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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
Letting Glow
By: Phill Webster / O-Books / $17.95

Overview: Letting Glow: A Guide to Intuition, Spirituality, and Living Consciously is a profoundly personal account of grief, and finding solace and hope by connecting with our higher consciousness.

Verdict: What if mystical experiences are real? What if inspiration, instinct, and ingenuity are the same as intuition, divination, and clairvoyance? Letting Glow is an adventure into mediumship and takes a deeper look at how we experience time, consciousness, and our relationship with our higher self.

A profoundly personal account of grief during the global COVID-19 pandemic, Letting Glow aims at finding solace and hope by connecting with our intuition. Simple changes in thinking, meditation exercises, and shifting our perspectives on everyday reality can transform our lives into ones of intent, purpose, and a deeper connection with the all that is.

Using his own story of how he received a phone call at 7:50am on January 14th, 2021, from his mum’s neighbor, asking if he had spoken to her recently, as the carer’s couldn’t get in, Phill instantly assumed the worst.

Maureen was a 76 year-old with a heart condition and high blood pressure who after a year of isolating at home through 2020 due to Covid-19, had starting acting confused due to being outside of her usual routines.

Sadly, she had passed away, and sure, he cried, and cried, and cried, but ultimately author Phill Website began to put together this insightful, thoughtful, and ultimately heartfelt book as a guide to intuition, spirituality, and living consciously; to not only help others grieve as he himself did, but for those looking to embark on their own journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Looking at the bigger picture, research by neuroscientists has already begun to clarify some of the types of brain activity associated with mystical experiences although Neuroscientists disagree about the implications of their research for mystics’ beliefs about the nature of reality, however.

Some scientific materialists believe that their research effectively disproves mystics’ interpretations of their experiences, while others believe that scientific models of mystical experiences leave room for God or some other transcendent reality.

Personally, I argue that the former is correct in dismissing mystics’ interpretations of their experiences, but that they are incorrect in asserting mystical experiences are pathological or otherwise undesirable.

Reports of mystical revelations usually have the same two parts: a perception, and a metaphysical explanation. The experience itself is often said to be ineffable, in which case there would be nothing that could be said about it. Usually, though, accounts do include descriptions of non-ordinary perceptions; what we’d call “hallucinations” in other contexts.

Back to the prose here to hand, and via twenty-five easy-to-read chapters, Phill brings forth a comprehensive look at what his journey involved, along with it also being an overall guide for the reader to begin to formulate, and perhaps even understand, their own thoughts, and seek their own path forward.

In closing, and as much as there is nothing special, weird, or unique about being intuitive, for we all get feelings, sense, and thoughts about things, I think we all know that intuition is, at its core, basically data in the world that has not fully formed yet, but can be experienced through a sixth sense.

Therein, this is something that Phill also mines, and in such an expert, tender, and honest way that you feel you are being walked, hand-in-hand, slowly through the pages, with him right by your side, as it slowly, but surely, begins to reveal previously unresolved issues and such from the back burner of your own mind.

About The Author - Phill Webster is a writer, actor, and spiritual teacher. He has appeared in movies alongside Sylvester Stallone, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Elle Fanning. Letting Glow is his first book. He lives in Richmond, UK.

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