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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'One Day (a journal)' [Vinyl LP]
Artist - Anthony W. Rogers

For those not in the know, much like myself, in truth, Anthony W. Rogers is a rather unique Appalachian psychedelic home spun music artist who has released three full-length albums thus far.

Rogers generally prefers natural sounds and instruments over modern samples lending a nod towards '70s music.

Indeed, his music generally provides a measure of instrumental innovation in the sounds with an ever present vocal-centric mix which is at the core of his signature sound ... his voice, of course.

Rogers was a member of DC '90s alt-rock bands The Now, Ten Below and Skatley Crue with his first solo release (Identification) coming thereafter in 1994.

After then essentially withdrawing from the professional music live performance / recording scene for 20 years, Rogers then returned in 2014 with the indie-inspired Wrong.

Now released on his private label, Wildflow, comes the brilliant third album, One Day (a journal).

Oh, and in a move that all us audiophiles truly appreciate, Wildflow Records has a quite wondrous policy re: they only release vinyl in editions of 250!

The new album is, according to Rogers himself, "... the sound of the rural resistance", for "those who would find disturbing the immoral acceptance and apathy of a new emerging society bereft of sympathy, empathy and goodwill ... a society willfully turning its back on its moral obligations."

The album's design is a unique package that sequences the record over a 7" (tracks 1-4) and 12" (tracks 5-12) record. Ergo, the album is three phases in its construction.

This means that the included 7" single (yes, an actual 45rpm is inside this packaging!) is phase 1, side one of the LP is phase 2, and side two is phase 3; with the running theme being about life behind enemy lines circa 2018. [Side 2 is a partial reprieve into related collateral fallout].

1. 'Mash'
2. 'I'll Take the Blame'
3. 'Half the Picture'
4. 'House on the Hill'
5. 'Into the See'
6. 'Roman Candle'
7. 'Fly Away'
8. 'In The Water'
9. 'Ploom MFs'
10. 'Range Rover'
11. 'And When They Ask You'
12. 'Mash (Reprise) / Cocks in the Field'

To a constant drum beat, the first track 'Mash' is brought forth. A melding of both psychedelic sounds and harmonious vocals all swirling together under the umbrella of a lo-fi spirited indie ambiance, that's backed by the more starkly, reverb guitar-led 'I'll Take the Blame.'

The dulcet, gently floating, soaring high vibe of 'Half the Picture' is along next and that's backed by one of my own personal favorites, the memory-evoking storytelling found within the lushly sentimental 'House on the Hill.'

If you listen to 'Into the See' close enough you'll swear that Yoko Ono has crept into the studio, found a background mic and decided to settle in for the duration of the song. Whereas on 'Roman Candle,' Rogers takes a more upbeat, pop direction and brings back the deep reverb essence of his intricate guitar work on 'Fly Away.'

The gentle trip of 'In The Water' is a slowly serious, lucid track of personal meaning to Rogers that faintly has a hold of your elbow as it walks alongside you through its twisting, turning, hazy journey, before the overlapping harmonies of Rogers come to the fore perfectly on 'Ploom MFs.'

With the album covering more than just politics, the twelve tracks presenting a wide range of styles, next up is another stand out cut in the shape of the foot-tappin' piano-led 'Range Rover.' The album then rounds out with the lengthy, emotional beauty of 'And When They Ask You,' before a Zappaesque jam blend of 'Mash (Reprise) / Cocks in the Field' brings the journey to a close.

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Anthony W. Rogers @ Sound Cloud