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Ghost Canyon

'Swamp Monsters: Season 1'
(DVD / NR / 2015 / Cinedigm)

Overview: The hunter becomes the hunted each time the Bayou Enforcement Agency for Supernatural Threats (B.E.A.S.T.) wades deep into the heart of the Louisiana swamps. But still they search whether for the infamous pack of Grunch lurking in the middle of the swamp, the notorious 400-pound Honey Island Swamp Monster, or the Cajun werewolf known as Rougarou B.E.A.S.T. will not stop until they have tracked down, proven the existence of, and eliminated the threat posed by these illusive creatures.

DVD Verdict: In all honesty, the guys in 'Swamp Monsters' all seem likable, and they explain what monster they're looking for, like the Grunch (pilot episode), but the background music needs to go, sorry! It's just too distracting, and it's not even a haunting theme, which would make the overall episode more serious. The locals with whom they spoke gave very much of a tongue-in-cheek type attitude about the "creature," which also robbed the episode of any sort of seriousness. The old woman especially when she said laughingly that she actually fed the Grunch. IF it exists, and that's not probable, it's more like a wolf than some terrifying beast that needs to be dispatched ASAP!

Of course, the cast themselves say things trying to add some realism to their view of the Grunch existing, such as when they find a dog's skeleton close to a swamp, they say it was probably dragged out there against it's will. Upon what are they basing that? When dogs get lost in the forest, they wander around, and if they die, their remains lay where they died. Nothing they found pointed to the animal being dragged out there against its will or even killed. It was simply a dog's skeleton. The only investigation they did was to pick up the skull, look at it, and based on that, something must've killed it. That's not even close to conclusive proof of anything, except that the dog is dead!

Anyway, they continue onward and find animal droppings with hair in it, and they claim a Grunch is the only thing that could've come from, even though they have no idea what Grunch droppings look like, since they are mythical creatures! The trap they made that could hold a person, somehow the Grunch is able to grab the chicken from inside, but the animal escapes. Come on. Fake. The animation they used to show what they think the Grunch looked like appeared as a rabid Doberman. I kid you not!

In conclusion, don't read anything of any seriousness into 'Swamp Monsters', as the Grunch is just one "animal" that they set out to discover the truth of beyond the folklore. The others are the Honey Island Swamp Monster and the Cajun Werewolf! Hey, here's a thought: What they should do is take the money they have been given for this series and draft a fun monster movie! We horror fans would appreciate that. Honestly! This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.