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Game Reviews
'Master of Orion 3'
By: Infogrames Ent.
(Windows 98,Me, XP / ASIN: B00005Y4Q0 / Rated: T / $49.99)

Features:Explore a vast galaxy, expand your interstellar empire, exploit planetary resources, exterminate rivals, and experience deep turn-based strategic gameplay. Explore rich solar systems, complete with jump lanes, worm holes and hostile alien races. Play one of 16 unique star-faring races or create your own custom race. Dynamic Galaxy Generation ensures that no two games are ever the same. Colossal space battles with beautiful real-time tactical combat keeps play moving at a brisk pace. Trade technology, make and break treaties, demand tribute and propose Bills in the Orion Senate.

Description:Through game devices that add character, story, and plot to familiar strategy play mechanics, 'MOO3' delivers the grandeur and richness of an epic space opera - not in the guise of a traditional book, movie, or TV show, but in the medium of a game experience.

Verdict:This game was a disaster! I have waited with great anticipation for the sequel of 'MOO2' to come out. I bought it the first day it was available. Immediately I realized that the graphics are pre-1995, which is survivable if the game is challenging, and well laid out. The game features, play and feel like the development team ran out of their budget about 2 years too soon. Some features such as democracy, spying, and technology are more primitive than 'MOO2.' Some say that if you give it time that one will learn to love the game. This is a fallacy. What happens is that one plays it, then one tries all the "mods" to make it more challenging, then one realizes that the game is flawed beyond enjoyability, then one gives up all hope of ever playing it again! This game certainly will not win a "Game of the Year" award!
'Speed' Geist