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6 Degrees Entertainment

'Do You Like Hitchcock?'
(Elio Germano, Chiara Conti, et al / DVD / R / (2005) 2006 / Anchor Bay Ent.)

Overview: Italian Master Of Horror Dario Argento the director of SUSPIRIA, DEEP RED, TENEBRE and OPERA returns to the thriller genre with this sly and sexy tribute to The Master Of Suspense. Elio Germano stars as Giulio, a nerdy film student and lifelong voyeur who begins to believe that two lovely young strangers may have conspired to commit a brutal murder.

DVD Verdict: Many of Argemto's films over the last 20 years have left me feeling various degrees of disappointment and dissatisfaction. While elements of many have been good, the movies as a whole do not stand up to his better work. For the record, the most satisfying Argento film for me, start to finish, is Tenebrae. His most recent American released DVD, The Card Player, really left me feeling sad. It contained none of his trademarks - brilliant cinematography, interesting set pieces, and that surreal quality to the action that lets you know you're inside an Argento giallo. I just rented his latest American release (nods to Anchor Bay) last night, and for the first time in a long time, I watched from start to finish and felt a deep sense of satisfaction afterwards. No disappointment, no lingering feelings of lost opportunities. During many scenes of "Do You Like Hitchcock?", the action and situations more closely resemble DePalma's Hitchcockian homages than the work of Hitchcock himself. And that's a good thing, because I've always thought no one does fake Hitchcock better than Brian DePalma. As the previous reveiwer noted, Argento pays tribute to several Hitchcock classics throughout - framing it all inside a Rear Window set piece. At one point, our hero even breaks his foot and is confined to a cast, bickering with a girlfriend who at first thinks he's crazy and then realizes he's not. Of course neither actor is of the caliber of Stewart and Kelly, but they give solid performances. This Argento movie is less bloody than any of his movies since Bird With the Crystal Plumage and relies more on good old-fashioned genuine suspense without the bizarre murder scenes. I found that change refreshing. I did not realize the movie was made for Italian TV, as noted by the previous reviewer. Perhaps this forced Argento to go back to basics, so to speak, and build a coherent plot that utlizes atmosphere moreso than the killer's bloody knife. All in all, high applause for "Do You Like Hitchcock?" Recommended for fans of Argento, Hitchcock and DePalma. This is a Widescreen presentation (1.85:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs and come with the Special Features of:

"Do You Like Hitchcock?: Backstage" featurette
Dario Argento Bio