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Ghost Canyon

'Scott & Bailey: Season Two'
(Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / 2014 / BBC America)

Overview: The thrilling investigative drama 'Scott & Bailey' returns for a second season of serious crimes and complex personal struggles. This season Janet and Rachel deal with the brutal murders of two men whilst at the same time each dealing with pressures on the home front.

DVD Verdict: In all truth, I couldn't stop until I'd watched all eight episodes in a row on this incredible DVD! Suranne Jones and Lesley Sharp give a brilliant performance alongside the other cast. I loved that it's one of a few stories set from women's point of view, dealing with the professional and personal issues.

I think we should have more of that. I can't judge if the work of police was shown true to life, but it definitely seemed more realistic than the 'bang-bang case-solved!' sort of shows. 'Scott & Bailey' has cross-cutting plot lines, which also makes it more interesting to watch. Plus Jones, above all really puts herself abut when chasing criminals! Wow, does this girl run, duck, dive, thump!

We open with a comical bathroom scene between Scott, Bailey and their boss, DCI Gill Murray. The latter is going over an upcoming court speech she has to make, whilst showing a great amount of nerves. The girls neither help or hinder the situation come the end, but it sands alone as the perfect re-introduction back into this new season.

So, at the same time as the duo deal with the brutal murders of two men, Janet splits with her husband and struggles to run her family without his support. Rachel is invited to work on a high profile case with her boss DCI Gill Murray. Played, as always, in rather fine form by Amelia Bullmore, elsewhere, Rachel's wayward brother turns up on her doorstep. But, can Rachel trust him?

In these interweaving episodes, which I'll have you know in season four (now appearing on UK TV) they have changed to one episode, one story format, after the initial victim is identified as loner Darren Rigby; a man into child porn, a second body is soon discovered - that of married man, Keith Fleming.

In one funny scene - as you have to have them involved due to the subject matter balance - Scott asks Bailey, "Why would you put a dog collar around someone's neck and set fire to them?", to which she calmly replies, "Well, if you're a psychopathic nutter, why wouldn't you?". In other scenes the phone conversations between the aforementioned DCI Gill Murray and her female Pathologist are just HILARIOUS to "listen in on." Moving on and Rachel resumes an affair with old flame Sean Nadia Hicks, the last person to see Darren alive, but when a further victim turns out to be Nadia's brother, Janet persuades her to expose a gang who prey on men's sexual weaknesses. I cannot really tell you much more as all these plot points add up sooner rather than later and so you have to just watch for yourself.

I guess, just know that Rachel has had three boyfriends so far: the last one being Geoff Hastings, a breezy male chauvinist who never listens and thinks she wants decisions taken for her; the previous one, barrister Nick Savage, is a psychotic womanizer and possible killer, and now she has a young, devoted to her cop, P.C. Sean McCartney (played by Sean Maguire).

Indeed, Scott and Bailey are surrounded by men none of whom are worthy of lacing their shoes, some of whom may well be incapable of lacing their own shoes, as it happens!

Neither Scott nor Bailey is an angel, sure, but it's not often you get something like this on the TV when you are glued for an hour. Indeed, Bailey come the end of the episodes is battered, beaten bloody red, black and blue; her face a right mess. And yet, the fact that such realism is brought forth on TV, it still manages to leave you wanting more. My husband and I sat for nearly an hour after discussing this last episode of season two and I have to say, we're still divided on the moral aspects that dwell within it. I hope you all are too. This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Feature of:

Behind the Scenes Featurette