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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'Amp L’étude'
Artist - Tone Masseve

For those not in the know, Tone Masseve started playing the guitar at age 6 and performing live at age 15. By the time he was 18 he was doing session work in NYC.

Legendary Graham Parker saw him playing with a band called Robazz Bowtime, and asked him to play a few gigs. Graham has since said, “I didn’t play with Tone for a great deal of time, but it was one of the most illuminating musical experiences of my career. Yes, he’s that good.”

The recording started in 1995 and took more than 20 years to complete. The guitar parts alone took more than two years to record. In 1997, while still working on Amp L’étude, tragically, Tone got pneumonia and died.

Releasing on September 12th, 2018 via Masseve Tone Productions L.P., that very same album Amp L’étude is now going to finally see the light of day.

1. "Aire on a G String (A Whiter Shade)"
2. "The Moonlight Sonata (On the Hill of the Skull)"
3. "Pre-Lude-Num-Ber-One-Num-Ber-One"
4. "Serenade for Strings (For Her Majesty)"
5. "The Swan (In Wind on Water)"
6. "Maria, (She's So) Ave"
7. "Prelude #4 (To the Grave)"
8. "Prelude #6 (It Tolls for Thee)"
9. "7# Edulerp"
10. "Prelude #20 (The Last March)"
11. "The Sunken Cathedral, (Turns the Tide Gently, Gently Away)"
12. "O Fortuna"

In 2016 a wonderful and talented group of musicians came together to finish his long lost album. The first was Doane Perry, drummer for the Grammy winning rock band, Jethro Tull, for twenty-seven years. Perry adds his drumming talents to six tracks.

Next was Garry Kvistad, the Grammy award-winning master percussionist and member of the percussion group Nexus. Kvistad adds orchestral percussion; tympani, large gong, orchestral bass drum, glockenspiel, orchestral chimes, and symphonic crash cymbals to two of the pieces.

Then members of the vocal group Prana also add their voices to two of tracks. In fact, they managed to give one piece, “Maria, (She’s so) Ave” a decidedly Liverpudlian sound.

Finally, Maria Todaro was brought in to conduct the choir for “O Fortuna.” Maria is not only an internationally renowned opera singer, stage director, and conductor, but also the general director of The International Festival of the Voice.

For this recording, with her deep understanding of the voice as an expressive instrument, she evoked an impassioned performance from the choir.

Masseve's simply dynamic guitar work combined with Perry's intuit rock drumming has most definitely given this profound music of the masters an entirely new presentation for today's millennial's, that's for sure.

Kicking things off with the rather famous sounds and production values of the rock classic “Whiter Shade of Pale” (aka "Aire on a G String"), and showcasing a fun, playful side on the classical gem "Maria, (She's So) Ave," this 12 track album is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most refreshing and astonishingly creative guitar albums I've heard in the past decade.

“Every now and then a brilliant and fully developed artist arrives on the scene," Perry has since said. "Such is the case of Tone Masseve’s enigmatic emergence out of the shadows. His sonic identity, unique voice and concept and his blending of seemingly disparate styles simply amazed and surprised me."

"Tone’s inspired and highly original take on some of the most hallowed and iconic classical music ever composed is eloquently orchestrated, passionately and precisely executed and a wholly satisfying aural experience!"

"I believe any of the great composers represented would be honored and thrilled to hear their music so creatively reimagined and lovingly brought to life within such a modern and innovative context."

"One of the most powerful elements in his music is the thick, sonorous and clear voice which he elicits from his “Guitorchestra”. Speaking as one who participated in this exciting project, I found the rich harmonic blend and counterpoint combined with the strength and subtlety of his parts, compelling and utterly inspiring to play off of … and was astonished to think so much of this was coming through the head, hands and heart of a single musician."

"And I never even met him. I don’t know how he did it but that is one of the delightful musical riddles which does not need solving."

"I am honored to have worked with this gifted artist and to have been a part of such an original musical adventure … and I would like to think the mysterious and hugely talented Tone Masseve will not remain unknown for much longer.”

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