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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'It's Time' [EP]
Artist - Tracye Eileen

For those not in the know, the first weekend in March, Tracye Eileen exuberantly danced and sang 'Somehow Someway' at the video shoot from a perch high atop a downtown Los Angeles building.

The R&B/jazz singer had spent the last eleven years building towards this moment, excited about the upcoming release of her brand new Itís Time EP (due June 12th, 2020).

Taking direction from Emmy Award winner Ali LeRoi (ďThe Chris Rock Show,Ē ďEverybody Hates ChrisĒ), the Chicago nativeís time seems to finally have come; in more ways than one.

ďIt took a while to bring this project and my career to where Iím ready to move to the next level," Tracye explains. "My dream and goal have always been to be an internationally known soul/R&B artist."

"This project represents my next leap. Itís time now for that transition to happen. Itís time for all these projects to come to fruition.Ē

1. 'Somehow Someway' (4:22)
2. 'Now That Weíre Here' (3:53)
3. 'Sweeter With Time' (4:54)
4. 'Why Did I Say Yes?' (4:21)
5. 'Why Did I Say Yes? (House Remix)' (8:17)

Opening with the euphorically mesmerizing first radio single 'Somehow Someway,' Tracye then blends that seamlessly into the mid-tempo R&B groove of 'Now That We're Here' (complete with a soulful sax moment from Donald Hayes), and then comes the rich hipsway vibe of the sensual dancefloor cut, 'Sweeter With Time' (which features a lush drum and bass rhythm track from Terry Baker and Simeon Baker respectively).

This quite breathtakingly vibrant new R&B delight of an EP then rounds out with the forthright wonderment of 'Why Did I Say Yes?' and comes to a close on the joyously beat-enhanced House Remix version of that very same track.

Tracye acknowledges that the songs on Itís Time are about her romantic life. ďThe three new songs are aspirational. Now itís time. Iíve done a lot of work on myself and now Iím ready for the type of love that I want in my life.Ē

The EP closes with two versions Ė including a house mix - of the first song Tracye ever wrote. "'Why Did I Say Yes?' is the title cut of my 2018 album," she explains. "I started my professional music career after I got divorced, deciding to invest in myself to release a jazz album, Loveís Journey (2012); after having previously invested in my ex-husbandís dreams."

"I decided to be self-revealing, because I want my music to be authentic and real, songs that people could connect to, so I knew it had to be truthful."

"Iíve had both men and women connect with ĎWhy Did I Say Yes?í which I wrote with the longtime keyboardist in my band, Tom Viatsas," she continues.

"Itís about being in a relationship that you know is not good for you, but youíre in love. When you finally make your way out of it, maybe you run into the person again and you find yourself right back to where you started."

"Eventually, you make a choice for yourself. You choose you and you choose to operate and stay on a higher plane. The song comes from a very positive place of growth and change.Ē

ďI didnít recognize how connected the songs were until I started thinking about an EP title. Itís Time came to me in addition to how the songs tie together and why."

"I knew I wanted to write about a love that I wanted in my life having grown from my past experiences, but I didnít plan for the songs to flow in a sequence the way they do naturally.Ē

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