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Cherry Pop

'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 4K Ultra HD'
(Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, Andy Garcia, et al / 4K Ultra HD + Blu ray + Digital / PG-13 / 2018 / Universal Pictures Home Entertainment)

Overview: Join the celebration, sing and dance, and discover how it all began! Ten years after 'Mamma Mia! The Movie' premiered, you're invited back to the magical Greek island of Kalokairi in an all-new musical sequel based on the songs of ABBA.

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is now pregnant, and like her mother Donna (Meryl Streep), she'll need to take risks. The film's original cast returns, with new additions including Lily James as a young Donna, Andy Garcia and Oscar winner Cher.

4K Ultra HD Verdict: Universal Pictures Home Entertainment continues to expand their 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray catalog offerings this October with the release of this wondrous cinematic success, 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: Sing-Along Edition - 4K Ultra HD' on October 23rd, 2018.

For my money, this 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again: 4K Ultra HD + Blu-ray + Digital' combo pack's sharpness takes a fairly large step forward from others in their 4K Ultra HD catalog and even comes with HDR (High Dynamic Range) for the complete 4K Ultra HD experience, of course.

So, what we have is 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' presented to us as a two-disc combo pack with a sheet for a Digital HD Copy. Other stand out points you should know are: Codec: MPEG-4 AVC, Resolution: 1080p, and Original aspect ratio: 2.39:1.

Featuring Dolby Vision and HDR10 for brighter, deeper, and way more lifelike colors, as with most all 4K UHD's, everything that we watch features these qualities - but somehow, this film gloriously shines within them all.

Noticeably crisper with the overall clarity receiving an obvious boost here on this release, what's more is that it's enjoyably noticeable. For as well as some new nuances to the somewhat drab palette courtesy of Dolby Vision we also get to witness sudden bright pops of color; like in the oh-so glorious sunny beach and villa dance scenes.

Indeed, the picture enjoys the fruits of the added resolution in terms of bringing out the aforementioned extremely fine facial and some of the yellow graded material (notably some scenes where Cher is performing her numbers in the remaining sunlight of the day) now have a kind of honeyed amber appearance. Which is interesting, and at least a little different from the 1080p Blu-ray accounting.

As for the audio, well we have: English: Dolby Atmos, English: Dolby TrueHD 7.1 (48kHz, 24-bit), Spanish: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1, and French: Dolby Digital Plus 7.1.

Overall, this is a very strong 4K HDR Blu-ray presentation, and, for the most part, the audio track remains fairly similar to its DTS-HD counterpart; with much of the action occupying the surrounds with outstanding directionality and placement where effects flawlessly pan between the sides and rears.

Phew! OK, so, as for the movie itself, 'Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again' is, and without a shadow of a doubt, the #1 feelgood film of the year!

Where do I begin? I was/am a huge fan of the first 'Mamma Mia!' so the bar was set really high for this one. I unashamedly love pop music and cheesiness, so both movies are right in my wheelhouse.

'Here We Go Again' is a sequel as well as a prequel, showing us Donna's life before Sophie was born, and Sophie's life after her mother has passed on. The young versions of Sam, Bill, and Harry were recognizable and resembled the adult characters. Lily James as young Donna was perfect!

We heard the story of the three dads in the first movie, but now we are able to see how it could have happened. And then there was Cher. Oh my. She was excellent, and there was just enough of her.

Really this movie was like visiting with some old friends and catching up on each other's lives. I laughed, I cried (a lot!), and I was sorry when it ended. There are tons of inside jokes and nods to some of the best parts of the original.

The songs, ah ... my heart just kept getting broken and glued back! ABBA's music will forever be timeless. I loved that they didn't only go with the mainstream songs, but also went with some lesser know but still superb ones. I'm not one for big parties, but boy could I dance to ABBA all night long.

Cher singing "Fernando" is probably the best musical moment of the movie. I mean, Cher should be in every single movie in this world. All the cast are great but when the Goddess of Pop enter in the movie we just want to see more.

"Super Trouper" is a duet with Cher and Meryl Streep together with the backing vocals of all the cast. Listening, and watching these two undertake that song is like pure, unadulterated Heaven on the ears!

So, in closing, if you don't like camp or cheesy pop music and you can't take a good joke, you might want to stay away. If you know how to have a good time and laugh at yourself, come on over and join the party.

Anyway, that's that, for the most part, so now let's concentrate on some of the special features included. Firstly, for me, the delightful, and revealing at times 'Deleted/Extended Scenes & Songs' is a stand out highlight here.

Chock full of fun scenes that, sure, don't add anything to the path the plot was taking at that time, but are well worth viewing now as extras! The 'Mamma Mia! Reunited' Featurette is a right royal doozy as cast members from the original come back to meet each other back on the new set for the sequel/prequel!

But, and trust me when I say this, it is SO much more than just handshakes and back slaps as the director herself fully admits in this 4 minute special that it took 10 years to come together as they didn't think there was another movie there to explore in the first place!

People like Firth admit that when he got the call to return he mulled it over, before he realized he would get to see all his old friends again ... and get paid! And as Bronson admits, he's just glad that they are all still alive! This is a Widescreen Presentation (2.39:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs via 1080p and comes with the Special Features of:

Enhanced Sing-Alongs
Deleted/Extended Scenes & Songs
Mamma Mia! Reunited
Playing Donna Featurette
Costumes and the Dynamos
Curtain Call
The Story
Today Interview with Cher & Judy Craymer
And More!

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