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Ghost Canyon

'Double Feature: Eye See You / Reach Me'
(Sylvester Stallone, Tom Berenger, Robert Patrick, Jeffrey Wright, Stephen Lang, et al / DVD / R / 2019 / MVD Marque Collection)

Overview: Sylvester Stallone brings the heat (and the cold, funnily enough!) in this action-packed double feature: 'Eye See You' and 'Reach Me.'

DVD: First up is 'Eye See You' (2002), where action superstar Sylvester Stallone (Rocky, Rambo), stars as lead detective, Jake Malloy, being stalked by a serial killer, who is asked to check into a clinic treating law enforcement officials who can't face their jobs.

This action packed thriller from director Jim Gillespie features and all-star supporting cast that includes Tom Berenger, Charles Dutton, Sean Patrick Flanery, Robert Patrick, Courtney B. Vance, Jeffrey Wright, Dina Meyer, Stephen Lang and Kris Kristofferson.

In a movie that was always called 'De-Tox' until it was shelved by Universal for 4 years and then thrown straight out onto DVD, what we get is a plain and simple whodunnit that also contains a fair few shock and awe moments too.

A serial killer who was stopped from murdering prostitutes by a determined Federal Agent Jack Molloy (Stallone), take up killing policemen instead, just to get under Agent Molloy's skin.

The killer goes as far as murdering his live-in girlfriend Mary, Dina Meyer, as Jack is forced to listen in on the phone helplessly and being unable to save her drives him to have a nervous breakdown.

Becoming an alcoholic and suicidal Molloy finally agrees to be sent to a De-tox center in the wilds of Wyoming at an old underground command post converted into a hospital for burned-out and severely depressed law enforcement officers.

Molloy feeling that he'll get help for his mental illness as well as much needed rest at the center soon realizes that the killer who made his life hell and put him there in the first place is there himself impersonating a burnt out police officer!

The movie keep the audience guessing to who the killer is as he knocks off the policemen at the center as well as the attendants that work there one by one.

It's true that 'Eye See You' is a little unconvincing in certain aspects of how things play out, especially like when the killer is finally revealed towards the end of the film you almost forgot what the movie was all about in the first place to really care!

In closing, tensions run high in the center as the temperature drops below zero and Malloy and the other 9 patients struggle to adapt to life without alcohol (before they get bumped off, of course), which means this is a pretty decent wet Sunday afternoon movie.

The other movie is 'Reach Me' (2014), a mysterious author's (Tom Berenger) self-help book inspires a journalist (Kevin Connolly), his editor (Sylvester Stallone), a former convict (Kyra Sedgwick), a mobster (Kelsey Grammer) and others to re-evaluate their choices and work toward creating better lives.

This thrilling drama from writer / director John Herzfeld (Escape Plan: The Extractors) features an amazing supporting cast that includes Danny Aiello, Terry Crews, Thomas Jane, Tom Sizemore and Danny Trejo.

When a cast of stars come together, interest is, inevitably, garnered. Most people do a double take at the poster anticipating the possibilities that a powerful ensemble can bring, much like the excitement basketball fans feel when all-stars join together in the off-season to create a "super team."

However, this excitement is not without trepidation: many times have ensemble films, and for that matter "super teams," failed to reach the level of success anticipated at their conception.

There are times when everything goes right - when the cast on screen makes everything better and is not fighting over the proverbial ball.

The fundraised 'Reach Me' is a film that gets it right. Films like Crash and Two Days in the Valley (the later of which was written and directed by John Herzfeld) are good representations of the quality of 'Reach Me,' and thus any film lover should be able to appreciate what this film will bring to them.

Namely, inspiration, understanding, and a look behind the curtain at real people, who struggle and persevere like anybody else.

The story of how a self help book written by a mysterious author, which, through its strong message brings an unlikely cast of characters together, their stories interweaving and building a wonderfully moving narrative is a good one though, of that have no doubt.

These people are all rich characters who learn to and desire to better themselves. The effect wad not only felt by the characters but also by me, as I ended this viewing and got up from my sofa actually feeling rather nourished.

Furthermore, I found that I couldn't stop smiling after seeing this movie, and I really felt like I had gained something after having watched it, which I hope you all do too. This is a Widescreen Presentation ('Eye See You,' 2.35:1 - 'Reach Me,' 1.85:1), both enhanced for 16x9 TVs.