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Ghost Canyon

'V: The Complete Second Season'
(Elizabeth Mitchell, Morena Baccarin, Scott Wolf, et al / 2-Disc DVD / NR / 2010 (2011) / Warner Bros.)

Overview: They seem almost godlike among us. They are the alien Visitors who, led by mysterious queen Anna, base their operations out of 29 motherships hovering over 29 global sites. But why 29? The answer lies in the Vs’ secret plan – just one of the extraordinary revelations in Season 2 of 'V.'

Verdict: Season Two kicks off with 'Red Rain,' something that Anna unleashed in anger (an emotion that the Vs shouldn't exhibit) at the end of the first season. After we move through a dream sequence, it seems that the rain is to enable the Vs to populate easier with the humans once the takeover begins. But Anna informs a gullible population it is to enhance and re-populate their earth. And whilst Erika discovers she might have been tampered with during her pregnancy with Tyler, down in a cavern-like cell onboard the mother ship, we discover Anna's own mother is still being held captive after 15 years. Jane Badler, as evil lizard overlord, Diana - an original cast member and character from the original TV series!

In 'Serpent's Tooth,' Anna and her mother reacquaint, Joshua (who is a V that was also a member of the 5th Column and was sacrificed last season) is brought back to life to resume his doctoral position (his brain has been washed of all bad doings), and the storyline is all about the human Soul - how to capture it ... and then destroy it.

In 'Laid Bare,' Ericka finds out that Tyler does have missing DNA from his bodywork, but so do a handful of other boys around the world also. Up on the mother ship the Vs are experimenting on the LiveAboards (humans) to try and capture their souls upon death. In 'Unholy Alliance,' Anna goes to Rome to ask His Eminence to silence the outspoken V viewpoints of all religious figures - inclusive of Father Jack; one of the 5th Column members. After some persuasion, he agrees to, which sees Father Jack lose his collar when he holds a demonstration. We also get to see another leader of an Underground version of the 5th Column, this time in the form of Oded Fehr as Eli Cohen.

In 'Concordia,' a worldwide renewal project for Earth is launched, but it is a cover for something way more sinister. Erika brings in her ex-husband, Joe to try to settle Tyler down (as he is being swayed day by day by Anna to stay onboard the mother ship more than Earth), and a plot to assassinate Anna goes wrong when her Second in Command Marcus is shot instead.

In 'Siege,' Ryan is confused about his loyalties now that his daughter is growing fast up on the mother ship, and after becoming a rat for Anna, is discovered by the 5th Column and beaten. Cohen captures him in his office building, but the Vs locate them and a battle wages between the Vs, the FBI and the 5th Column. In the aftermath, Joe is killed in Erika's arms. In 'Birth Pangs,' the 5th Column team, now led by Erika after Cohen's death head to Bangkok to meet with other country heads. Whilst there they track down the doctor that delivered Erika's baby living in Hong Kong, but once they interrogate her they find she is a V - who 'escapes' in quite a wild ride of a chase!

In 'Uneasy Lies The Head,' the human boys that Anna is working with to become breeders for Vs are collapsing and dying horrible deaths one by one. The 5th Column try to sabotage the plans of Anna's creations by infecting the last batch of LiveAboards that fly up there with a deadly virus - but the virus just kills those that are infected with it before they have a chance to be experimented on. In 'Devil In A Blue Dress,' the very first blue energy reactor is unveiled in New York, Anna is trying to learn how to Bliss humans, and the 5th Column try to blow up the New York blue energy hub - but only one of these things provides a positive outcome.

In the final (tenth) episode of the second (and last) season, 'Mother's Day,' one would assume from the title that everything would come full circle and Diane would seize control of the mother ship away from her wayward daughter - but, not so! The 5th Column ask Lisa to kill her mother in a trap, but she doesn't and that has MAJOR consequences - for her (life imprisonment), her Grandmother (death), Hobbs (disappears into thin air), Tyler (death), Decker (exposed as one of the fake kidnappers of her daughter), Father Jack gets Blissed, and Ryan (death, at the hands of his own daughter).

Come the final conclusion, sadly - due to the fact that the show was cancelled and that this was not just an end of full season box set - everything is left open; not much wrapped up neatly (much like a season finale should/would do). However, in what was obviously meant to be another great nod to the original series, Marc Singer (the original series' Mike Donovan) makes a final few minutes appearance as Lars, the Leader of Project Aries. A team located far underground, it is one of many around the world with the abilities to bring down (literally) the mother ship and all the Vs therein.

And so, as the final curtain is abruptly drawn on the series, Anna and her 'daughter' Amy both share the vibe of Bliss down to Earth, capturing everyone in their mind waves, save for those bunkered down with the Project Aries teams. The Special Features include only Deleted Scenes - some worthwhile and very informative as to subplots that never got used, but most just run of the mill. This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.66:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.