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Ghost Canyon

Title - 'Mr. Astute Trousers'
Artist - 41Point9

For those not in the know, 41Point9 Bob Madsen began life as a single cell organism that through a series of rapidly developing cell division and specialization eventually became a full grown bipedal organism that likes to play with low frequencies!

Brian Cline too, began life as a single celled organism that through a similar process of cell division and specialization developed into an adult organism with far too much talent for his own good.

In fact when most musicians learn the sheer depth and breadth of his musical capabilities, their immediate reaction is to want to smack him. His apparent mutant ability is to transform even the clumsiest of lyrics into vocal performances of grace, beauty and passion!

As a young man in Southern California, in a time before records were kept, Kenny Steel joined the army, where he was sent to Germany to train with a group of precision attack llamas. Kenny truly enjoyed working with the llamas, until an unfortunate training accident involving a hamster and a jar of mustard, left him in a coma for days!

Broken and drooling, the government realized Kenny’s days as a precision llama driver were over and they decided to conduct strange experiments on poor Kenny!

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to 41Point9!

Having released their debut album, Still Looking For Answers in 2011, they follow that up now with the highly-anticipated Mr. Astute Trousers (out now via The Highlander Company Records).

1. "When Valkyries Cry"
2. "For The King"
3. "Confessions At Midnight"
4. "The Black Line"
5. "Tilting At Windmills"
6. "These Four Lands" (for Tom)
7. "Don't Cut Down The Rose"
8. "Big Data"
9. "The Loch"
10. "Familiar Strangers"

Falling somewhere on the pop side of the prog world, if you're a fan of such sounds, inclusive of dips and sways into rock and even metal, then this is the album for you, my friends.

They begin with the longest track on the new album, the haunting, choir-inspired "When Valkyries Cry" and back that up with the powerful "For The King." Their heavy rock edge comes to the fore on "Confessions At Midnight" before the frenetic "The Black Line" is unveiled.

"Tilting At Windmills" is the band at their Prog finest and that's followed seamlessly by the storytelling of "These Four Lands" (for Tom) and the quieter, ASIA-esque "Don't Cut Down The Rose."

"Big Data" is a foreboding lyrical warning, with the free flowing, majestic vibe of "The Loch" backing it up nicely. The album then comes to a close with the '80s-inspired AOR cut, "Familiar Strangers."

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