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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2-Disc Blu-ray)'
(Adriana Caselotti, Roy Atwell, Lucille LaVerne, et al / 3-Disc DVD / G / (1937) 2009 / Disney)

Overview: No film in history has captured the worlds imagination like Walt Disneys first full-length animated masterpiece. Through astonishing Blu-ray high definition technology, experience this timeless classic in its most spectacular presentation ever! With an all-new, state-of-the-art digital restoration and Disney Enhanced High Definition sound, the breathtaking animation and unforgettable music of the most revered Disney film of all time will enthrall you like never before!

DVD Verdict: As Disney's first feature length film Snow White stands out as a timeless classic. The story is about how jealousy and vanity can consume and destroy a person to the point where they would kill those who stand in their way. The moral however is about how outer beauty cannot hide inner ugliness and that the most beautiful person is one who is beauty on the inside as well as outside. Here you go world, Disney's first princess movie.

As I suggested this movie is about beauty and jealousy. Snow White is a princess and she has a hatred-filled stepmother. Her stepmother has run out of tolerance for Snow White because she has surpassed her as the fairest of them all and must be killed. The huntsman she hires to do the job can't bring himself to do it and tells Snow White to run away, which she does.

She runs away and finds the house that belongs to the Seven Dwarfs, Sleepy, Sneezy, Happy, Grumpy, Doc, Bashful, and Dopey. Snow White, along with her furry animal friends, cleans their tiny house in the hopes that they will let her stay, which of course they do. Now seven men living in one house and who work in a mine don't have much time to cook and clean, what else can you expect from seven bachelors? So, Snow White doing all the house work helps out immensely.

So Snow White hides out there for a while. The Queen in the meantime finds out that Snow White is still alive and plans to kill her herself, but first she has to disguise herself and make a poison apple that contains the Sleeping Death poison. The Queen disguised shows up at the cottage (yet another example of why you shouldn't take anything from strangers) and Snow White takes a bite of the apple and isn't really dead, but looks dead.

The only way to get her to wake is love's first kiss. She already has a love so all that was needed was for Prince Charming to find her. He finds her and kisses her and she miraculously wakes up.....and they all lived happily ever after.

This was the original "happily ever after" story. This movie set the bar for all fairytales and princess movies to come. This should be the first Disney movie any child watches because it is the first. Now while this movie doesn't cut it much for me anymore it was greatest thing on earth when I was five.

I still love the dwarfs especially Grumpy and Dopey. I liked Grumpy because I could relate to him and I love Dopey because he's goofy and made me laugh. I love the early animation style they used. There's just something about it, maybe it's just comforting because I grew up with it. I like how there's a main point and there's no deviation, it's very to the point, but I find that's actually very little to the story itself; it's just very short. In the end all you can say is that it is the epitome of the Disney classic fairytale.

The Blu-Ray comes couple with a DVD version of the film in this Diamond Edition release. The audio is a crystal clear 7.1 surround channel mix that almost feels like you're hearing the picture as it was during the recording phase. There's also Disney View that integrates with BD Live to provide a full-impact look at Disney's first animated feature. You get music videos, featurettes and dedicated looks back at what went into making the film. Plus, you get a sneak peek at The Princess and the Frog.

What matters most of all is the picture quality. This transfer looks like someone opened the Disney vaults and gave you a copy of the original print. There is no digital noise, artifacts, compression issues or dirt on the print. Hell, I can't think of a recent release that offers you a film that perfect.

The DVD copy included with the film packs most of the EPK and Disney Channel friendly content that's to be expected. What's going to keep this Blu-Ray disc spinning in your home theater is the Wow factor. That first Wow you get from the opening credits through the final frame of the film. This release is a revelation and it's one of the most recommended buys of the Fall. [TLA] This is a Widescreen Presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and comes with the Special Features of:

Magic Mirror
About DisneyView
Backstage Disney - Snow White Returns - (8:44)
Deleted Scenes - Two scenes that were cut out of the film. "The Soup Eating Sequence" (4:07) and the "Bed Building Sequence" (6:23)
Audio Commentary - Featuring rare recordings from Walt Disney discussing "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and audio commentary by animation historian John Canemaker.
The Princess and the Frog Sneak Peek (7:45)
"Someday My Prince Will Come" music video - (3:34) A music video featuring Tiffany Thornton (actress from Disney's "Sonny with a Chance").
Family Play - Featuring the following games: What Do You See? (Decipher the Scrambled Image), Mirror, Mirror on the Wall (Which Princess are you most like? - With BD-Live, a personal message from their favorite princess will then call them on the telephone), Jewel Jumble (Test your Matching Skills - Players put jewels from the dwarf's mine in the proper order.)
Screen Saver
Learn How to Take Your Favorite Movies on the Go - (1:01) A trailer of Disney File Disc.

