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Book Reviews
Spirituality Rekindled
By: Nassir H. Sabah / O-Books / $26.95

Overview: Spirituality Rekindled: The Quest for Serenity and Self-Fulfillment explores the attainment of serenity and self-fulfillment through a rational spirituality, which author Nassir H. Sabah posits is a quality of being predicated on a sense of connection to The Almighty.

Verdict: Incontrovertible, science-based, and objective evidence for the existence of The Almighty is derived from the Quran, which for non-Muslims is to be regarded as a stand-alone text that should be judged on its own merits, without prejudice or bias.

Based on this, and on cognizance of the limitations of present-day science, Dr. Sabah makes the case for a spirituality that provides the foundation for a continual, immensely beneficial, and comprehensive self-development - spiritually, psychologically, morally, and intellectually.

Dedicated to those who seek liberation from the cage of worldly concerns to the heights of serenity and self-fulfillment, the aptly-titled Spirituality Rekindled: The Quest for Serenity and Self-Fulfillment by Dr. Sabah, not only presents a detailed roadmap for this spirituality, but also truly hopes that all who read it, seeking to achieve a lasting connection with happiness, serenity, peace, satisfaction, find one, most, or even all of those heartfelt destinations within its guidance.

Informative, well-paced, and not bogged down with skeptical facts, Spirituality Rekindled contains seven chapters - Why Spirituality?, What Science?, What Is the Quran?, Is the Quran of Divine Origin?, What Can Be Said About The Almighty? and both Is Death the End? and What Does It All Mean - and is an impassioned exploration of the facts, the science, the religion that dutifully holds his own world together; the glue being human happiness and well-being in the modern condition.

Clearly showing that both science and spirituality are wholly compatible, and in such a way that we need, as a human race, to better understand, further our own education about both science and religion, as a whole, only then can we being to ground ourselves, to begin over, if you will, to start afresh and after reading this book, and also the Quran (also romanized Qur’an or Koran, and which is the central religious text of Islam, believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God), continue to use it as a guide, as a tool to help others to benefit from its glorious wisdom.

About The Author - Nassir Sabah is a neuroscientist and Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, American University of Beirut, Lebanon, where he also lives.

He has over 100 technical publications, mainly in neurophysiology, biophysics, and biomedical instrumentation and has authored four books on electric circuits, electronics, and neuroscience.

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