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Title - Riot City-Complete Singles Collection UK '82 [4CD]
Artist - Various

For those not in the know, following on from the success of the recent No Future Complete Singles Collection, Captain Oi! proudly presents the Riot City - Complete Singles Collection: The Sound of UK '82, a 4CD capacity wallet round up of every single single issued by the seminal early '80s Punk label.

Vice Squad drummer and co-label founder Shane Baldwin has provided in-depth liner notes on the story of the label that did so much to establish the “UK/82” Punk sound.

Each release has its original sleeve illustrated and now comes with line up and chart position information added. Many of these releases are now highly prized items on the Punk collector’s scene.

Inclusive of 118 tracks that are spread across the four discs, they make up the 33 singles issued by the label, with 27 of them having made the then important Independent Chart.

CD 1:
1. 'LAST ROCKERS' – Vice Squad
2. 'LIVING ON DREAMS' – Vice Squad
3. 'LATEX LOVE' – Vice Squad
4. 'RESURRECTION' – Vice Squad
5. 'YOUNG BLOOD' – Vice Squad
6. 'HUMANE' – Vice Squad
7. 'POLITICS' – The Insane
8. 'DEAD AND GONE' – The Insane
9. 'LAST DAY' – The Insane
10. 'VICIOUS CIRCLE' – Abrasive Wheels
11. 'ATTACK' – Abrasive Wheels
12. 'VOICE OF YOUTH' – Abrasive Wheels
13. 'GOT TO GET OUT' – Court Martial
14. 'FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE' – Court Martial
15. 'YOUNG OFFENDERS' – Court Martial
16. '4 MINUTE WARNING' – Chaos U.K.
17. 'KILL YOUR BABY' – Chaos U.K.
18. 'ARMY' – Chaos U.K.
19. 'VICTIMISED' – Chaos U.K.
20. 'IT’S CORRUPTION' – The Undead
21. 'UNDEAD' – The Undead
22. 'DREAMING' – The Expelled
23. 'NO LIFE NO FUTURE' – The Expelled
24. 'WHAT JUSTICE?' – The Expelled
25. 'ARMY SONG' – Abrasive Wheels
26. 'JUVENILE' – Abrasive Wheels
27. 'SO SLOW' – Abrasive Wheels
28. 'FUCK THE WORLD' – Chaotic
29. 'YOU’RE GONNA DIE' – Chaotic
30. 'SOLD OUT TO THE G.P.O.' – Chaotic Dischord

Opening this simply INCREDIBLE 4CD collection are Vice Squad. Formed in 1979 in Bristol, UK, the band was formed from two other local punk bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes.

The songwriter and vocalist Beki Bondage (born Rebecca Bond) was a founding member of the band and although there was a period of time when the band had a different vocalist, she actually reformed the band in 1997.

If you've never heard of this band, let alone all the others on this compilation, do yourself a favor and youtube them as tracks like the opener 'Last rockers,' the frenetically drum-led 'Living On Dreams,' and the two minute slam fest 'Latex Love' STILL hold up today as melodic punk rock at its finest.

After six of the best from them, we next get three rather more earthy, more basement screamers from The Insane. Originally formed as a 5-piece band from Wigan, UK in 1979, there were actually two bands called The Insane for a while when the original band split.

This lineup recorded the three track El Salvador EP at Cargo Studios in Rochdale before David Ellesmere left to join Discharge. The Insane actually saw 14 different lineups in their career and these three cuts showcase their rawness perfectly.

Next up are a trio from Court Martial, who formed in Bristol, UK in 1980, but like most bands of the same ilk, split up in 1982, and these three tracks, especially the frenetic 'Gotta Get Out' encapsulate the British punk movement of early 1982 perfectly.

Then we get a quartet from the reverberatingly, gratingly sonic punk band, Chaos U.K. Formed in 1979 in Portishead, UK, they emerged as part of the anarcho-punk scene, developing a fast and aggressive hardcore punk style.

