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Game Reviews
'Metroid Fusion'
Offered By Target
(Game Boy Advance / ASIN: B00006M3R6 / Rated 'E' / $25.88)

Features:Side-scrolling action game where you can scour a research facility to eliminate the deadly X parasites. You can build Samus's health and power by absorbing defeated parasites. Unlock special features in 'Metroid Prime' (Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance cable required). For 1 player.

Description:In 'Metroid Fusion,' Samus Aran returns in a nonstop, action-packed side-scrolling game in which her toughest enemy turns out to be herself. While on her way to explore a strange alien planet, her spaceship is attacked by a mysterious life form. A parasitic creature attacks Samus and begins to gnaw at her body.

Verdict:This is the fourth 'Metroid' game that followed the highly acclaimed 'Super Metroid.' This was my first Metroid game and I was very pleased. The game has great level design, grapics are fantastic, and the sound isn't bad. There were some pretty difficult puzzles, a lot of secret passages that get very annoying and the whole game takes place on a space lab. But the levels vary dramaticaly, from arctic habitats to volcanic, giving variation. There's the find a new weapon, backtrack use it, and advance sort of pattern. It's about every time you defeat one of the many bosses that you get an awesome powerup, like stronger weapons; plasma beam, space jump, etc. The bosses are huge, and the graphics are amazing. But the main problem with this game was that it was short. All good things have to end right? But it took me 6-8 hours first time through, it recorded 4:30 but it doesn't count the superb cutscenes, map, pause, etc. I'm pretty much now a Metroid fan, this will please anyone willing to pay for quality, but don't expect a very long adventure !
'Speed' Geist