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Book Reviews
Pagan Portals - The Water Witch
By: Jessica Howard / Moon Books / $11.95

Overview: Explore the magical world of water witchcraft here in Pagan Portals - The Water Witch: An Introduction to Water Witchcraft and learn how to use water energies to enhance your own magical practice.

Verdict: For thousands of years the element of water has captured the hearts and imaginations of those who have come before us. From tales of benevolent spirits that dwell in lakes and ponds to the ferocious sea monsters that lurk in the depths, history and local folklore is full of tales of the mysterious and otherworldly nature of this element.

But what is water witchcraft, and how can you practice it? This book offers a complete introduction to the way of the water witch, including information on deities, tools, using water in magic, animal guides, working with water spirits, water divination, and plenty of rituals, spells, and practical exercises for you to use.

Whether you are interested in the water witch path or just want to learn how to work more closely with the element of water, this book contains everything you need to get started.

And sure, as much as water witchcraft is magic performed primarily with the element of water, this isn’t to say that the water witch works exclusively with the element of water (although some do), but they work with it more so than the other elements.

For a water witch will often include other elements into their practice to strengthen their works, such as herbs and crystals, but the element of water is the one they connect most closely with; and with which fuels their practice therein.

As you would expect, Pagan Portals - The Water Witch: An Introduction to Water Witchcraft is a fluid (sorry, not sorry) mixture of ancient and modern practices, flowing from fertile watery realms that the author herself has, and still does, mentally and physically bathe within.

At its core, Howard’s new book takes us on a fascinating journey that explores the various types of water and their associated folklore, deities, and magical beings. In addition to explaining how to work with different forms of water, her unique practices and exercises serve as a guide for becoming a water witch and using the enormous power of this element.

Furthermore, author Jessica Howard has listed many interesting items from tradition, often combined with thoughtful and creative concepts of her own. That said, the chapter that stood out to me the most was the tenth one, entitled The Water Witch and the Environment, for it comes complete with a To-Do list that makes for compelling, and thoughtfully instructive reading.

Personally, I enjoyed Howard’s accounts of her direct magical experiences with water, and the practical advice that she offers based on those experiences. Thus, even if you are a long time devotee of water magick, or an interested newcomer, this book is just perfect for guiding you in, and along, your magical journey as a water witch.

In short, Howard shares her deep water wisdom in this insightful book that is empowered with well-researched lore, traditional folk practices, and sound magical principles, and it is, from start to finish, one of the most seductively-written collective prose on the subject as I think I have read in the past decade.

Ergo, and in closing, this is a very thorough beginners book that should prove useful and inspiring to those seeking a path of water magick, but will also appeal to newcomers, casual observers, and even naysayers of such things; for its informative nature is as alluring as its subject matter.

About The Author - Jessica has been a practicing witch for twenty years and has traveled many different paths during that time. Follow her journey through Celtic and water witchcraft on Instagram @thecottagemysticwitch. She lives in Hertfordshire, UK.

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