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Title - 'Think Globally Sing Locally'
Artist - Pete Seeger

Speaking back in 1988, folk singer Pete Seeger was positively animated when a topic of discussion turned to the effect of a region's growth on the environment.

"People tell me, 'Pete, you have to grow. If you don't grow, you die'," Seeger said, his familiar voice quickly developing a rhythmic, sing-song cadence. "And I replied, "Isn't it true that the quicker you grow, the sooner you die?"

Seeger was speaking specifically about the effect that the mid-Hudson's building boom was having on the Hudson Valley and the Hudson River, but also added, "It's also a fact that we're in an interglacial period."

"And if glaciers come again, the land will be shifting," he continued. "Meanwhile we're putting in toxic landfills, waiting for glaciers to come and explode them. We have to think globally and act locally, think in the long term and act in the present."

A decade ago this very month, on December 10th, 2009, Pete Seeger performed a special show at the South Presbyterian Church in Dobbs Ferry, NY dubbed, of course, Think Globally, Sing Locally.

Seeger performed this gem of a concert presenting the best of American folk music and values which allowed everyone present to listen in as Pete got everyone gathered to sing together; and where school children, song leaders Jenny Murphy and Matt Turk, et al weaved a magical musical tapestry of sound.

Marking that anniversary, released this past December 10th, 2019 via Turktunes, Think Globally Sing Locally (co-produced by Doug Epstein and Matt Turk) is out now as a stand alone CD of 11 tracks (plus an intro) that encompass not only the heartfelt passion of that event, but captures too the-then 90-year old Seeger still in great voice and wanting to share his world-enveloping message.

1. 'Intro'
2. 'She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain'
3. 'English Is Cuh-Ray-Zee'
4. 'Mbube (Wimoweh)' [feat. Jenny Murphy]
5. 'There's a Hole in the Bucket'
6. 'Alleluia'
7. 'De Colores' [feat. Matt Turk]
8. 'Over The Rainbow'
9. 'Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around' [feat. Jenny Murphy & Matt Turk]
10. 'Take It From Dr. King'
11. 'We Shall Overcome'
12. 'This Land Is Your Land'

This spirited and soulful concert opens with a mighty fine dedication (one of his devout ongoing journey for justice and hope), and then brings forth Seeger singing alongside the Take Me to the River Children's Community Chorus performing folk classics like the euphoric 'She'll Be Coming 'round the Mountain,' the German tale 'There's a Hole in the Bucket,' and the delightfully innocent 'Alleluia.'

The fun 'English Is Cuh-Ray-Zee' ("Writers write, but do fingers fing; a boxing ring is square; there's no egg in eggplant," et al) and that's backed by the beautiful 'Mbube (Wimoweh)' featuring Jenny Murphy.

Featuring Matt Turk, 'De Colores' is a Spanish farm yard recital that gets taught to the children as well as the audience, and that's backed by the classic 'Over The Rainbow.'

Next up is the civil rights era track 'Ain't Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around' featuring both Jenny Murphy and Matt Turk, and for my money is also the most solidified and harmonized of the tracks on offer here.

Seeger's anti-gun violence composition 'Take it from Dr. King' is a true gem to behold and that's followed by the Gospel civil rights track 'We Shall Overcome,' with the album coming to a close with the Woodie Guthrie classic, 'This Land Is Your Land.'

At all times introducing and explaining the meaning behind each track, and then encouraging everyone to sing along with him, this new CD is a collection of Seeger standards and purposely-culled covers.

Doug Epstein is a producer, engineer, musician, arranger and composer. He has worked on critically acclaimed recordings, Grammy nominated and winning albums including Rod Stewart: The Great American Songbook, Tom Waits Nighthawks on the Radio, Mike Stern Upside Downside and The Great Rock and Roll from Sesame Street Born to Add.

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