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Book Reviews
Pagan Portals - Dream Analysis Made Easy
By: Krystina Sypniewski / Moon Books / $12.95

Overview: Your dreams offer vital insights into many aspects of life. This easy-to-use book goes a step further than traditional dream books. Within these pages are many examples to show you how to analyze and make sense of your own dreams.

While offering some symbolic guidance the emphasis is always on the numinous meaning for the individual. The dreams you will work with include Recurring, Prophetic, Nightmare, Lucid and Direct Soul communication.

Verdict: In ancient times, people saw dreams as vessels of meaning that contained divine messages and had the power to alter history.

Alexander the Great was on the verge of breaking ground for his new city when a gray-haired man appeared to him in a dream. The man told him about an island off the coast of Egypt. When Alexander awoke, he scrapped the building site and instead found an island on which to construct Alexandria.

So, what are dreams? Dreams are sensory experiences that happen while youíre sleeping. In a dream, you see images, hear sounds, and feel physical sensations. You may or may not remember your dreams when you wake up.

I myself, am an avid, colorful, and vivid dreamer, who upon waking, writes notes on them all every morning (when applicable), so when this book arrived for review, it immediately went to the top of the pile!

For in Pagan Portals - Dream Analysis Made Easy: Everything You Need to Know to Harness the Power of Your Dreams by author Krystina Sypniewski, we are instructed that if we can learn the language of our dreams, they will provide us with all the information we need to walk lifeís path.

For to interpret your dreams is to identify specific elements and try to understand, because each and every dream we have holds an amount of personal significance to us.

As Sypniewski herself ascertains, Why isnít everyone already looking to their dreams for guidance? Itís my thought that sometimes the very thing that is right in front of you, is the very thing you miss seeing.

This easy-to-use book, complete with 12 chapters that go step-by-step through such topics as The Different Stages of Sleep, Dreams and Their Many Uses, Dream Symbols, Dream Wisdom, and amongst others, both Lucid Dreaming and the closing A Few Final Practice Dreams, is in and unto itself, a rather fascinating read, and delves into such theories as how the brain might also use your dreams to sort through information youíve gathered during the day; deciding which information is important enough to store in your long-term memory and which you can forget.

Indeed, beginning over 100 years ago with the work of Sigmund Freud, psychologists have studied dreams to try to understand what they mean to dreamers and like Freud, Carl Jung thought dreams were rooted in the unconscious mind and could help heal the dreamer if understood properly.

In closing, Dram Analysis Made Easy is a book that not only insightful, but instructively written in such a way that if the chapter before didnít apply to you (or, so you thought), the next one could be just perfect.

So read this truly empowering book, discover the hidden messages laid down within your dreams, and open up a new pathway of understanding through interpretation within yourself today.

About the Author - Krystina Sypniewski worked for ten years as a hypnotherapist and has worked with dreams for the past twenty years. She has studied Astro-Shamanism at the Findhorn Foundation and Shamanism with Julie Wise.

She spent several years as a member of The Society of the Inner Light and other Kabbalistic organizations, as well as undertaking a course in Tarot reading and psychometry in Liverpool, where she worked as a healer. Currently she lives with her cat LL in Morecambe, UK.

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