Disc 2:
Backstage Disney: Hyperion Studios
The One that Started It All - (17:08) Disney's first attempt at a full-length animated feature film and how naysayers responded to the film.
Family Business - (1:57) Wilfred Jackson talks about working at Hyperion Studios
View Where it All Began - (11:41) The history of Hyperion Studios
The Story Room - Ken Anderson and Frank Thomas would talk about working with Walt Disney for "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
Five Bucks a Gag - (1:46)
In Walt's Words: The Huntsman - (3:28)
Walt's Night Prowls - (1:52)
Babes in the Woods (8:04) - Walt's interest in European stories and how "Babes in the Woods" was originally based on "Hansel & Gretel".
Stories from the Stories Room - (1:14)
Gabby, Blabby and Flabby - (1:14) A list of names in consideration for the Dwarfs.
Abandoned Concepts Gallery
Storyboard Art Gallery
The Music Room
David Hand's Dirty Trick - (1:18) How David Hand upset Walt Disney
The Music in Show White - (6:14)
The Skeleton Dance - (6:02)
Music Room Host - (:48) How staff would work together in the music room back then for Disney's animated shorts.
Art Department
The Idea Man - (1:41) Original recordings from Disney staff as they talk about the talent of Albert Hurter.
Creating the World of Snow White -(6:53)
"Music Land" - (10:15)
Visual Development Gallery
Gustav Tenggren Art Gallery
In Walt's Words: Cleaning the Cottage - (7:03) Eric Goldberg talks about Walt's favorite sketch artist. Featuring recordings of Walt Disney.
Character Design - Ward Kimball talked about how Hurter's sketches would go to character designers.
In Walt's Words: The Dwarfs - (5:49)
Color Tests Gallery
Character Design Gallery
Background and Layout
Setting the Stage - (4:04) - Don Hahn talks about staging in animation. Viewing original artwork from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
Layout Gallery
Backgrounds Gallery
Animation Department
Bringing Snow White to Life - (11:33) A featurette about the nine key animators of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
Goddess of Spring - (10:04) Andrew Stanton introduces the 1934 Silly Symphony animated short, "Goddess of Spring".
The Animators' Favorite Animators - (2:00)
Playful Pluto - (8:09) Paula Sigman introduces us to personality animation through the animated short "Playful Pluto".
Blowing Off Steam - (2:17) Milt Kahl about animators would blow off steam and the pranks they would pull on other staff members.
Animation Art Gallery
Live Action Reference - Ward Kimball talks about how they wanted to accomplish "believability" for "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
Live Action Host - (:50) John Musker talks about rotoscoping and more.
Drawing on Real Life - (1:37) Wilfred Jackson and others talk about how they would act things out for the storyboards.
Live Action Reference Gallery
Giving Voice to Snow White - (2:46) - How Adrianna Castelotti was cast for the role as Snow White.
Sweatbox - David Hand talks about the sequences of the film and having to approve them in a sweatbox.
Sweatbox Host - (:53) Eric Goldberg talks about the screening and approval of their work and progress in rooms with no ventilation aka the Sweatbox and how the name continues to be used today.
Sweating it Out - (1:09) Ollie Johnston would talk about working with Walt Disney in the sweatbox.
Deleted Bedroom Fight Scene
Ink and Paint - Marcellite Garner talks about working at Hyperion.
Life in the Nunnery - (1:59) Lucy and Isabelle Wheaton talk about how the women (inkers and painters) were not supposed to fraternized with the men at the animation department.
Flowers and Trees - (8:31) Paula Sigman talks about the color pallet. The first technicolor and animated film to receive an Academy award - "Flowers and Trees".
The Challenges of Ink and Paint - (1:41)
Painted Cells Gallery
Camera Department - Wilfred Jackson talks about the camera department.
Decoding the Exposure Sheet - (6:47) Don Hahn talks about the exposure sheet and the making of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs".
The Old Mill - (9:06)
Stories from the Camera Department - (2:04)
Sound Stage
Steamboat Willie - (8:02)
Walt's Early Masters of Sound - (1:51)
Walt's Office - Maurice Noble, background artist talks about Walt.
Working with Walt - (1:48)
Publicity Gallery
Production Photos Gallery Classic DVD Bonus Features (featured on Blu-ray)
Animation Voice Talent - (6:18) A featurette with interviews with the animators, voice talent and Disney historians in regards to "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". How Walt Disney wanted the right voice for the characters.
Disney Through the Decades - (40 minutes) A featurette covering Disney from the 1930's all the way up to the 2000's but also chronicling each release of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" through the decades. Each portion is introduced by celebrities such as Ming Na, Robby Benson, Angela Lansbury and more.
Dopey's Wild Mine Ride - A video game to save Snow White in which viewers make decisions with their remote control.
"heigh-ho" Karaoke Sing Along - (2:42) In this portion, viewers can choose sing-along (with music and vocals) or karaoke (music only) for the song "heigh-ho".

'Whistle' Film Clip: