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DJ Supply

'Sunday in New York'
(Cliff Robertson, Jane Fonda, Rod Taylor, Robert Culp, Jo Morrow, et al / DVD / NR / (1963) 2011 / Warner Bros. Archive Collection)

Overview: Jane Fonda portrays a virginal miss blessed with long limbs and a knockout profile who runs off from her fiancÚ (Robert Culp) to the swingin' pad of her brother (Cliff Robertson) and then into the arms of a guy she meets on the 5th Avenue bus (Rod Taylor) - all the while trying to decide if she'll say "yes" before she says "I do"!

DVD Verdict: Quite why is this terrific rainy day movie has not been made available on DVD until now is BEYOND me?! What a pleasure to watch three very handsome men - Rod Taylor, Cliff Robertson and Robert Culp - stumble all over themselves as each tries to win the heart of the one they love.

And Jane Fonda was such a pleasure to watch as the innocent ingenue who did not want to remain so innocent. In todays jaded sexual environment we might laugh at her plight but the reality is that every young person thinks about the same thing she does - should she or shouldn't she?

As if you couldn't tell from the swinging title tune sung by Mel Torme, the film is an idealization of early-1960's Manhattan single life that merely toys with the idea of premarital sex well before the concept of free love came into vogue. Guided by TV director Peter Tewksbury, there is a mechanical sitcom feel to the proceedings, but the real NYC locations help and the three leads are game players.

While she is certainly not teenager we can empathise with her delimma. But the real focus of this charmer is how Fonda and Taylor meet by accident and in the space of a few hours find a life time of love. Yes, it is fiction but who cares. Films are about falling into a fantasy world and I will take this fantasy on any rainy day - Sunday or not! [DP] This is a Full Screen Presentation (1.33:1) enhanced for 16x9 TVs.

'Sunday in New York' - Preview Clip