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Game Reviews
'Grand Theft Auto: Vice City'
By: Rockstar Games
(PlayStation 2 / ASIN: B0000696CZ / SKN: 070028 / $49.99)

Features: Follow-up to Grand Theft Auto 3, set in the 80s and with more freedom of movement than ever before.

Description:'Vice City,' the highly anticipated follow-up to 2001's 'Grand Theft Auto III,' promises to take the crime-does-pay concept to new heights, this time in a glamorous and corrupt 1980s seaside town called Vice City, inspired by the TV series Miami Vice. The developer, Rockstar Games, also acknowledges Scarface and other violent '80s films as inspiration. If parents need even more warning that the M (for Mature) rating on this game is to be taken very seriously: do not let anyone under 17 anywhere near this game.

Verdict:I had purchased 'GTA 3' last year and after I finished that game, I couldn't wait for the next one. After I bought this I immediately started playing. I was hoping this game wasn't a repetitive edition of 'GTA 3' and it wasn't. The first thing I noticed were the more in depth storylines. The storylines in this game were a lot more deep than they were in 'GTA 3.' In this game you run a lot more errans for people before getting into the deeper missions which gives gameplayers the chance to look around 'Vice City' and get familiar with it. This really did me a favor. Secondly, there are a lot more ways to earn quick cash in this game such as pizza delivery man. Taxi and ambulance missions also return as favorites. What made these quick cash missions even more enjoyable was the many entertaining radio stations. VCPR and KChat really let the style of the 80's shine through as the talk on these stations was humorous and attempted to deal with the problems of the decade. The music stations were also in the 80's style with such artists featured as Micheal Jackson and many others singing 80's hits. What also surprised me were the many challenging missions that I thought would be just like the ones in 'GTA 3.' Wrong! These missions really keep gamers on there toes. Lastly, one thing that was missing in 'GTA 3' was the fact the gamer was not allowed to go into buildings. Well this time you are able to go into clubs and Malls. On the downside of things, the only thing that I found the game was missing was the place to save your car but that really won't affect gameplay. Overall, this is a game that anybody can get into. You don't even have to be a pure adventure gamer to enjoy this title. Trust me, if you miss out on this title, you will miss a whole new gaming experience.
'Speed' Geist