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Ghost Canyon

Book Reviews
A Reason To Carry On
By: Vony Eichel - Psyche Books - $17.95

Description: Henry, a cockney arsonist and psychopath, was the catalyst to Vonyís enlightenment. Ironically, she started out as the teacher and ended up as Eliza Doolittle, the naive student.

Perhaps Henryís unwitting mission was to help others by telling their story. Angry at a God following the death of a sibling, Vony initially rejected religion. Eventually she realized that religion, science and philosophy are compatible; without investigating them all, the answer to a meaningful life would be incomplete.

As an exercise therapist teaching classes for psychiatric offenders, as well as in nursing homes for people living out their final furlong, Vony met Henry. In her work she encountered individuals of all ages with mental, physical and emotional disabilities in contrast to socializing with the rich and famous.

She sought to understand them all through a looking glass of behavioral psychology, Bible studies, philosophy, poetry, Eastern religions, spiritualists, psychics and astrologers. Whatever their weaknesses or limitations, everyone is similar at their core, and the same universal, simple truths apply to finding a meaningful life for them all.

Verdict: Opening with, as the author herself freely admits, is an accurate rendition to the best of my ability of how things played out for her, and that for reasons of confidentiality, she has changed all their respective names, yet underlining the facts that all the key events are undeniable, Vonyís A Reason to Carry On: The Meaning of Life is Within Each of Us to Grasp is one of those books that come the conclusion of every chapter, you just feel the tantalizing urge to keep reading.

A book that should act like a siren call to those struggling in life, whether they be in your household, your neighbors, random one-off offenders or even habitual offenders, what is on point here via the prose set down, are ways to get your life back on track, and moreover prepare on a more solid ground for what is to come.

For, and as is noted above, whatever their weaknesses or limitations, everyone is similar at their core, and the same universal, simple truths apply to finding a meaningful life for them all.

Not to go to deeply into the book, for that would most assuredly spoil the storytelling rhythm for you, but from the very onset of how Henry is found lying in the road outside a public house, continually refusing any help to get him up, not caring about himself or life, in general, whilst at the same time uttering statements such as, Whatís the point? Itís always the same thing. A hand pulls you up and you fall down again, like a yo-yo. Might as well starting fixing again until the end comes, your attention (heart and soul) is grabbed.

A man much like oh-so many others, that no longer has any idea what life is all about, people like Henry - who were born into a vicious cycle of pain, violence and misery - just donít seem to have had the luck most all of us had in life; and thus to whom this book is silently, and yet astutely dedicated to.

About the Author: Vony was born and bred in New York where she attended C.W.Post College of L.I.U., but lived all her adult life in London. She explored many careers; working as a Blue Badge Tour Guide, studied for the Stock Exchange and Finance Industry, Behavioural Psychology, Systems Analysis, but finally found her calling as an Exercise Therapist for the Elderly, Disabled, those with Special Needs and Psychiatric Ex-Offenders. Her passions are ballet and wild swimming. She lives on a beach in West Sussex, UK.

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