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Game Reviews
'Duel Masters: Sempai Legends'
By: Atari
(Game Boy Advance / ASIN: B0000V479O / Rated: E / $29.88)

Features: 'Duel Masters: Sempai Legends' takes you into the world of the Duel Masters. Start building a dueling deck and battle it out in this fun, challenging anime-style strategy card game! Practice and play with over 180 unique cards - summon powerful creatures, cast unbeatable spells and unleash devastating attacks on opponents. Enter several dueling tournaments and earn a high ranking, while winning access to new & more powerful cards. Play head-to-head against opponents through a GameLink cable, and prove yourself a true Kaijudo Master.

Description: Now is your chance to become a true Kaijudo Master with 'Duel Masters: Sempai Legends' for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance system! Build the ultimate fighting deck to summon powerful creatures, cast unbeatable spells and unleash devastating attacks to blast through your opponent's shields. Never give up, trust yourself and if you play hard, you can't lose! Though play focuses on the card game, there is a recurring story throughout. You must recover a super-powerful card stolen from you by a mysterious stranger! Advance far enough and you'll get it back. The game includes the Duel Masters base set as well as the Evo-Crushinators of Doom expansion. Trade cards with friends using the GameLink cable. Build the best deck and rule!

Verdict: This game and it's rad! I'm a huge fan of the cards so now being able to play it on my GameBoy is cool! I also like that I can trade my cards linking to my friends. Be sure to check out the Trading Center in every town you visit because you can trade cards and even do special trades. It's also cool that the game includes Evo-Crushinators of Doom cards and the set offers evolution creatures!.

All that aside though, the actual game is deeper than 'Yu-Gi-Oh' and can be considered an easier version of 'Magic The Gathering'. (FYI: The same people make 'Magic' and 'Duel Masters') There aren't a lot of wasted cards like in 'Yu-Gi-Oh' and there are a lot more strategy to the game. As for the video game itself, it is set up like 'YGO: The Sacred Cards', but the quest is longer and plays out a lot like a 'Pokemon' game. Graphics are so-so. Sound is pleasant. The only big complaint I have is with the text used in the game. It is very small and blocky, making it difficult to read some things, especially dialogue.

Mark Schmidt