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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Black Sails - The Complete Collection'
(Toby Stephens, Hannah New, Luke Arnold, Jessica Parker Kennedy, Tom Hopper, et al / 12-Disc Blu-ray+Digital / NR / 2018 / Lionsgate Films)

Overview: Relive four seasons of the action and adventure on the high seas when Michael Bay’s 'Black Sails: The Complete Collection' arrives on Blu-ray™ (plus Digital) and DVD October 16th from Lionsgate.

Blu-ray Verdict: Being a HUGE fan of 'Black Sails' I was SO glad when it first aired because we FINALLY had been given a pirate show we could sink our teeth into!

Because, well, come on now, pirates were pretty bad people, not like Captain Jack Sparrow or Captain Pugwash! They, quite literally, terrorized anyone and everyone and everything and made the Caribbean a no-go area for many years.

Luckily for pirate lovers my meself, 'Black Sails' has all the nasties in one place: Charles Vane, Flynt, Rackham and Ned Low. All horrifically violent individuals intent on causing whatever harm was necessary to get their prize (and enjoying it along the way, might I add!).

So, season one was highly enjoyable, but the show really came into its own (in my humble opinion) in season two. The effects, sets, action, sex and brutality was all significantly increased.

Indeed, lovers of Spartacus, Rome and Vikings will be in their element here and as much as the dialogue isn't exactly that of Shakespeare, why should it be? Come on now, it's all a massive guilty pleasure to watch from the off so why pick holes in some of the script (like others have that have watched it with me - but only once, believe you me!).

Regardless of all that, as no show spread over four seasons is going to be classified as flawless all ends up, when a show is this entertaining all we care about is getting more!

From the bad ass Captain Flint (Toby Stephens) to the nefarious Charles Vane (Zach McGowan), every character feels impactful. Remember, this is very much a show about anti-heroes so you will find yourself rooting for the bad guys more often than not. I tip my cap to all the actors involved, as the central cast does a truly fantastic job.

A fantastic, exciting, well-acted historical drama with a healthy dose of swashbuckling moments, a GREAT triumph for the creators, by the end of the fourth season I was stunned, gutted and utterly upset, that it was all over.

You really become attached to these characters throughout the seasons, which to me is a sign of great character development. In fact, 'Black Sails' did it better than almost any show out there, matched only by the very best that have come before it down the years.

Sure, there's the expected sex, violence, nudity and profanity, but not for one moment is this gratuitous and uncalled for in the specific style and genre of this period piece.

The amazing sets, costumes and general attention to intricate detail is astounding and I believe, quite unique and unexpected for original cable television production.

As for a more detailed look at each season and without trying to give anything too serious away, in Season One, the plot revolves around Captain Flint's hunt for Spanish treasure galleon Urca de Lima. Add to it the politics of Nassau town and rivalry between different crews and we get to see how a pirate's life looked at the time.

In Season Two, when things really started to hit the ground running, besides Flint and his crew, we got to learn more about all the other pirate characters. Also, we finally get to know about Flint's past and what fuels him.

Admittedly, most of the episodes were set on boats in thunderstorms, chock full of dark turmoils, but that's the whole ambiance of being a pirate, now isn't it, me heartys! Oh, and keep an eye well open for the mind blowing finale!

In Season Three, the show continues its great roll and brings in a new plot, theme, and even some more characters for us to delve into - which only increases the treacherous high seas stakes in an appropriate manner, of course.

This season the pirates come together to fight against the British Empire and legends are made. Black Beard and Governor Woodes Rogers are introduced and the turning of Silver into Long John Silver was truly a marvel to behold.

In the fourth, and sadly final season, the masterpiece ends somewhat perfectly; albeit maybe a wee bit all too perfectly for my liking. Anyway, and ultimately, the season/series ends with the bells ringing to bring a close to the Golden Age of Piracy.

In closing, 'Black Sails' is a binge-righteous series so go out and buy this wondrous Blu-ray+Digital box-set today and find that out for yourselves! These are all Widescreen Presentations (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Season 1:
"Black Sails": An inside Look
Dressed to Kill
Pirate Camp
Folklore Is Finished
A Place in History
Building the Behemoth

Season 2:
Inside the World of "Black Sails"
Man O'War
Expanding Worlds
High Seas Action History's Influence

Season 3:
Season Two Recap
Blackbeard: An 18th Century Pirate
The Storm
A Pirate's Last Words
Woodes Rogers
Inside the World of "Black Sails"

Season 4:
Inside the World of "Black Sails"
Creating the World
Roundtable: Women in Piracy
Roundtable: The Legends of Treasure Island
Roundtable: Fearless Fans

'Black Sails - The Complete Collection' Blu-ray+Digital Purchase Link