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Ghost Canyon

'The Gifted - The Complete First Season'
(Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, et al / 3-DVD / NR / 2018 / 20th Century Fox)

Overview: 'The Gifted - The Complete First Season' contains all 12 episodes from season one of the action drama following a group of mutants as they fight to achieve co-existence with 'regular' humans.

DVD Verdict: To be very honest (which is also my job to be, of course) this is one of the better mutant TV shows I've seen; but then again, that's not saying too much.

The representation of powers and hype behind these mini X-men is interesting to watch, to say the least. But the writing is what really throws it all into the ground, sadly.

Everything must be politically correct and every problem must be a close call that has some family learned lesson involved.

Every episode in the first season is just showing the kids getting stronger, learning how to cope and accept their super powers, while the parents say the same thing every episode about how this is a parents worst nightmare and such.

In fact, the cast is quickly reduced to regular humans that sometimes use CGI lights to run their way out of trouble! We saw much the same thing in 'Inhumans' and again in 'Heroes Reborn,' but it seems that malarkey is not played out yet.

The episodes will, and can feel like they are on repeat from how the stories have been told so many times in both TV shows and movies alike of this kin and genre.

The attempts at back stories for the mutants is shallow and does little to strengthen the story. So where, might you ask, is that good Marvel story waiting to get out?

Well, sure, there is a plot twist that kind of ties some characters found in Marvel comics to some main characters here, but it's going to take a mighty set of Chinese handcuffs to weave that together now.

Several of the mutants have pretty unique abilities, and some of minor plot lines have nothing to do with the boring family drama plot that drags every episode it touches down!

Myself, well, I honestly believe those just-noted Von Strucker parents are the weakest link in the show and it needs to be patched up quickly. But the rewriting of everyone in the show is not far behind, so maybe the producers of Season 2 need to have a massive rethink right about now!

I mean, "Blink" joins the Mutant Underground in the very first episode as a young mutant on the run from the law. Sooooo, why didn't they just make her the main character given that her story line seems to be the only one that's interesting anyway!

So, if you can get past the cheesy one-liners, the endless bouts of over sensitive, lowbrow clichéd writing, weak CGI, then 'The Gifted' is definitely passable. These are all Widescreen Presentations (1.78:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and it comes with the Special Features of:

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