their warring queens, until they uncover the terrible secret that binds their souls.

Are these star-crossed lovers doomed by their tragic past, or will they be...Seduced by Destiny?

I recently had the opportunity to speak with author Kira Morgan about her new book, 'Seduced By Destiny,' her upcoming project, and just how much say she has on the cover art for her books.

With your new book, 'Seduced By Destiny' now out in the stores, what made you want to want to set it in 16th-century Scotland? Were there other places you had in mind that might also have worked, perhaps? "I was intrigued by the gravestone of Maid Lilliard, a brave 16th century woman killed in the Battle of Ancrum Moor in 1545, and wondered what the orphaned daughter of such a woman would be like, so I created my heroine, Josselin. Once I’d made that decision, several other elements fell into place—King Henry’s ongoing battles in the Borders, Queen Mary’s return to Scotland, the beginnings of golf, the blossoming of spy networks—to create a perfect setting for my story. I don’t think any other time and place would have allowed me to interweave such intriguing conflicts."

Despite being 'the worst spy ever,' Josselin Ancrum (a battle-trained Scottish maiden raised by warriors) takes up her sword in defense of Queen Mary. But was there anyone in particular that you modeled Ancrum on? "I enjoy “casting” my books, and I did choose an actress to portray Josselin—Reese Witherspoon. I love how Reese’s strength defies her feminine appearance, which is what I wanted for Josselin. Oddly enough, Reese is currently working on an animated film called “Brave,” where she voices a Scottish princess who wants to pursue archery!"

Being that 'Seduced By Destiny' brings up the history of the game of golf in quite a manner that I've never read before - within the pages of a historical romance novel, at least - what made you do such a thing in the first place? "Sometimes I think I write on a dare! There’s nothing like a good challenge, and it was fun creating a different sort of hero from the usual claymore-swinging warrior. I also enjoyed giving a nod to Scotland as the “birthplace” of golf, since Queen Mary was instrumental in popularizing the sport there in the 16th century."

'Seduced By Destiny' doesn't offer the same level of mystery as its predecessor, but it isn't without some suspense. Was this a conscious decision made on your part, perhaps? "I love surprises—twists and turns that catch me (and the reader) off-guard. Sometimes those twists come in the form of unexpected character traits. Sometimes they come through unanticipated actions. And sometimes they sneak into the plot. I don’t actively decide to incorporate mystery into my stories, but if it suggests itself, I’ll definitely include it."

Your book also delivers plenty of historical depth and romance, but what is it about the coupling of those two that makes for good storytelling to you? "Emotions are what bring history to life for me. I don’t want to look at a rusty sword in a museum. I want to watch a knight wield it in battle, defending his beloved. Emotions are the constant throughout history, what connects us to the past, and of course, there’s no touchstone more powerful than love."

Now 'Seduced By Destiny' is out, what is next for you? "I’ve just finished a novel loosely based on “The Canterbury Tales,” but set in 14th century Scotland. The heroine is fleeing an abusive bridegroom, the hero is in exile for a crime he didn’t commit, and they meet on an adventurous and irreverent pilgrimage to St. Andrews."

Finally, as these books all come with colorful, depictive covers to them, I was wondering if you ever got a say on what the final artwork will look like each time your books are published? And, with that in mind, is there a cover of yours that you have just not been happy with, perhaps? "I always send in photos of my characters, but after that, I have little input on the cover art. In fact, I didn’t see the cover for SEDUCED BY DESTINY until it was already printed! Fortunately, my publisher contracts with talented artists who know what sells, so I’ve been blessed with good covers."

Interviewed by: Russell A. Trunk

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