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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Doc Martin, Series 3'
(Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / (2007) 2010 / Acorn Media)

Overview: Dr. Martin Ellingham (Martin Clunes, Men Behaving Badly) is brilliant, dedicated, and highly efficient. Hes also brusque, abrasive, and terrified of blood. Once a successful London surgeon, hes now a GP in the idyllic Cornish fishing village of Portwenn, where hes every bit as eccentric as the villagers he serves - here in this third season of the hit British TV series.

DVD: In the first episode of Season 3, 'The Apple Doesn't Fall,' Doc Martin (Clunes) deals with the case of a young portly girl who can't seem to sit still for five seconds - and this also includes her car surfing up and down the high street too! The relationship between Martin and Louisa is as strained as ever, but the black comedy issues between then are still priceless. A new police constable, Joe Penhale, arrives in Portwenn but seems to have a peculiar medical condition of his own - the sleep disorder, Narcolepsy! (Note: For the record, I hate this new poiceman character!) Episode 2, 'Movement,' sees Pauline away for a couple days on a blood taking exam, and so Martin gets a new receptionist in the shape of the lovely, albeit dumb as a box of rocks, Poppy. centering around the female population of Portwenn, and their sexual appetites therein, it's a nice pace to see Bert Large take Martin's advice to change his lifestyle - although him then becoming (almost instantly!) his own restauranter wasn't quite what the Doc had ordered! Add to that a bout of (thought to be) food poisoning and well, not all goes according to plan on Bert's opening night!

Episode 3, 'City Slickers,' finds both Martin and Louisa still trying to develop something of relationship, but their plan for dinner is again disrupted this time by Louisa's quirky (oh my God, sooooo annoying) new neighbors. Some bad goofs are seen here, continuity wise, as one minute they lean on Lousia's back deck balcony and the tide is full in, the next it is full out! Anyhoo, a bout of vandalizim on cars is a sub plot here too, but all roads soon lead back to Rome, one way or another! Oh, and PC Penhale reveals yet ANOTHER medical problem of his! In episode 4, 'The Admirer,' Martin confirms to his aunt Joan that she suffers from osteoporosis. Which she then quickly refutes, and starts having a relationship with someone much, much younger than herself! Martin himself then gains his own female admirer, but soon buggers that up by running over her dog (in a HORRIBLE scene - watch with the sound OFF!!), and handing it over to her like a portion of newspaper-wrapped fish and chips!

Episode 5, 'The Holly Bears a Prickle,' shows us that perhaps Martin and Louisa can succeed in having a disaster-free date - here in the form of an open air concert - but after Louisa kisses Martin, well, he does his usual foot-in-mouth schtick and they are back to square one! Pauline's gambling habit is getting worse and worse, and everyone is blind to it - except the Doc. As an accident happens to one of Lousia's friends, the Doc comes rushing, saves the day, and after a brief moment of pause upon leaving, turns to ask her to marry him - which she accepts!

In the 6th episode, 'Nowt So Queer,' the news of Martin and Louisa's engagement spreads throughout Portwenn quickly, courtesy of Dave the postman. And, with the only date open at the local church to wed them being less than three weeks away, there is much to do. But, as things will never run smoothly for the Doc, there's also a sudden outbreak of a respiratory infection in the village. Martin then mixes with two very odd sisters, before doing his own bout of detective work - uncovering the mad scientist in the basement! Or, as he calls her upon the discovery, "spooky old bat!".

The final season-ending episode, 'Happily Ever After,' is just one cock-up after another! I mean, sure, Martin and Louisa's wedding day is finally upon us, and sure everyone is excited, but the fact that every manner of person wishes to have a medical complaint that day, well, seems to turn this show's episode into a farce, sadly. Aside from those at his practise, Al and Bert Large are providing the catering, but run into a major plumbing problem at the restaurant and have to make alternate arrangements - which include an outdoor tent that just won't stay up; the florist is arrested for trying to steal a bicycle, leaving all the flowers in his shop window; Martin has an argument with the drunken vicar, helps him fall over, and then has to locate another vicar for the day; Lousia's bridesmaid, Isobel Brown, fires a popper into her right eye, oh and then goes into labor; and, trust me, there's a few more that get crammed into this 55 minute episode! So, the big question is, can the couple survive all the disasters and still meet up at the alter, or will all not end well ... watch and see! (FYI - The season is dedicated to Carrie Hilton, who was a casting director for the show, and died too early with liver/bowel cancer aged just 28.) This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.66:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

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