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6 Degrees Entertainment

Title - 'The Self-Contained Trilogy' [3CD]
Artist - Peter Banks

For those not in the know, the late Peter Banks (actually born Peter William Brockbanks), was an English guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer.

Indeed, he was best known as the original guitarist in the rock bands the Syn, Yes, Flash, and Empire. Former Sniffin' Glue and NME journalist Danny Baker described Banks as "the architect of progressive music."

This brand new 3CD set, just released this past March 9th, 2018 via The Peter Banks Musical Estate (through Cherry Red Records UK) and entitled The Self-Contained Trilogy houses his albums: Instinct (1994), Self-Contained (1995), and Reduction (1997).

CD 1 - Instinct
1. 'No Place Home'
2. 'All Points South'
3. 'Fogbound'
4. 'Sticky Wicket'
5. 'Shortcomings'
6. 'Code Blue'
7. 'Angels'
8. 'Anima Mundi'
9. 'Swamp Report'
10. 'Instinctive Behavour'
11. 'Dominating Factor'
12. 'Never the Same'

CD 2 - Self-Contained
1. 'Radio Foreplay'
2. 'Endless Journey'
3. 'More Foreplay'
4. 'Massive Trouser Clearance'
5. 'Lost Days'
6. 'Away Days'
7. 'Two-Rides'
8. 'Self-Contained'
9. 'Clues'
10. 'The Three Realms'
11. 'Tell Me When'
12. 'Funkin' Profundity'
13. 'It's All Greek to Me - the Great Dionysia'
14. 'It's All Greek to Me - Erotokritos'
15. 'It's All Greek to Me - Less Talk'
16. 'It's All Greek to Me - Oriental Bent'
17. 'It's All Greek to Me - in An Idyll Moment'
18. 'It's All Greek to Me - Unnatural History'
19. 'It's All Greek to Me - Greekspeak'
20. 'It's All Greek to Me - the Great Stifado'
21. 'Thinking of You'

CD 3 - Reduction
1. 'Diminuendo in Bloom'
2. 'Tone Down'
3. 'The Age of Distortion'
4. 'Fade to Blue'
5. 'Fathat'
6. 'As Night Falls'
7. 'Consolation in Isolation'
8. 'Dirty Little Secret'
9. 'As Ever'
10. 'Pirate's Pleasure'
11. 'Rosa Nova'

One of the original members of Yes and an accomplished guitarist in his own right, Banks sadly passed away in 2013.

However, this incredible 3CD set, released in his memory by his estate during the fifth anniversary of his passing; let alone the 50th Anniversary of Yes (I know, right!), just so happens to also be one of the most complete collections of his solo work that's been put out thus far.

Taking them one at a time, in 1993, Banks released Instinct, a solo album of instrumental tracks with him playing all the parts. From the opening rippling guitar chords of opening cut 'No Place Home' to the final bell which closes the album, your ears are held in thrall by this maestro of the six string. For an instrumental album, it sure always held my attention, mostly due to its diversity and, most importantly, fretwork.

Only a keyboard player, Gerald Goff, joined him for his next album, Self Contained in 1995, and that was for just the one track. The album contains over 75 minutes of music, so you definitely get your money’s worth.

In fact, there is enough variety in style throughout to keep the listener from getting boring – switching between higher energy rockers (in the fusion style) and slower or more laid back melodic tunes. It should be mentioned though that the next to last song, ‘It’s All Greek To Me’ has 8 parts, which is the sole reason for the higher track count of 21. Albeit that some of the songs are relatively shorter snippets, it still remains one of his finest musical works.

After a bunch of collaborations had filled the gap in his own recording career, come 1999 and the album Reduction was issued. Another instrumental album, with voices for accents and personal touches only, from sparkling cool atmospheric jazz styling's, to razor sharp funk grooves, this album showcases much more of Banks' guitar mastery.

An amusing and unique little opening to get you in the mood before a blistering seven minutes of 'Tone Down,' where the guitarist shows off all his talents at one minute one hundred notes a second. The songs are more about composition than showboating, like most guitar albums, however there are plenty chops for those who are unaware of Banks' skills.

Including all three of Peter Banks's solo studio albums from the 1990's in one place, the booklet features the original album artwork, liner notes and credits.

3CD Purchase Link