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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'The Adventures of One eskimO' (Warner Bros.)
Artist - One eskimO

This video album, that co-exists with the release of the self titled album ‘One eskimO,’ is a true delight that enhances the music experience with a visual epic adventure of One eskimO.

Like all good epic stories this one starts with introduction of the characters where you learn that One eskimO and his soul mate Little Feather have been entwined since birth. As they grow older they fall in love and have a happy life in there igloo. This when the audience is introduced the to the evil character of the story Mr. Top Hot, a short round evil little man that sits high on his thrown in a cave watching over the happy couple (That’s what evil people do in their spare time).

n an envious jealous rage using his magical crystal ball and shadow creatures Mr. Hat decides to interrupt One eskimO and Little Feather’s loving bond by separating them from each other and knocking One eskimO out.

This is when the adventure begins…

One eskimO awakes from a dream sequence to find his love is now lost. Breaking away from a slight depression of loneliness One eskimO sets forth to find his Little Feather by teaming up with his bandmates, Giraffe, Monkey, and Penguin. These characters inject some humor into the adventure with instruments, a magical flying ice cream truck and such traveling across vast spaces and elements.

Throughout the adventure Mr. Top Hat tries to intervene and disrupt this band of heroes from reaching Little Feather by sending his shadow creatures and messing with One eskimO emotionally. This too takes a toll on One eskimO eventually separating him from his bandmates to carry on his quest alone. Does our hero find the girl and stop the evil Mr. Top Hat?

Each segment of the adventure reveals a cliffhanger question leading to the next adventure like this to keep you tuned in like a classic television special. Just like those specials you’ll have to pick up the DVD or download the videos to find out.

I really enjoyed this experience. Both the music and visuals were very stimulating to my eyes and ears. This visual album can stand on its own even if you’ve never hear the album first. I like how the songs are not in the same order of the album to change things up. Overall it has a classic animation feel with some very different modern elements and a pinch of darkness to keep it fresh.

Reviewed by: Ken Tebo

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