Labelled (rightly so) as the "fastest, noisiest band in the cosmos," they are followed by duo from The Undead (formed in Bristol, UK in 1981 and who slit in 1983), three brilliant tracks from the Siouxsie-esque The Expelled (first formed in July 1981 in Leeds, UK and featuring Jo Ball on vocals).

After three more from Abrasive Wheels, the first CD rounds out with the spasmodic duo of 'Fuck The World' and You're Gonna Die' from Chaotic (who went on to become Chaotic Dischord), closing on the electrifying punk wrath of 'Sold Out To The G.P.O'.

CD 2:
1. 'NO SOLUTION' – Court Martial
2. 'TOO LATE' – Court Martial
3. 'TAKE CONTROL' – Court Martial
4. 'NO SECURITY' – Chaos U.K.
6. 'HYPOCRITE' – Chaos U.K.
7. 'DOGS BODY' – Mayhem
8. 'STREET FIGHT' – Mayhem
9. 'BLOOD MONEY' – Mayhem
10. 'PATRIOTS' – Mayhem
11. 'HAVE YOU GOT 10p?' – The Ejected
12. 'CLASS OF ’82' – The Ejected
13. 'ONE OF THE BOYS' – The Ejected
14. 'DEAD REVOLUTION' – The Undead
15. 'THIS PLACE IS BURNING' – The Undead
16. 'BURN ‘EM DOWN' – Abrasive Wheels
17. 'URBAN REBEL' – Abrasive Wheels
18. 'GOVERNMENT POLICY' – The Expelled
19. 'MAKE IT ALONE' – The Expelled
20. 'NOTTINGHAM PROBLEM' – Resistance 77
21. 'JOIN THE ARMY' – Resistance 77
22. 'COLLARS AND TIES' – Resistance 77
23. 'NUCLEAR ATTACK' – Resistance 77
24. 'FAST ‘N’ LOUD' – The Ejected
25. 'I DON’T CARE' – The Ejected
27. 'SADIST DREAM' – No Choice
28. 'NUCLEAR DISASTER' – No Choice
29. 'CREAM OF THE CROP' – No Choice

The second disc opens with a trio from Court Martial, including the drum-led, foot-tappin', fist-pumpin' brilliance of 'No Solution,' and that's backed by three from Chaos U.K., a thunderous quartet from Mayhem. Formed in Southport, UK in 1979, they stuck it out before finally splitting in 1986, but lyrics within songs like the melodic punk of 'Dogs Body' and 'Patriots' still ring true today.

Up next is a trio of tracks, including the frenetic 'Have You Got 10p?' from The Ejected (formed in Dagenham, UK, and active mainly between 1981 and 1983). A still marvelous track to listen to now, and one that flashes right back to the time and place when it was recorded, that's for sure, we then get a triple double from The Undead, Abrasive Wheels, and The Expelled.

The true spirit of punk ebbs and flows proudly through a quartet from Resistance 77 (formed in Nottingham, UK in 1980), none more so than the vibrant duo 'Join The Army' and 'Nuclear Attack' and they are followed by three more classics from The Ejected, closing on three from the more sedate side of the punk scene (especially the spoken-word 'Sadist Dream'), No Choice (formed in Cardiff, Wales in 1982).

