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Game Reviews
'Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich'
By: Vivendi Universal Interactive Publishing
(Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Me / ASIN: B0006ZB0ZS / Rated: T / $39.99)

Features: Vastly improved multiplayer, including several completely new modes you help Freedom Force save the world from the evil axis powers. It includes a brand new chapter in the ever-expanding Freedom Force universe and features 6 new playable heroes from 2 distinct eras of comic books. It also comes complete with a hoard of new villains bent on world domination; radically enhanced graphics.

Description: New threats call for new heroes to rise. As Nuclear Winter returns with a new ploy to destroy Freedom Force and the free world, three new silver age heroes, Tombstone, Green Genie, and Quetzacoatl, step up to help thwart evil. When the "Pesky Ruskie's" plan unfurls, Freedom Force find themselves transported to war-torn Europe circa WWII! The team will have to make an alliance with Sky King, Black Jack, and Tricolour, three Golden Age heroes willing to sacrifice everything to save the world from the evil axis powers.

Verdict: This game is pretty much the same as the original 'Freedom Force,' but they added new interesting characters, and the graphics are much better. As for Multiplayer there are a several new maps and match modes. I wish they had added Co-Op team mode in Multiplayer so friends could play on the same team. We can only hope to see that in the next version or an expansion. A friend and I played it for a few hours and we couldn't get over how much it was like the original. We buy multiplayers games at least monthly and we have at least 20 games we play regularly. We were slightly disappointed because no Co-Op teaming with your friends against AI heroes is included. Let's face it teaming with your friends on the internet and matching up against AI heroes would be a blast. It is still fun to battle each other, but I'm looking forward to a Co-Op player mode. Players of the original will probably still enjoy it because of the upgrades and if you don't have the first one then by all means rush out and buy this one since it is great fun. You will enjoy building heroes and battling your friends on the internet or playing by yourself in single player. These are perfectly realized comic book heroes against everybody's favorite bad guys ... who could ask for anything more?! Well, save for that Co-Op stuff, of course!

Reviewed by Clive Luster

CLICK HERE to watch a Trailer for 'Freedom Force Vs. The Third Reich' using Windows Media!