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Book Reviews
Crimson Craft: Sexual Magic for the Solo Witch
By: Halo Quin - Moon Books, $16.95

Description: Rediscover the sacred nature of sex, pleasure, and the divine erotic in Halo Quin’s Crimson Craft, a guide for sexual magic and a tool for personal healing, spell-casting, and devotional practices in witchcraft.

By theorizing the ethics of embodiment and pleasure within these practices, Quin provides exploratory exercises and tips for taking them further, and safely, with a partner.

Verdict: Believe me when I say that Crimson Craft is an introduction not only to archetypes, deities, and divine powers but also to the context and benefits of using kink in ritual and creative writing, inviting you - the witch and magic-worker - to deepen your understanding of sexual magic’s possibilities and sweetness.

Led deep into the wilds of Wales by dreams and wandering words, author Halo Quin has been a practicing Faery Witch since, well, forever. A changeling child, she was away with the faeries for much of her childhood and discovered human magic in her teens, which, of course, was most enchanting.

Her magic has always focused on listening to the spirits, from the landwights to the gods and here in Crimson Craft: Sexual Magic for the Solo Witch, she guides, for want of a better term, the reader (albeit ever so gently) toward manifesting their own Red Witch (aka the Sexy Sorceress) through exercises and the overall sensuality of life.

A witch, devotee of the Faery Queen, storyteller, philosopher, and consummate writer whose pen is ever in the service of magic, the reader almost instantly gets an idea about the spiritual understanding of sex magick, but the book just doesn’t run rampant down a one way street of information.

No, for what Halo does is not only willingly embody her teachings within her prose, but also the reader with the responsible foundations as they go (both mentally and physical), thus providing a tantalizing tale of both sex and schooling, so that you end up to be as attune to not only emboldening the Red Witch, but can also deepen yours, and your chosen few’s understanding of the sex magick’s oh-so sweet possibilities.

About the Author - Halo is a practicing Faery witch and a lifelong lover of magic. She is a devotee of Freya and the Faery Queen, a lover of the Welsh gods, a storyteller, philosopher, and sensual witch working to (re)enchant the world. She lives in Aberystwyth, UK.

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