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Ghost Canyon

Concert Reviews
(Palace of Auburn Hills, MI - November 6th, 2013)

The Palace of Auburn Hills was absolutely packed Wednesday night for the Pink concert. Among the crowd that gathered there was an odd-looking man in a red and cream sequined suit. He prowled around the aisles, interacting with those around him in a matter that seemed almost creepy, including licking a bald man’s head!

s the lights went down, Creepy Sequin Man came onstage and intro’d himself as Rubix Fookithertz--you fill in your own joke--our official emcee for the evening. And after a dramatic soliloquy about love, (this was the Truth About Love tour, after all) Pink finally made an appearance, literally exploding from the stage, taking flight on a giant bungee harness! She sang her opener, “Raise Your Glass,” remarkably well for hanging upside-down in parts, while her team of scantily-clad, buff-as-hell backup dancers did their thing below.

And we had ourselves a show.

“Walk of Shame” came next, and the subsequent “Just Like a Pill” saw Pink mingle with the lucky fans in the first few rows, signing things and shaking hands. She ended up walking away from that encounter with a feather boa. ...Bet you’ll never guess what color it was... “Thank you guys for coming to party with us!” she said after the tune ended, “How much fun you wanna have tonight?” Judging by the raucous screaming, we wanted to have lots of fun, and Pink and company continued to deliver.

As the night wore on I couldn’t help but notice two things: First, just how fit this woman was. The black, studded half-shirt and matching pants showed off Pink’s impossibly toned physique. I’m jealous. Secondly, it seemed like the backup singers carried a lot of the weight, since there was a lot of acrobatics and other theatrics. But I’m not sure anyone really minded. During “Leave Me Alone,” Pink dared us all to dance badly, and proceeded to do so herself. After the number, however, she left us alone...with Rubix. Our bizarro emcee gave a long spiel about leather and other highly-sexual subjects, making it painfully clear that this was not a show for young children. Indeed, after being told all about our primal urges, I was so much more than ready for the show to go on.

Mercifully, Pink reappeared and gave us “Try,” complete with an interpretive dance. A cover of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” followed. The biggest crowd response up to this point was “Just Give Me a Reason,” which included an angelic chorus by the audience and a screen cameo by the singer from Fun. Pink’s backing band was pretty rad, with an Andy Dick lookalike on drums, a shredding guitarist, and a chick bassist. The latter got very little face time on the screen, which was kind of a shame, because she was quite good. I’m sure all these fine people had names, but the introductions were so brief, I didn’t catch any of them. “Are We All We Are” came next, and was instantly a contender for favorite song of the evening.

Pink’s stamina continued to astound me as, at one point, she and a bevy of beautiful backups climbed into and onto a sort of spinning, spherical cage that hovered high above the stage. And she didn’t even miss a note! “The Great Escape” saw Pink play the piano, downplaying her own skills and plugging those of her keyboardist. Afterward, she signed more audience trinkets, which even included someone’s grandma--for a future tattoo, we were told. Acoustic versions of “Who Knew” and “F***in’ Perfect” added a touch of simplicity and class to the evening, with the latter being expletive free. It was here, more than any other point, that I came to realize what a remarkable vocal range Pink had. If she did a stripped down greatest hits record, I’d absolutely buy it.

Just sayin’.

The fun and sassy “Slut Like You” and my personal favorite, “Blow Me (One Last Kiss)” were among the songs that rounded out the set. But Pink had one last song to rock us with, and emerged after a momentary disappearance for “So What,” flying around the whole auditorium like the most badass Peter Pan you could ever imagine. She bid us goodnight, and then left the stage. Before the house lights came on, a short video montage of rehearsal footage and adorable shots of Pink with her daughter, Willow.

And then, it was over.

Looking back on the night, I suppose the only downside was the fact that “Get This Party Started”--AKA the best set opener ever--was left off the list. Say what?! But maybe it was just an oversight.

So, did I learn the “truth about love?” I don’t think so. But I did learn that Pink puts on one hell of a show. And I think that’s a more valuable lesson, anyway.

Review By: Ashley J. Trombley