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'In Search Of Aliens: Season One'
(Giorgio A. Tsoukalos / 3-DVD / NR / 2014 / LGF)

Overview: From the producers of 'Ancient Aliens: Season One,' 'In Search of Aliens' follows Ancient Astronaut theorist Giorgio A. Tsoukalos as he explores the world's most ancient mysteries.

DVD Verdict: 'In Search of Aliens,' hosted by Tsoukalos (long-time contributor to and producer of Ancient Aliens) seems to be doing much the same thing as the path followed in 'Ancient Aliens,' to be quite frank. Not that I dislike one over the other, but some wires do get crossed, some paths retrodden here, for sure.

That said, here in 'In Search Of Aliens' each individual episode of the program is much more specific in its focus. Episode One follows Tsoukalos around the Mediterranean in search of the lost city of Atlantis. Described in detail by the Greek philosopher and mathematician Plato in a pair of early works, the Atlantis civilization supposedly was enormously wealthy and extremely technologically advanced, but it disappeared virtually overnight and its exact location has never convincingly been pinpointed.

Sounds like a mystery that Tsoukalos would want front and center, so yup, we're quickly off and running on this quest for the truth behind the Atlantis legend. So, that takes him from Greece (where the story originated) to a potential location in Silves, Portugal and back to the Greek island of Santorini. During this journey, Tsoukalos interviews several experts who offer up their explanations of where Atlantis actually was located and what happened to it, and he also examines some interesting relics – including a so-called “Cosmic Egg” in Portugal.

Probably the biggest difference between 'In Search Of Aliens' and its obvious inspiration 'Ancient Aliens' is that 'In Search Of Aliens' plays more like a travelogue at times than a more wide-reaching documentary. This opening episode literally followed Tsoukalos on a zigzag course across the Mediterranean, and the somewhat flashier production afforded to this show ensures that the program had some breathtaking landscape photography including a few awe-inspiring aerial shots.

I rather liked the history and explanation of various legends relating to Atlantis that were provided in the show, and to some extent was surprised that this program almost used the whole alien connection as a sort of afterthought. As might be expected, Tsoukalos makes a few fleeting, ominous references to the Anunnaki (mysterious Sumerian deities) and the Sumerian Kings List, but 'In Search Of Aliens' surprisingly seems a bit more rooted in reality - or at least plausibility, rather than wild conjecture. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.