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Ghost Canyon

Title - The Monty Python Remaster CDs
Artist - Monty Python

And now for something completely different ... expanded reissues of some of the best Monty Python albums that also contain additional bonus tracks including extended skits.

‘Another Monty Python Record’
This recording is a great companion to the television series, presented in the same stream-of-consciousness style. This was before Monty Python recordings became little more than structured repositories of sketches and songs without the links and segues that mark the visuals. Standout sketches include (the continuous) Spanish Inquisition, Ethel the Frog (the Pirhana brothers), The Death of Mary, Queen of Scots; Gumby Theater, and Be a Great Actor (in your own sitting room). This newly-remastered version features 26 popular Python skits/songs like 'Spanish Inquisition', 'Undertaker', 'Gumby Theatre', 'The Spam Song,' and many more.

‘Previous Record’
The main weakness of this CD version of the LP is that it misses the surprise of the LP's side two! Two parallel spirals were printed onto side two, and the audio content divided between the two parallel grooves. The result was that you got a shock on your second, third or fourth play of the admittedly rather brief side two, in that it was a totally different set of sketches! This album isn't quite as good as 'Another Monty Python Record'. It's a bit too lavatorial for my liking, though less so that 'Holy Grail'. Much of Eric Idle's sketches rely on an appreciation of the Home Programme on BBC Radio in the late 1960s. His other sketches -- ie: the brilliant Australian wine critic and the Watney's Red Barrel hater -- were clearly written first not as dramatic pieces but as essays to be read. Michael Palin's love of football comes through in his Great Yang-tse (Yellow River) sketch. You don't need to know who Bill Shankly or Gary Sprake were, but it helps! This new CD remaster features 45 tracks total including (once again) the popular sketches/songs 'Dennis Moore', 'Australian Table Wine', 'Eric The Half A Bee', 'Travel Agent', 'Silly Noises', 'Alistair Cook Attacked By A Duck,' and many more.

‘Life Of Brian’
If you are thinking that this CD would only be the music from the movie, well not only are the songs included, but most of the SEGMENTS from the movie also! That's right, now you can hear your favorite parts of the film on CD! And most of them are here, too. So it's something you will want to listen to over and over again. The bits never get old or unfunny. That's the magic the Monty Python. No matter how much you see them or hear them, they are ALWAYS funny. My favorite tracks on the album are "the wise men at the manger," "stoning," "what have the Romans ever done for us," "he's a very naughty boy," "Ben..." ah, forget it! They're all great to listen to. There's even exclusive narration from the boys made specifically for the soundtrack on some of the tracks! This remaster of the 1979 Monty Python film featuring six additional bonus tracks including alternate versions and radio ads; plus 37 tracks including 'Brian Song' and 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.'

‘The Meaning Of Life’
Now that we are well past all the hype of the initial movie release, even the Pythons themselves are prepared to admit that 'The Meaning of Life' was not their greatest work. There is plenty of gore and a little sex, to at least embarrass, if not offend many. This is not the sort of CD you can comfortably listen to with your parents or children! In fact, there isn't a single funny sketch on this CD that doesn't have some squirm value! Mike Palin once said that, of all the sketches he'd written, his favorite was 'The Communist Quiz'. It's also one of the Python's most family-friendly sketches. If there's any humour left in the Python team, this is the sort of material they should be creating. This newly-expanded reissue of the 1983 soundtrack to the final Monty Python film features an additional 12 bonus tracks including the demo for the theme song, radio adverts and deleted naughty bits. It now comes with 29 tracks in total including 'Every Sperm Is Sacred', 'The Galaxy Song', 'Christmas In Heaven' and film audio soundbytes galore!