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Cherry Pop

'Birdman and the Galaxy Trio: The Complete Series'
(Keith Andes, Don Messick, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / (1967) 2007 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: The character of Space Ghost is best known as an arch talk show host on the Cartoon Network's SPACE GHOST COAST TO COAST series. But Space Ghost was originally a bona fide cartoon superhero, appearing in a two-season CBS show titled SPACE GHOST & DINO BOY. COAST TO COAST characters such as Moltar, Brak, and Zorak also originate from these 1960s cartoons, which came from the Hanna-Barbera stable. This title includes every episode from the original SPACE GHOST & DINO BOY seasons.

DVD Verdict: So who or what is Birdman exactly? Birdman is actually Ray Randall (both Ray Randall and Birdman were voiced by Keith Andes who committed suicide in 2005) who, after getting in good with Ra, the Sun God, found himself with the ability to shoot rays of solar energy out of his hands. He also developed the uncanny ability to surround himself with rays of solar energy that act as a force-field and protect him from harm. If that weren't cool enough, Ray can also grow giant white feathered wings out of his back that allow him to fly under his own power. Along with a trained giant purple eagle named Avenger, Ray (as Birdman) works for a secret government branch as an officially sanctioned crime fighter! Seeing as Birdman's powers are completely related to his exposure to the sun, they are solar powered after all, he periodically has to break to recharge himself but aside from that, he's a pretty tough dude. His powers certainly prove to be a good thing when he continues to find himself put up against dastardly villains such as Number One, Morto, Vulturo and Doctor Millennium.

Alongside Avenger, however, Birdman also receives help from Falcon 7 (voiced by the legendary Don Messick of Scooby-Doo) who is the man he directly reports to at the government agency that employs him (and who hangs out in a volcano a lot), and a boy named Birdboy (voiced by Dick Beals of The Jetsons). Birdboy was the only survivor of a shipwreck. Birdman saved his life by using his abilities to recharge his vitals and as such, he received some of Birdman's solar powers. Using some keen mechanical wings, he too is able to fly and his powers allow him to help Birdman out of more than a few sticky situations. The series would also introduce Birdgirl after fourteen episodes, but she didn't really stick around all that long. This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:
Birdman: The Forgotten Hero Documentary