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6 Degrees Entertainment

'The Brak Show, Vol. 2'
(Andy Merrill, C. Martin Croker, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / (2000) 2006 / Warner Bros.)

Overview: "The Brak Show is a story of a neighborhood. It's the story of a family. It's the story of what happens when adults have children and those children go to school. And Brak is in it. He lives in a house. A house on a quiet street not unlike yours or mine. A house in a neighborhood. That's The Brak Show." So goes Cartoon network's description of the new sitcom starring Brak, the absent-minded space pirate from the Space Ghost cartoons. He goes through the all the typical sitcom situations with his friend Zorak. Also along for the ride are Brak's parents, his brother Sisto, and his next-door neighbor Thundercleese.

DVD Verdict: 'The Brak Show,' one of my top 20 favorite shows of all time, is back on DVD with the 2nd (and final) DVD collection. I just got handed it today from my Editor for review and have since now watched every one of the episodes! It was a great show with great characters and memorable episodes. The one thing that I (unfortunately finally) noticed was that Brak's mom had two voice actors. Sadly, the first one left and was replaced by another person with a heavy british accent. Not only that, but also she says things that a British person would say that the other one would never say at all, like wanker or I will shove your arm up your bum. I found that to be odd. Anyway that wasn't the bad thing. The bad thing with this DVD collection is that there are absolutly NO (I repeat) NO special features at all (and subtitles and languages do not count). I find that very bizarre in any DVD period because usually every DVD that I saw always came with some special feature (even if it's teaser trailers theatrical trailers, etc.) I forgot to mention that there is a episode that was the real final episode that didn't appear either on TV or on this DVD collection. It was basically a party with other Adult Swim characters (like the Aqua Teen Hunger Force characters, Sealab 2021 characters, etc.). Oh well, maybe Cartoon Network will someday release 'Cartoon Planet' on DVD. They should, given that it was the funniest thing the network ever aired. 'Brak Volume 2' is one major, major missed opportunity. A good buy for Brak fans, but just remember that you have just episodes and subtitles/languages and that's it! This is a Standard Version Presentation and comes with the Special Features of just all 14 episodes on 2 discs.