CD 3:
1. 'POINTS OF VIEW' – Emergency
2. 'CITY FUN' – Emergency
3. 'DOES ANYBODY REALISE?' – Emergency
4. 'NEVER TRUST A FRIEND' – Chaotic Dischord
5. 'ARE STUDENTYS SAFE?' – Chaotic Dischord
6. 'POPSTARS' – Chaotic Dischord
9. 'WE ARE THE ROAD CREW' – Sex Aids
10. 'GENTLE MURDER' – Mayhem
12. 'CLEAN CUT' – Mayhem
13. 'CRIME FOR REVENGE' – Ultra Violent
15. 'DEAD GENERATION' – Ultra Violent
16. 'EAST OF DACHAU' – The Underdogs
17. 'JOHNNY GO HOME' – The Underdogs
18. 'DEAD SOLDIER' – The Underdogs
19. 'DIE FOR YOUR GOVERNMENT' - The Varukers
20. 'ALL SYSTEMS FAIL' – The Varukers
21. 'RUSSIANS' – The Ejected
22. '24 YEARS' – The Ejected
23. 'IN THE CITY' – The Ejected
24. 'LED TO THE SLAUGHTER' – The Varukers
25. 'THE END IS NIGH' – The Varukers
26. 'YOU’RE DEAD' – The Varukers
27. 'PUBLIC ANIMAL NO.1' – The Ejected
29. 'ROCK STAR' – The Ejected

The third disc opens with three melodic works of punk from Emergency, a band formed in Manchester, UK in 1982, from the ashes of The Hoax and who released just the one acclaimed single and promptly split!

Then we get a trio, once more, from Chaotic Dischord before a threesome with the fun-to-be-heard Sex Aids, a band from Bristol, UK and a notable side project of Chaotic Dischord and Vice Squad members.

Mayhem come roaring back with a threesome of their own with a fantastically frantic trio from Ultra Violent up next. With tracks perfectly suited to their band name, they formed in January 1982 in Hebden Bridge, UK from the remains of two bands: Delinquent and Dreaded Cult.

One of my own personal favorite of the trios of music is up next in the tuneful punk angst of The Underdogs (from Rothwell, UK and formed in 1982, splitting in 1984), especially the meaty 'East Of Dachau,' and that's backed by a quintet from melodic rockers The Varukers (formed in 1979 by vocalist Anthony "Rat" Martin).

Sandwiched in between is a trio from The Ejected and then once the second set from The Varukers has played out, the disc closes out on yet another threesome from The Ejected.

CD 4:
1. 'ROCK & ROLL SWINDLE' – Chaotic Dischord
2. 'DON’T THROW IT ALL AWAY' – Chaotic Dischord
3. 'STAB YOUR BACK' – Chaotic Dischord
4. 'SAUSAGE BEANS & CHIPS' – Chaotic Dischord
5. 'WHO KILLED ET?' – Chaotic Dischord
6. '22 HOLE DOC MARTENS' – Chaotic Dischord
7. 'ANARCHY IN WOOLWORTHS' – Chaotic Dischord
10. 'NO ESCAPE' – The Varukers
11. 'CONDEMNED TO DEATH' – The Varukers
12. 'THE LAST WAR' – The Varukers
13. 'WHO PAYS' – The Varukers
14. 'NEGLECTED' – The Varukers
15. 'DEADLY GAMES' – The Varukers
16. 'SEEK SHELTER IN HELL' – The Varukers
17. 'COWARD' – Vice Squad
18. 'MARY WHITEHOUSE' – Organized Chaos
19. 'CRIMINAL YOUTH' – Abrasive Wheels
20. 'YOUR WAR' – Court Martial
22. 'FUN WARS' – Dead Katss
23. 'BRICKS IN BRIXTON' – Resistance 77
25. 'IT’S A SELL OUT' – Vice Squad
26. 'PSYCHO' – Mayhem
27. 'BLOWN AWAY' – The Expelled
28. 'T.D.A.' – T.D.A.
29. 'SANCTUARY' – The Undead
30. 'BRITISH MAN' – Lunatic Fringe
31. 'ACCIDENT' – Chaotic Dischord

The fourth and final disc is split into two and opens with eight from Chaotic Dischord, none more epitomizing of the era than their right royally rollicking 'Rock & Roll Swindle,' which is followed by eight of their own from The Varukers.

Lastly, the rare Riotous Assembly compilation that Riot City issued in 1982, and which contained 15 tracks unique to the release at the time, is added as a bonus to this last disc and rounds it all off very nicely.

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